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  1. solved

    Hello @Drooopdeaaad! Sorry for replying here, Un-install visual c++ 2013 , 2015 and re-install - Screenshot ( ) Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package : I solved it users with this error
  2. solved

  3. granted

    i think map is protected, gl :c
  4. moved

    Moved from ANTI-MAP HACK Section. regards MH.Team.
  5. denied

    UNSUPPORT - Not enough to ban. Reported: alexguti706xxx RGID #243856398 Game Log: 16:00 pudge gets some mana and killed terror at 16:35 18:40(16min Game time) Pudge kills in normal vision) Very normal game, nothing suspicious please watch the replay before reporting and provide 3 actions timestamps
  6. maphacker

    !support I mentioned him in the report, thanks for reporting him.
  7. aceptado

    Moved from Anti-MH Reports. Regards MH.Team
  8. negado

    Moved from Anti-MH section. Regards. MH.Team
  9. maphacker

    !support Reported: |༒Kaede༒| RGID #244277820 7:43 Pudge hooks rylai was in shop and had no vision MH 10:12 Pudge hooks Clock without vision - MH 11:00 Lion also pudge too signals on map at usra in FOG - MH 12:30 Pudge moves as Mirana without vision - MH 13:52 Pudge jumps to kill mirana where exactly where - MH 14:41 Pudge back when mirana closer MH Pudge is %100 using map hack ----- @YinG & @Jackpro555 Support Not reported but he using with his friend. He reported. Username: [Sir].MISAKA RGID #240046503 11:00 Lion signals on map at usra in FOG - MH 17:28 Lion signal in fog - MH 17:29 Lion was going to rune while CM/Clock turns back to tower and Lion turns back again. MH 20:57 Lion Deward - MH 29:00 Lion moves as usra when closer.. MH Suspicious moves
  10. denied

    UNSUPPORT - Not enough to ban..... Reported: †AcArApi_† RGID #241865782 7:02 Nerolyte had a slight vision, VERY Normal 20:00 I don't see kind of suspicious, had good vision left. Normal 35:30 always had a slight, nothing suspicious. Normal
  11. denied

    Unsupport for both users. Reported: o_0sheker_ RGID #237533356 8:05 alchemist did twice signals on BS going to kill invo bot, and invo used ghostwalk. - VERY Normal 10:05 had prior vision - nothing suspicious VERY Normal Reported: Felixin RGID # 238113641 11:32 warded nothing suspicious VERY Normal regards.
  12. solved

    Hello, I checked the replay KAG0ME is first leaver they said DC'ed @dahyunie Regarding Medivh. RGC Support Team.
  13. closed

    refer here:
  14. solved

    Moved from Client bugs @RedmooN