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  1. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Accepted as trial.
  3. You can download from here : (Dota Maps - RPG MIX Maps/Others) or in the client type /j Support ask the staffs @Admin
  4. @Alone
  5. I don't think. Just whisper in RGC Type /w dr.spy For abuser or problem. @Dr.Spy
  6. IGN : ___HAYRYSH___ Date: 10/3/18
  7. IGN: -F4K3- Reporting: OldManPushCar* (Leave & Game Ruin) - Nohaa1 (Leave) Reason: Leave Evidence: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1538448331
  8. You didn't understand me as well and trust me in a day your behavior will lead you out of the RGC.
  9. Cedric, was a good staff but when it comes to gaming with him he loses the control of his self which makes him bad on your eyes. Cedric helped me once without knowing me.
  10. 2 mins to 10mins.
  11. (1).Your RGC username :SledgeHammer√ (2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : First player : f1_f2_f3 >> Feeder http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1538135641 Second player : Ortiz1911 >> Racist http://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=58961610 08:49 SENTINEL Ortiz1911 fucking muslim (3).The link to the replay :http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1538135641 (4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened N/A (5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. Watch the replay
  12. Event started * Event will start from September 25 and it will end in October 25
  13. Well done.
  14. There are no any active bans on your account.
  15. Your RGC username :ㄨF4K3ㄨ The RGC username of the one you are reporting : Reporting: Triplekill___ Reason: Leave The link to the replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1537681841