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  1. granted

    NICKNAME: gutty92 at min 44 goes afk , then kicked from the player for being afk too long. Replay :
  2. granted

    NICKNAMES: spermatofski, walterxq Replay : first one leaves in the beggining , second leaver at 54 min affecting a game result.
  3. granted

    NICKNAME: pipollo_o leaves game after seeing that he's going to lose. Replay :
  4. granted

    NICNKAME : he_hq (tinker) left at min 28. Replay :
  5. granted

    Nickname : jiang10 Replay: leaves at the start of the game.
  6. granted

    lol what should i explain dude , he left the game at the beggining?
  7. granted

    Nickname : 123456123456aaa Replay: leaves at the start of the game.
  8. denied

    Nickname : chasingtime Replay: left at the start of the game.
  9. granted

    Nickname : -multiparasvers- Replay:
  10. granted

    Nickname : Olihen - Plugged at min 17 , selling his items to make his team lose the game Replay:
  11. granted

    Leaver :docGyno , p1ko Replay:
  12. granted

    Leaver :SavkeDXB Replay :
  13. granted

    Leaver: Aljo? Replay :
  14. solved

    Had to leave was a urgent case , if it was any other user he would be probably banned but in this case it's been put under the carpet and this will be as well , such a comedy.
  15. granted

    1.ashasha8 2 .AFK from around min 38- kicked at min 43. 3.