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    Nick:Storm Nicknames: RAMENCITO Reason : Decided to give free kills and intentional feed enemies frm the beg of the game Link:
  3. granted

    Nick:Storm Nicknames: reapa.winsdorr Reason : Decided to go afk before the game ended. Link:
  4. granted

    Nick:Storm Nicknames: Zest4life Reason : Decided to feed under the tower since the beggining of the game , then leaves the game.. Link:
  5. granted

    Nick:Storm Nicknames: goce_nirvana Reason : Decided to go in afk mode moving the hero to avoid being kicked from the game at min 20 till the end of the game. Link: , leaver
  6. granted

    Nick:Storm Nicknames: SMILE Reason : Decided to feed from the beg of the game, requested longer ban duration 0-32 Link:
  7. granted

    Nick:Storm Nicknames: TheDoter, Hunu Reason : sold their items bought branches and "thedoter has left the game" other one stayed ingame till the end Link: , timestamps : around 39min
  8. Name :Storm RGID #235707702 Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina Message : Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday! Have a merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!
  9. Nickname :storm Nickname : pb730 Going towards enemies and giving them free kills not bu<ing any items at all. from The beggining till the end link :
  10. Nickname :storm Nickname : sunsyiang and exocet leaver afk from min 30 then kicked at min 36 - shaker sunysiang link :
  11. Nickname : r.a.t.m Nickname : throner_cth at min 27 sells his items gives them gem then goes afk link :
  12. Nickname : gmr.glorytogod- Nickname : ℛusmαÑ leaves the game after dying at min 27 link :
  13. Nickname : storm Nickname : widestpussy1 At mins 2-4 tossed tinker into opponnents tower, and he died for fb , at min 10 standing in invis refusing to help not doing absolutely anything , continued with tossing, and tinker typed disablehelp for not allowing him to toss. link :
  14. Nickname : gmr.glorytogod Nickname : teunosfrog link :
  15. Afk started at min 37, kicked from me at min 41.