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  1. RGC Nick: PNt. Name: Ivan Country: Serbia _________ (SA) TD ❤
  2. Team: LTD Tyrants Captain: PNt. Members: BatzandaN_69 Substitute (Optional): none
  3. PNt.
  4. Vouch request RGC Nick: PNt. LoD experience: I was present at the very begging of LoD and during the ages I was part of LoD IH. I think It’s been roughly 7 years since I first time played LoD on the RGC client. I gained experience through many years of playing. PS, I am also the winner of last LoD Public, 5v5 tournament. LoD Skill: LoD Veteran Current LoD Public stats ☛ 66% Win rate:
  5. Event information's: Only registered players will be participating the event Games longer than 15 minutes count (cheats will be disqualified) You can choose any map you want to play, * must be available in the room There must be at least 4 players present in the host During the event, TC rank will be available to anyone who wants to participate /w Staff members Prizes: Top 3 most active players will receive: 1st: 100 RGD, LTD Champion @Legion TD, + Owner ranks @Legendary/Twice (1month duration) 2nd: 50 RGD, Room Champion @Legion TD + Owner rank @Legendary (1month duration) 3rd: 50 RGD, +2 Room Champion ranks @Legion TD/Legendary (1month duration) *** In case of the same number of games played, the prize will be divided *** Registraion format: **Example** RGC Username: PNt. Thanks to Creative, sponsor of the Event. <3
  6. PNt.
  7. Participa
  8. PNt.
  9. Team name: Bax Mafia Team captain: Ali亗 Team members: Ali亗 ᴵ`ᴬᴹMajid Reserve: Qestion
  10. New posts will not be accepted You can only make changes to an already registered team. !closed
  11. Team name: CG Team captain: CG_RamboLike Team members: CG_RamboLike CG_Lordlike Reserve: none
  12. Team name: UELTEDE Team captain: PNt. Team members: PNt. Wcllex Reserve: None
  13. Team name: Bax Mafia Team captain: Ali亗 Team members: Ali亗 Cyberi_masod Reserve: havin