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  1. PNt. Banned: Unban chance, please.
  2. TEAM NAME: ƎXE CAPTAIN: PNt. #237068356 TEAM MEMBERS: Lelouch111 #243865109 Vordik #241886046 TBA 3.12.2019 TBA 3.12.2019 RESERVES: / EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]
  3. NICK: PNt. Pais: Serbia
  4. Country: Serbia Name: Ivan Nick: PNt.
  5. Team name: ƎXE Team members: Vordik PNt. NIGHTツ Attack_un OMNIVERSE- subb: romagolem
  6. Team name: ƎXE PNt. WclleX
  7. Team name: Najjaci na planeti Players: - PNt. - WclleX
  8. august

    Thanks for signing me for the event <3
  9. PNt. Azogg Kicked me from my own host.
  10. PNt. I'm banned for leave at game log you can see thatI was in game for 25 seconds, but I didn't even manage to see upload screen because my internet crashed, here is proof: Please unban, thank you.
  11. PNt. Reporting ResQ. Abusing his TC He didn't rmk 4v5 game on purpose