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  1. Motivo: 1 Aliado abandona partida en minuto 0 dejando al equipo 4v5 , furion (...D3us....) Se suicida en base enemiga para evitar el rmk. Denunciante: ultra-jinada Denunciado: ...D3us.... Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1565636425 Pruebas y minutos exactos: Minuto 0, justo al inicio del juego , ni si quiera salen los creeps aun. Otra pureba de antigaming, el tipo tenia puntos bajos, luego se quejan de porque los kickean de los lobbys.
  2. Basically games are based on just picking alchemist, slark or mortred if you don´t get a good team and it is too boring, please balance games I honestly donpt believe is too hard to set the bot to balace games, sometimes good players are just in one side and the other team just sucks terribly. If you feel like picking a different hero it´s a loose for sure, the only way you can win games is by just picking mortred, alche o slark, of course I have won with other heroes and blasted my enemies even when they pick alchemist, but damn once there´s an alche in the other team and your team sucks pretty much it´s a waste of time.
  3. Por favor hagan algo contra estas ratas, creen que pueden hacer lo que quieran y cagar games cuando quieran, si no los banen por periodos largos, creen un room solo para feeders, que el cliente los mande automáticamente.
  4. Suena bien, como en Iccup. Desde siempre he pensado que RGC debería implementar una herramiena para balancear juegos, po rlo general los de puntos altos siempre se juntan de un solo lado, y no es que me guste estar con los de puntos altos y no sepa jugar, yo tengo 5k, pero es desesperante que de un lado todos se warden ,suporteen y carreen como es debido y de tu lado o del lado opuesto veas rangos comprando Battle Fury o haciendo cada burrada.
  5. solved

    Any idea how to fix this?: [ERROR V.673] (0x2) Failed to patch Warcraft III. Please make sure RGC is allowed to modify its contents. This error may appear if your game is installed on the C:\ drive and you have active restrictive UAC [-- No DirectX Choice --] If you clicked 'Do Not Ask Again' ... You can get the choice back by going to Menu -> Settings -> DotA All was good yesterday, it just happened today, trying to open the game when I click the "START" button in the RGC client, it shows me the previous message. Any Idea how to fix this?
  6. Cool man, I will make the suggestion. about the other comment, Iran server is to ofar away from me I believe, besides I don´t speak iranian., lawl.
  7. So have I, but most of the time it´s no that way, usually guys with low points either are low skilled players or feeders/ antigamers, and it´s ok for novice players to play as well, but balance overall would bring a fairer game, otherwise what would you creat points sistem if it doesn´t really matter, wanna hear somethin better? balance by Win rate, maybe that´s too much to ask for a free server. but definitively, it would make games more enjoyable.
  8. Motivo: antigaming, fedea y pone wards en base Denunciado: RODERYKO33 Denunciante: ultra-jinada Pruebas minutos: minuto 18 pone wards en base y feadea al equipo contrario Replay: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1563845890
  9. Hello, I just want to make a useful suggestion to make games more enjoyable, It would be good if you could add " !balance " command to public games, that way everyone can vote if they want a more fair game. why? Because everytime I join a game there are different players with different skill levels, usually what happens is that all good players get together in one team only and always run away from low skilled players, causing all low players to be in only one side of the teams, myself I am not a bad player, but it is so frutrating when you have to play with 4 guys who barely know what to do, meanwhile the other team has every single roll covered, one/two carry, supports buying wards/sentry, good item build and coordination. The worst part and maybe a bit ugly from myself, is that when you have a guy with 1200 points ( for example) with a low Wr and who pretty much is going to feed -,..,-, players from the high Wr team and high points don´t even try( at least in peru and bolivia) to kick them, why? cause they want an easy game. If you add the balance command just like the " !votekick # " command, games would be way more balanced and fair, and if there are feeders or low skilled players, at least each team will have them. It would be really good from you guys! Grretings!
  10. Gracias man, creo que con eso es suficiente, gracias de verdad. Thanks everyone, gracias.
  11. Thanks bro, It did work! Listo bro, si funcionó, gracias. Ahora, de donde me bajo el warcraft? Can you help me download warcraft?
  12. Lol, it´s just 10 points, no big deal, go play some more games and don´t feed.
  13. Hello, Help me please, I downloaded client, decompressed it and when I try to open the client it shows me this message. Ayuda porfa, ya descargué el cliente, descomprimí y cuando intento abrirlo me muestra este mensaje: imagen de falla de rgc.bmp I can not go further than this, I have to say that I play in rgc since almos 5 years ago, recently I updated to windows 10 and now it doesn´t work. De ahi ya no puedo avanzar nada, juego en rgc desde hace 5 años y recientemente actualice a windows 10 y ahora no funciona. I would really appreciate your help.
  14. Hola buenas tardes, recientemente cambie de sistema operativo a Windows 10, ya descargue el cliente desde la pagina de rgc y quiero instalar el cliente, pero no me deja, me parece este error imagen de falla de rgc.bmp que puedo hacer para instalar, me pueden ayudar por favor.