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  1. solved

    i respect all admins and all admins and supporter in rgc on my head , only one is under my Shoe sry for that . my opnion is there is arule to promote someone and rules to demote someone . work is work and realionship is realionship . i think there is no rule in rgc that if u ignore staff u will get demoted , i want ask qustion for all of u staff , u are human and ppl same as a player and maybe player has a life so mush high then u , why u ignore ppl ? When someone treats you as you treat him , u get angry and demote him so allowed for u to ignore him and not allowed for him to ignore u ? this is your rule ? when this rule created ,so if u want to get respect dont ignore at first , he didnt insult u to ignore him . Plz this is a system game not a personal game there is a lot of corruption in this Clint . i really hates any of admins use his power just for personal relationship and i hope rgc fix that .
  2. if u stack dont mean that u have better team , if u play with high points dont mean that your team is better play ,our souls thinks that we will lose if we go with low points team but if u play most of games like this u will see yourself won more then half of them so that mean it is still balance even if the player stack .
  3. rgc best earth spirit
  4. solved

    no need to let him pay like 20$ for format his pc give him a chance let him play and take mid without help team and farm mid all the game till game finish . good boy keep promote your skill i will back to play after 4 years to kick your ass again
  5. solved

    and u swaped in eu before and u got supported by cedric its not allowed for u to swap i dont know why follow player to report them and u do same mistakes . no need to be a toxic and a snake and u said he got something wrong , so you want the 5 points or you want to play 4 vs 5 ? when u will be happy ? so rmk better then ruin 9 player game and u already waste your time by playing 10 hours everyday so 10 mins is not that long
  6. closed

    this is report by a hate player and not from who i fight he its a hate report and in your rule this report is not bannable cuz it depends on the hate and this 2 report its is not bannable also in rgc rules cuz there is a command ( mute , ignore ) you just pro with that and pro trying to bring any excuse to support your friend . i really have 1 qustion for @Hakka its allowed for xavas to move to solve section and delet ying answer and ban the guy ? this is for example keep supporting your mate . Thanks for rgc and for your justice . you all will fall one day
  7. closed

    I think no need to close this report lets share it in eu room to see what 1k eu player think about thror and eu staff lets see if 1k eu player right for u or only thror is the right and all eu player are wrong , i think its time to be seroius about your abuser staff and take some action to them and its time for thror to get punshment for what he did 7 month ago when he insult a player and u keep ignore and close the report as its solved nothing solve till now . I think its time to stop think yourself ( eu staff ) are gods and the player just animals , player and staff are the same under the law .
  8. closed

    Dude i can go to unban requst and make an unban and i will get unbanned , my problem is not the ban , my problem is me and u and all staff under the rgc rules and staff must get more punshment for their behvoiur cuz they know the rules more then users . My point is i got warned for what i said and u abuse your power by delet staff answer and banned me . second 7 month ago when i report u the report didnt solve u just got supported by your friend and he close the report its solve in 1 way warned or unvouch or ban but nothing from this 3 points happen to u . @Hakka plz me and thror and all rgc users are the same under the law , i am asking u the justice ,thror think i deserve the ban not only warn cuz of that he abuse his power bydelet or hide staff answer , and then ban me . But if u ask rgc player what thror deserve for insulting someone in this way they all will said he must got punshment . I didnt hate anyone , we all human and all the same me and thror and everyone i want same punshment i got 3 day ban he must got 3 day ban this is the juctice . 99% from rgc player hate admins , did u know why ? Cuz no juctice .
  9. closed

    Did u know , why the ban is abuse , cuz i got warned by another staff and i already warned by darkness to stop and i stop it i didnt contienue insult after darkness talked to me , if i contienue insult thror can ban me and i deserve the ban but i stop . Not only this (thror abuse another staff answer he hide windfucker answer ) just cuz he want small chance to ban me cuz i was reporting him for his abuse in room beta tests long time ago . Plz get some admins with wight heart not like snake @YinG u blame ppl and u deny their report if u see a hate report so what we have to think about admins like snake follow small mistake for a players to ban them .
  10. closed

    @Hakka @YinG someone ruin my game yesterday i insult him in eu chat darkness told me to stop and warned me so i stop and i close rgc trying to avoid this toxic guy anyway he reported me and windfucker.warned me and solve it . today thror open the thread again and delet windfuker answer and banned me . did u know why ? cuz he hate me , did u know why ? cuz i report him before for abuse in beta tests room but mr .ying keep support him , and i stop keep spam and report thror cuz ying answer was so polite and i loved him . today thror got chance to ban me by open the thread and delet windfucker answer . @Charbel @Hakka plz u stop cedric and ace for abusing , can u stop thror plz . is that a right to ban me cuz he got a chance , its banned by hate . hakka if u ask ying he will tell you thats thror hate me alot he knows everything happen between me and thror . thror i hope dont be like kid and doing like before by close the thread and hide it the story is after i finished game with 90 mins someone with me ruin it i was sooo angry and i think u can feel me , i insulted him and after i got warned i stop it . why after i got warned thror came and open the thread again and hide windfucker answer banned me ( its 10000000% hate ) . plz telll me alllowed for thror to insult player like this ? r sta je CA? Cepas Andjelu? provoking Provoking and mocking 18:38 SENTINEL Thror dog 18:40 SENTINEL Thror fuck your family 19:53 SENTINEL Thror dog 19:56 SENTINEL Thror i fuck your family 17:02 SENTINEL Thror pig 17:31 SENTINEL Thror fuck your family 17:32 SENTINEL Thror dog 18:00 SENTINEL Thror your family 18:02 SENTINEL Thror is dog 18:04 SENTINEL Thror and i fuck your family 18:05 SENTINEL Thror kose nanat
  11. granted

    i cant imagnie 90 mins u cant make 1 ulti i swear u game ruiner or play with them
  12. granted

    u must be banned for ruin 5 player game tommrow i will make a report and upload the replay and all the time for your gameruiner , u must be banned for 15 days. and after darkness warned me i didnt talk and i already close rgc trying to avoid keep insulting , w8 your ban for game ruiner
  13. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : syduck reporting :mert74
  14. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : syduck reporting :aPytro and im_best_here