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  1. Your english is good good teacher in egypt Europeans and amricans are doing porn videos next to the pyramids Have you seen them?
  2. granted

    my rgc name :syduck reporting users :davidfrank1808
  3. Team name :star of the dark Team Captain : syduck #237023340 Team Members : 1-BendOverAndShut RGID #243581773 2-maylordes RGID#242876972 3-tinyxl RGID #243312005 4-ALPAGUUU RGID #242897331 Reserves: 1-Noob_from_RU RGID #240352202 2-minhduc0510 RGID #241237214 Captain's Email address :[email protected]
  4. wtf ? no need 10 years to answer just see if this animal is hack or no and close it dont let me w8
  5. granted

    my rgc name :syduck reporting users :MetorClash from mins1 to mins 10 he go bot and keep afk behind tower
  6. Your Display Name:syduckReporteds Name Head-_-Sho7Replay: stamps:mins 24 i hide and he come direct to me
  7. granted

    and he got banned Jaan`l0st`l0v# with this acc he bypass ban
  8. granted

    my rgc name :syduck reporting:`JaaN`l0st`l0ve at mins 1 he take furion and givethem firstblood we try to rmk but he feed then at mins 3 he came mid and dead and from mins 5 to mins 25 he keep use (T) spell on us and kill us and he is bypasser try to fix his brain plz
  9. denied

    my rgc name :syduck reporting:!!Mercyless!! and solo_fuker-| and macacoema its useless cuz they will bypass ban but i will try
  10. granted

    he left after game started and everytime he make new acc and join game then left i report him afer we rmk 3 time
  11. granted

    my rgc name :syduck reporting: vittelocte
  12. nice work
  13. granted

    yh this jann is sick he must get relax wtf excort you have 1% for your gf
  14. denied

    wash your pussy then they will answer , your pussy not clean