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  1. denied

    Sorry i dont undrstand spanish Someone else will solve this.
  2. Cheking.......
  3. Ya ese tema fue comunicado a hakka anteriormente. Nosotros en SA no podemos banear cuentas si no hay pruebas de que realmente fue una venta, es decir comprobantes pagos, conversaciones donde se muestra que realmente fue una venta. This issue has already been communicated to Hakka before. SA cannot ban accounts if there is no proof that it really was a sale, that is, paid vouchers, conversations showing that it was really a sale. .
  4. Mwaaaah m
  5. There is nothing ilegal, They got perma dm from rgc staff as gift for smtng they do for rgc or still working as raklelina.
  6. Well done honey. am suprised, didnt know you doing this things, as my staff your great i can prove that, <3
  7. sign up

    Alice : Green light from me .
  8. !granted Last chance for you, next time duration will be double. PeNe^^SAuRiO has been unbanned by Alice. Closed
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  10. granted

  11. solved

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    Cheking.... @-Zeratul-
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