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  1. !Confirmed Player AronYang (Juggernaut) has been afk 366 seconds.
  2. !Confirmed Player Lazo245 left 13:23min (1st) Player 9toe left 13L48min (1st)
  3. !Confirmed Player samzakblod (Spiritbreaker) sold his items 38:25min Elapsed time, bought a Divine Rapier and went to die on purpose 39:25min.
  4. !Confirmed Player THEGT5 (Dragon Knight) played solo most of the game and not interfering in team fights after 24:30min Elapsed time till end of the game.
  5. granted

    !Confirmed Player [email protected]! (Skeleton King) sold his items 46:08min, bought a lot of sentries and refused to defend till end of the game.
  6. granted

    !Confirmed Player WILDER_12. left 06:03min (1st)
  7. granted

    !Confirmed Player SmallBear has been kicked by boot system 07:37min Elapsed time (afk 7 minutes).
  8. AFK

    !Confirmed Player Ya]P[eT (Stone Giant) has been afk 369 seconds.
  9. granted

    !Confirmed Player hamza.barmo left 16:34min (1st) Player *ALAYOBI* left 16:40min (1st)
  10. granted

    !Confirmed Player killafox left 38:04min (2d)
  11. granted

    !Confirmed Player Whats.up.MF left 10:56min (1st) + he left 10 times in last 30 games; Player HellStorm91137 left 17:52min (1st).
  12. granted

    !Confirmed Player WANTUDead left 12:33min (3rd)
  13. granted

    !Confirmed Player SumVokeR left 00:06min (2nd) Plus, he used insults towards me:
  14. denied

    !Denied Player KonyCZech left 26:21min, the game was lost and his leaving not affected on game.
  15. denied

    !Denied Player Loshmi (Shadow Demon) stopped Bounty Hunter's teleportation with his 1st spell 28:04min Elapsed time. He did it once and that act not affected on the game. Not enough to ban.