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  1. 1. Windfucker_de 2. Barathrum 3. 4. Barathrum 26:52min sold his items, the observer wards, 40:40min refusing to defend our bot line.
  2. afk

    1. Windfucker_de 2. Ku$H^jr^ 3. 4. Earthshaker afk from 34:05 till 40min.
  3. afk

    1. Windfucker_de 2. jiang10 3. 4. Void afk 21:30 till 26:30min.
  4. 1. Windfucker_de 2. syduck I have a question for the RGC staff. This guy syduck reported me for ''flame'' and I got 3 days ban. It's okay, I flamed (not him but other player), he readed the game logs and he did the report. I admit, the ban is valid because ''flame'' is not allowed. So let's see how syduck flames in his games: 50:04 SENTINEL syduck slark 50:10 SENTINEL syduck fuck yopur mom dog tard 32:46 SENTINEL syduck idiot 32:47 SENTINEL syduck moron 53:37 SENTINEL syduck naix 53:40 SENTINEL syduck fuck your mom 11:11 SCOURGE syduck mf 11:12 SCOURGE syduck tard 11:14 SCOURGE syduck son of whorte 11:19 SCOURGE syduck fuck your points shit noob These flames deserve a ban also or not?! Thanks.