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  1. We are getting old as well as dota1... Less dota1 players and less famous competition, should we cherish and respect each other? How do you feel when your opponents type 'ez' instead of 'gg' and actually it is not 'ez' game. Not all the players are pro and everyone has the right to solo mid. However, how ofen you can see people appologize for failing mid instead of saying why no ss why no help? Sometimes you try your best to win a game and your mates just blame each other and play negatively, according to RGC rules they should not be banned. Imagine once you spare no effort to win and still being blamed by your mates for ks or solo player, will you probably quit the game? We are not divine, our behaviours depend on our emotion. Autoban can not solve all the problems so does admin. Dota circle rely on all of us, try to say ty gg and sry in game and buy some wards for team. Complaining does not work but to forgive and play more focus on game you will receive respect in the long run.