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  1. denied

    Denied You have never stopped bypassing. Closed.
  2. denied

    Denied LoD replays are desynchronized. Clossed.
  3. denied

    Denied Closed.
  4. denied

    You have 2 valid bans which can not be deleted. and Saitama_Revenge was unvouched already for his abuse. Closed.
  5. Granted -Fafa.Kn's computer has been banned by Dr.Spy. -Fafa.Kn has been banned by Dr.Spy. Closed.
  6. denied

    3:10 Gave a full answer. Denied & Closed.
  7. denied

    Your banhistory has valid bans which can't be cleared. Closed.
  8. denied

    Denied Closed.
  9. denied

    Denied Closed.
  10. closed

    Answer was given by Sky Closed.
  11. solved

    Banned. Thank you for reporting. Closed.
  12. solved

    Banned. Thanks for reporting Closed.
  13. denied

    Denied Closed.
  14. denied

    He's using another PC. Closed.