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  1. granted

    Ban has been cleared. Closed.
  2. granted

    You've been unbanned by Hakka. Closed.
  3. granted

    Granted Closed.
  4. closed

    You need to format your C drive and re-install your windows to fix your ids. Closed.
  5. denied

    Denied Closed.
  6. solved

    Already unlocked. Sorry for any inconvenience. Closed.
  7. solved

    Granted Banned. Thank you for reporting. Closed.
  8. closed

    Bypassers have been banned. Closed.
  9. denied

    Denied None of them is bypassing. P.S: as long as ~sSs~TnT-'s ban is showing on Jakist's banhistory it's 100% no bypass. Same goes for sf.to.sf and [email protected] Closed.
  10. solved

    Granted Thanks for reporting. Closed.
  11. solved

    Granted Thanks for reporting Closed.
  12. denied

    I thank you for re-posting for the same case, I have just checked #Gara's bypassing history and I've found him a bypasser, so he's now clientbanned and computerbanned. Thanks for the indirect report. Closed.
  13. denied

    Playing innocent won't deceive us. You asked the same question before to Adrian and you were answered. and then you insulted him. Also, you weren't specified in your request. You didn't provide what your nano pc was running on. Operating systems that can be installed on it are: FreeBSD Linux NetBSD OpenBSD Plan 9 RISC OS Windows 10 ARM64 Windows 10 IoT Core[4] Support staff isn't a prophet to read your mind, while it's clearly written on support channel header State your problem politely. Avoid trolling, insulting and empty highlights. Denied & Closed.
  14. closed

    Have you followed any Youtube tutorials recently? Or, have you used any software related to change ids? Kindly answer these 2 questions so we can guide you.
  15. denied

    Denied You have valid bans that can not be cleared. Either all or none. Closed.