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  1. MH

    Denied and Closed.
  2. Denied and Closed.
  3. Denied and Closed.
  4. Unsupport 11:07 Slark can notice wards if planted or not by his visibility while using his ulti ( normal movement). 18:30 It was warded. 20:38 Admiral went back since most of the enemy team was missing.(normal movement) Denied and Closed.
  5. denied

    Denied and Closed.
  6. Granted 6:08 bloodseeker pings on Zeus's place without any prior vision. 6:36 bloodseeker pings on Riki's place without any prior vision. 8:05 bloodseeker plants a sentry ward and he knows exactly where enemy's ward was. 9:58 bloodseeker used his skill on Riki's while he was invisible. ~Risso|ESP^^!'s computer has been banned by Dr.Spy. ~Risso|ESP^^! has been banned by Dr.Spy. Closed.
  7. MH

    Granted Mata-Giles12's computer has been banned by Dr.Spy. Mata-Giles12 has been banned by Dr.Spy. Closed.
  8. Unsupport 9:18 Tiny had a prior vision on Riki when Riki attacked Naix and disappeared. 43:30 also he had a vision. 44:30 going to roshan doesn't mean that he's a map hacker. Denied and Closed.
  9. Granted Boruto~'s computer has been banned by Dr.Spy Boruto~ has been banned by Dr.Spy. Closed.
  10. You've been unbanned. Please be aware for the next time not to mention any client name Closed.
  11. granted

    Ban removed. Please don't use that account again.
  12. Confirmed Banned. Thanks for reporting. Closed.
  13. Granted You had only 2 wrong bans, the third ban is on Godz_Shreyder's account and that account can't get its banhistory cleared because it has valid bans. Closed.
  14. granted

    Chance given by SirQ Closed.
  15. .Chavis| and Suzży? were chosen on a trial basis. Thank you for your interest in making RGC a better place.