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  1. Kindly read this thread it might help you whether it worked or not please share us your experience
  2. BAN

    I don't see any active ban on your account. Please state the banned account name
  3. The duration given has passed. Denied and Closed.
  4. We have a rank named Sponsor-99 level, it was made for the same purpose you are talking about, but if you are talking about selling other ranks like head admin or tft or any local rank except commander and channel vip for RGD's that's unacceptable because those ranks are for users who work for the channel. those ranks were made to do many functions unlike Sponsor rank it was made just to be given without any function once the user sponsors the channel.
  5. !Unsupport Min 10:54: when Pudge went to gank Ezalor he saw naix in woods even he hesitated to kill Naix or Ezalor. Min 19:55: Pudge was going to help his teammate top but his teammate died and he decided to enter enemy woods and suddenly SF appeared. Min 22:00: Pudge blinked to the secret shop but he saw Ezalor he didn't hook without seeing him. Min 24:08: Pudge had full vision on Slark he didn't do anything suspicious. Denied and Closed.
  6. Duration given has already passed. Denied and Closed.
  7. !Unsupport Elapsed time: Min 11:42 pudge was seen by an enemy ward, so simply wind could predict that Pudge was going to gank him. Min 27:55 after pudge destroyed enemy wards it could be predicted that he's waiting in woods, plus this is so normal for Windrunner players they use their spell to check the area that they want to go to. Min 35:35 Wind used his spell not to show Pudge's place it was for killing two creeps. Min 38:33 if Wind a maphacker he would use his spell on Pudge's place but he used it on a different place. Denied and Closed.
  8. Cardi.B has been unbanned by Dr.Spy. You were unbanned in mongolia since it was invalid, but your ban in Lod mongolia is valid because you flamed him, and next time when you post on forum be more polite or a penalty will be issued.
  9. Denied and Closed.
  10. Denied and Closed
  11. Denied and Closed
  12. The given duration has passed. Denied and Closed.
  13. mh

    Min 12:15 it was obvious that BS was farming woods since he didn't come back to his lane and didn't show up in another. Min 16:50 Alch was farming creeps bot lane and suddenly disappeared it was obvious that he went to woods. Min 18:30 he was farming woods creeps he didn't go to kill BS in particular. Min 23:20 Razor was walking near to roshan where traxex was farming there, so he pinged on traxex's place. Denied and Closed.
  14. Min 7:14: his teammates pinged on enemy's woods, and in fact it was clear that leoric was farming woods so he went to look for him. Min 8:50 : normal gank there wasn't anything suspicious. Min 15:23: Ogre went to ward the area he wasn't going in particular for killing. Denied and Closed.
  15. Duration given has already passed. Denied and Closed.