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  1. You need to re-patch your warcraft. Download this file https://www.mediafire.com/file/po0orco41u6ct8y/ZIP then extract all files into your warcraft folder and click Replace All when it asks so.
  2. The main clan owner's color is red not green
  3. solved

    Solved. Closed.
  4. Were you the one who created the clan or the clan had been transferred to you?
  5. denied

    Denied The ban was valid. Only wrong/abuse bans can be removed. Closed.
  6. I can't find fluispt04 name, provide the display name not the account name
  7. denied

    Denied Closed.
  8. denied

    Denied You never stopped bypassing. Closed.
  9. granted

    Banned along with his dummy accounts. Thanks for reporting. Closed.
  10. denied

    Denied Since you have valid bans, the banhistory can not be cleared. Closed.
  11. denied

    Denied Such a name will never be unbanned. Closed.
  12. granted

    Granted He's banned along with his dummy accounts. Closed.
  13. denied

    Denied Closed.
  14. denied

    Denied Closed.
  15. denied

    Denied Closed.