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  1. solved

    Banned. Thanks for reporting. Closed.
  2. solved

    Denied Closed.
  3. denied

    Denied Closed.
  4. denied

    Denied Closed.
  5. maphacker

    Granted Rasputia.net's computer has been banned by Dr.Spy. Rasputia.net has been banned by Dr.Spy. Closed.
  6. maphacker

    Already banned by KKS. Thank you for reporting. Closed.
  7. granted

    Banned. Closed.
  8. denied

  9. denied

  10. denegado

    Ban is valid. FXCKINGNICEBRAH is a bypasser and managed to bypass many local bans. No abuse here. Denied & Closed.
  11. Granted @Ganker will be informed not to ban such bans again. Closed.
  12. closed

    I don't see any ban on your banhistory. Closed.
  13. denied

    Can't delete Nightcore~'s banhistory, because that account has valid bans. Denied & Closed.
  14. denied

    Denied You have valid bans which can not be cleared. Closed.
  15. denied

    Denied Closed.