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  1. v7.00 of DotA map is under testing and development, you can play it at Beta Tests channel on RGC by typing in chat /j Beta Tests. The current map that is being played now is DotA v7.00b0 Allstars
  2. denied

    Surprise >>> TopicalSolution has been banned by Dr.Spy. Nice performance by the way. Why don't you just leave DotA and try to go to Hollywood to play some roles just like the innocent role you played above? Keep bypassing and I'll keep chasing you. Denied and Closed.
  3. granted

    Granted mercedess- has been unvouched, and your ban has been cleared.
  4. denied

    Denied You can not accuse people of bypassing just for insulting you. EsMigGle is a completely different person from am|demon. EsMigGle was banned for bypassing but am|demon has never bypassed a ban on the PC he is using. Closed.
  5. We now have a mightier tool which has many configuring options, take a look here: https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1263631-war3-dota-allstar-editor-v18/
  6. Hello mate Here's a helpful tool that helps you choose the way you cast your spells https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1263631-war3-dota-allstar-editor-v18/ Also, it has many configuration options that help you configuring your DotA game. Please let me know if it worked well for you
  7. closed

    Here's the answer
  8. denied

    Denied You never stopped bypassing the ban will never be lifted. Closed.
  9. denied

    Denied He's been bypassing since 2019 till the moment I banned him. Closed.
  10. denied

    You are using a corrupted Windows version ( that has a bypass on it). You can come back to RGC by formatting your C drive and install a new clean Windows version. This is the only chance you have. Closed.
  11. Hello and welcome to Ranked Gaming Client Here are two threads that provide you information about RGC: 1- New to RGC? Click Here 2- Default General RGC Settings Click Here If you have further questions please don't hesitate to join RGC official support channel by typing /J Support on the client.
  12. solved

    Restart your router/modem then try to log in again.
  13. closed

    Try to login with VPN.
  14. closed

    You have followed a tutorial on youtube to bypass RGC bans. The only way to get yourself unbanned is to format your C drive and install a new clean windows version. Closed.
  15. closed

    Please try the following: On RGC click Menu -> Rooms and double click any room you see there. If that didn't work try to log in with another account and tell me the result.