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  1. ERROR 1. [Warning] You are using an outdated version: (Unknown Version) Solution. Download 1.26a patch and extract to your warcraft folder as shown in the screen shot below ERROR 2. [ERROR] Your game directory contains modifications and RGC was unable to remove them. Your game cannot be started. Solution. In this message you will see the name of the file that must be deleted from your Warcraft folder which will be file name.dll ERROR 3. Can't see hosted games Solution. 1.3 - In the client go to Menu -> Settings -> DotA 2.3 - click find to chose FrozenThrone.exe or war3.exe then click save ERROR 4. Can see hosted games but cant join Solution 1. 1.4 - You need to make sure that the map is in the correct executable path which is : -> Warcraft III\Maps\Download 2.4 - Delete all DotA maps then redownload the latest map from here 3.4 - Make sure that the map name is DotA_Allstars_6.89a7.w3x not DotA_Allstars_6.89a7.w3x(1).w3x or any additions to the name . Solution 2. In client click Menu -> Map Downloader and then click the Download button that is on the right side of the desired map. Here's a tutorial about how to use the Map Downloader: Click Here If your problem isn't listed above don't hesitate to join our support channel by typing in client /join support Best Regards, RGC Team.