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  1. solved

    You got no active bans
  2. solved

  3. solved

    it is 1 min replay and hard to explain so check it please and i will try to give some poor explanation When Wisp use 1st spell (in this case on monkey king) , then use ulti and MK try to jump on tree , MK will fly from teleported place to a tree where he jumped even if it is 30 000 range.
  4. solved

    Granted It is prohibited to go afk in any case, please avoid such things Use your chance wisely , good luck [21:31] 国王Thror: !timeunban K.apitaL Chance Given K.apitaL has been unbanned by Thror.
  5. granted

    [18:06] 国王Thror: !timeban Fichek 3d Heavy Insults Fichek is now timebanned from this channel until 18:06 on 10/12/2019
  6. solved

    Under investigation. Stay patient please
  7. solved

    Map Maker said , this is not counted as bug
  8. solved

    Bla Bla Bla go flame and bypass somewhere else. bye
  9. solved

    TOSS . NOT KICK , TOSS xDDDDDDDDD Yes , tiny can toss units that are in eul's scepter
  10. solved

  11. solved

    Chen is teleporting ally units instantly instead of having 3 sec delay
  12. reconsider

    First spell of Enchantrees never ends 5 heroes attack me , i go farm top, they got -attack speed forever i added this nick to test Skin, (not related to bug)
  13. solved

    MooN was clear with his answer and decision about your bans: You can email MooN at [email protected] and ask for more info.