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  1. Expired
  2. Expired
  3. Expired
  4. Solved
  5. Yes , desync issues because of RGC. Not related to MAP
  6. Also , Enchantrees lose mana while using ulti on WTF mode
  7. solved

    Granted Be careful next time please. Even if you're 100% right, nothing allows you to destroy your items. Use your chance wisely, good luck. [17:47] 国王Thror: !timeunban .Sunshine. Chance Given .Sunshine. has been unbanned by Thror.
  8. P.S. You must pick that TALENT
  9. granted

    Granted EMPORIO.ARMANI1 is now timebanned from this channel until 02:19 on 29/01/2020
  10. granted

    Granted kos.emak.3aebeh is now timebanned from this channel until 02:16 on 24/01/2020 kos.emak.3aebeh has been kicked by Thror.
  11. Double Post
  12. Cataclism is working You maybe didn't know to use it
  13. solved

    Sorry for inconvenience. It's desync issue Will be fixed as soon as possible. [01:06] 国王Thror: !timeunban joe.han92 Error joe.han92 has been unbanned by Thror.
  14. Sorry for leaving the game in Serbia room

  15. denied

    Game was desynced , sorry for inconvenience