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  1. granted

    Player watch[me] has left the game on purpose after he died many times on Mid Lane.
  2. Player santycg has left the game on purpose after he got bad hero on AR mode. So please ban as soon as possible so he don't ruin other games.
  3. granted

    Player ]T[..OuI.^^|... has left the game on purpose.
  4. granted

    Player Atom6x left the game on purpose after fail
  5. granted

    Player TooHard2Die and player Warriyo left the game on purpose
  6. denied

    Denied If he ruin the game, and you also ruin the game, what makes you any different than he is? Ban is valid. You can post unban request following unban format
  7. solved

    [16:32] 国王Thror: !timeunban Bokynjo Chance Given Bokynjo has been unbanned by Thror.
  8. solved

    @DracoL1ch btw when i played invoker, forge spirit couldn't die from hit and had no lifetime duration if you need replay tell me
  9. solved

    Granted U poslednjih 7 dana imas 6 Leave / DC , tvoj racunar - tvoja odgovornost Ban will be removed on 29 / 9 / 2020
  10. denied

    Denied Nothing bannable in that game. Nothing even worth muting. P.S. They are not friends but even if they are, he would be banned if he deserved
  11. solved

    [15:20] 国王Thror: !timeunban SKbabaYaga Chance Given SKbabaYaga has been unbanned by Thror.
  12. solved

    Hello In newest map DotA_Allstars_7.00e4.w3x If Doom with Aghanim's Scepter use ulti on Magina , and Magina use 3rd spell (counter spell), Ulti will reflect on doom and will last 36 sec instead of 16 (if doom use ulti without aghanim's it will last 16 sec as it should be) According to Doom's Aghanim's , target should be affected as long as Doom is there in 900 AOE, so shouldn't doom be affected with his own ulti until death? Let me know if you need replay but it's obvious thing and very complicated
  13. solved

    We reported already zet + rubick thing. I really think it's useless and like 1% chance to happen And even if it happen , it's useless Unless you have radiance on Zet aaaand you will earn 200 gold for killing 4 creeps let dracolic decide
  14. solved

    It's desync issue
  15. solved

    Granted Unban will be given at 24 / 9 / 2020