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  1. denied

    Your RGC Username: DoomBr1ngeR Reporting (Username) : abjood Room : Eu (public) Time: 30:08 Reason : He was feeding all game, and he left in 30:08. Game Replay :
  2. solved

    Can't connect to RGC
  3. granted

    Your RGC Username: DoomBr1ngeR Reporting (Username) : glabr Room : Eu (public) Time: 28:05 Reason : He first stayed afk for a while, then he sold his items, and he was kicked for feeding in 28:05. Game Replay :
  4. granted

    Your RGC Username: DoomBr1ngeR Reporting (Username) : Youareeasy Room : Eu (public) Time: 14:00 Reason : He left the game in 14:00 min with no reason Game Replay :
  5. granted

    Your RGC Username: DoomBr1ngeR Reporting (Username) : ,,shank2,, Room : Eu (public) Time: He was kicked for feeding in 40:59. Game Replay :
  6. Please fix guys, rgc is having some kind of problem
  7. Your RGC Username: DoomBr1ngeR Reporting (Username) : Dondurmaci, Ont.Vladimir, SpartacusFire Room : Eu (public) Time: Dondurmaci left at 22:18, Ont.Vladimir left at 57:38, SpartacusFire left at 57:51 Game Replay :
  8. 1. Your RGC UserName: DoomBr1ngeR 2. Age: 21 3. Country/Languages: I am from Czech Republic but I currently live in Macedonia, Skopje. I speak English, Czech, Macedonian and Serbian very fluently. 4. Reports/Experience/Contributions ( Game-ruiners/Spoilers/Leavers ): I may say that whenever RGC is having some kind of problems, from whatever kind( login error, servers error, etc.) I am one of the first to post the problem on Forum so the admins may see and solve the problem in the most short time possible. I am also reporting the game ruiners, leavers and feeders very often so we can make RGC proffesionalism rise. I also appeared in several Dota Movies, so I am trying to post some of my plays whenever I make some epic move or play on the forum also. I am not some kind of flamer player and I am very calm whenever I am in game, helping my team to get better in DotA. Check whatever you think that is need for me about me or my gameplay on RGC, you will see that my words are truth. I will be glad if I am chosen to make RGC better place for gaming and help for Europe channel. Here are some of my reports : Peace and love, DoomBr1ngeR
  9. granted

    My Nick : DoomBr1ngeR Player that left : *.....^_^.....* Hero : Mortred Time : 35:50 He also feeded on purpose, u can see when enemies started to chase our Sentinel team, he standed in place and waited them to come and kill him. Here is the replay, thank you.
  10. granted

    - Player that left : B.kanaan - Hero : Lanaya - In 09:30 min he died on mid for the fifth time, so he left. - Here is the replay of the game : - If you are having any problems opening from parser, i will attach it also. Please ban this gameruiner. LastReplay.w3g
  11. solved

    Guys something is happening, please fix
  12. solved

    Hello guys. I was playing Sf and I liked the gameplay so I decided to save the replay, but when i played it I saw that whenever i cast raze or ulty, the animation of the magic can't be seen. I can just see my hero raising his hands which is done while casting his magics. Please fix this bug because I need the replays for Dota Movies. There is the replay of the game down below. Thank you sf madness..w3g