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  1. granted

    My Nick : DoomBr1ngeR Player that left : *.....^_^.....* Hero : Mortred Time : 35:50 He also feeded on purpose, u can see when enemies started to chase our Sentinel team, he standed in place and waited them to come and kill him. Here is the replay, thank you.
  2. granted

    - Player that left : B.kanaan - Hero : Lanaya - In 09:30 min he died on mid for the fifth time, so he left. - Here is the replay of the game : - If you are having any problems opening from parser, i will attach it also. Please ban this gameruiner. LastReplay.w3g
  3. solved

    Guys something is happening, please fix
  4. solved

    Hello guys. I was playing Sf and I liked the gameplay so I decided to save the replay, but when i played it I saw that whenever i cast raze or ulty, the animation of the magic can't be seen. I can just see my hero raising his hands which is done while casting his magics. Please fix this bug because I need the replays for Dota Movies. There is the replay of the game down below. Thank you sf madness..w3g