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  1. merhaba ban kalkmadı yardımcı olurmusunuz?

    EkoDota is now timebanned from this channel until 11:40 on 11/01/2019

  2. merhaba ban kalkmadı yardımcı olurmusunuz?


  3. Good Day!Sr. Nolimits I would like to be a Tc Staff. My IGN:!xTiandaGreat*
    Thank You Sr.

  4. [ERROR] [Bolivia] Tu estás baneado por un tiempo desde este canal hasta 03:55 del dia 16/11/2018. Motivo: antigamer/2da vez

    1. kill†ezChiky


      me lo desbanean xfavor ya no volvera a pasar esto amigos


  5. Theses are basic punctuation and format errors. Your English part is worse. No one said “English is the measurement of someone's intelligence”. Why do you think it is? Does the sheer volume of your mistakes make you feel stupid? NoLimits, Sansu, DON, Iamkillingyou, Meysam , Fardin and myself already know you are retarded so that’s hardly a surprise.


    I don’t beg or suck like you do or intend to get anywhere on RGC, which is already horrendously molested into abyss by you. Anyone in their rational mind would refuse to be associated with RGC as demonstrated by NoLimits, Sansu, DON, Iamkillingyou, Meysam & Fardin. We live in reality where without the digital camouflage you and your dog squad collapse into timid creeps.


    Unlike us you will have to live out the rest of your wretched life in Nepal no matter how high and mighty you pretend to be on RGC.


    If exposing a fat ugly faggot internet warrior like you was being stubborn, I’d be a rock. Anyone from any walks of life can analyse themselves any number of times into oblivion and still come out better than your nepalese existence. So they won’t be told what to do by an illiterate douchebag like you.


    You can clearly see which side NEDOG HAKKA is taking now, can't you?

    The repeat abuser gets enabled and empowered with higher rank and extensive accesses. Ordinary users are thrashed and ignored.

    Great. Nepalese management is the way to go.


    And @Casper I know both you and Ziko are good people. Just be careful this nedog HAKKA has some dirty tricks up his sleeve for you.  he has written this to backstab you before Charbel as he does to many others. In time you will discover how low and disgusting he really is. Good luck.



    How is this approved with so many errors despite being written in such rudimentary English ??




    “Fewer” is for countable nouns “less” is for uncountable ones, understood? Fewer games, fewer enemies, fewer players. Less stupidity less bias less horseshit, get it ?

    Seek or obtain approval” ? You might want to “GET” more formal when putting things in writing ? “GET” it?




    Rules are FOR PARTICIPANTS you dumbfuck. Rules OF RAC or RAC RULES. Understand? 3rd world English sucks shit.



    What’s with the FUCKED UP CASES, YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN TO USE UPPER AND LOWER CASES? Broken “shift” key ? lmao

    And WTF is “Warkyes” ?

    “Get your team Confirmed” ??? Get your English checked ??? NENGLISH TO THE MAX.



    Learn to use THE SPACE BAR? OR CAN'T YOU AFFORD ONE IN NEPAL? One space between each sentence within 1 paragraph, BASIC.

    “Comply WITH the rules” , “result IN disqualification” ? Do you only know one preposition TO ?

    And WTF is “USUAGE” ???  NENGLISH ?




    4th May??? Jesus how hard is it for you to edit the dates WHEN COPYING AND PASTING? What is with the extra spaces before and after “AFTER” ? chicken eyes ?




    Banner Designed by : Hakka    Yes totally redundant line of course. Who else can suck this much at English? For a guy constantly rambling on about KEEPING A HIGH STANDARD AND QUALITY, you sure make some sub-3rd-world “copy and paste” job. Ugly banner aside, the grammar mistakes and punctuation errors expose your Nepalese nature.


    No wonder RGC was shunned by everyone since you started managing. Iamkillingyou, DON, Nolimits, Sansu, Shadow, Meysam and Shimi all left deeply embarrassed by your idiosyncrasies.




    Admins can abuse their brains out and be rewarded with “RGC Senior Staff”. Any repeats will automatically convert into a HOLIDAY. BEST NEPALESE JUSTICE.


    There is your answer ...

    Nepal is your proof. A country with so many social political and humanitarian crises where corruption related famine and extreme poverty is common, an education and moral principles become luxury not to mention democracy. After all Bikesh Shitretha WILL ALWAYS BE HERE TO MAINTAIN THE NAME:  Rekt Gay Client




    The system of bereaucracy is adamant with Hakka in the centre. Anything and everything to do with friends are protected and kept a secret. Corruption & abuses are what follow. He and his friends can dump tens of thousands of RGD as giveaways while struggling channels are denied 50 RGD.


    Hypocracy becomes the administrative strategy to issue bans. Find a reason to initiate a kerfuffle and ban the user for retaliation. "too ez ban" and "know your limits" carry Hakka's ugly signature.


    There is no place for rules and regulation in fact Hakka deliberately made the rules inexplicable, leaving room for his clumsy manipulations. Users get banned for "manners" while his friend gets more rank for banning ? Users get permanent bans for trading RGD's but YOUR PUPPY JEDTIOTIOEN gets promoted for buying tens of thousands RGD from Philippinos and clearing his friend's banhistory?


    RGC is in as deep shit as Nepal has ever been, a country claiming to be the birthplace of Budda ? with 5000 years of history but still 3 timers poorer than Bolivia or most African countries.

    Economy ? - none

    Sports ? - failures

    Railways ? - zero

    Airlines ? - deadliest

    Living standards ? - below poverty

    Infrastructure ? - rubbles

    Government ? - corrupt

    These aspects map out the perfect future for RGC.

    And what can Nepali accomplish, sucking, begging or managing a gaming client ?


    A farewell and a comprehensive report on RGC Admin Hakka


    Dear RGC players and friends,

    First a big thanks to you for being part of the loyal dota 1 club. Over the past 4 years it has always been a pleasure to have a go at Dota 1 after work for some fun games. This will no longer be the case thanks to the evil and calculating nature of the Admin named Hakka. It is my personal experience that Nepali in general possess low IQ and little to no education and this one is no exception. The reason why he was commissioned to manage anything is beyond me given that his level of English is hardly proficient to understand this piece of informative literature. Over the thousands of years in its history, had even one emerged as a capable leader to manage the country’s affairs, Nepal wouldn’t still have been one of the poorest countries on this planet at this present day.


    • Long history of personal discrimination & bully:


    Unfortunately the current RGC Admin Hakka has held a long standing personal grudge & hatred towards myself even before I was commissioned to manage as Asia Admin. I was selected by DON as a staff in (asia) public and recommended by NoLimits (ex-EU admin) , Sansu (ex-Asia and support admin) and Shadow (ex-Middle East admin), all of whom also shared a troubled past with Hakka and departed RGC as a result. For this reason, Hakka & his gang of bullies have always viewed me as a threat and discriminated against me, evidently exposed in many conversations like this one,



    In which his drunken fellow Nepalese & neighbourhood homie, in a true psychomaniac fashion,  accused me of so called “leaking secrets” & being the “stray Dog of DON”, for merely replying to  an user’s message with AGL is managed by Froz & Hakka and I can’t help you. You have to use the forum for reports”. After being intimidated and talked to in such a condescending manner I found myself kicked out of and AGL the next day which doesn’t surprise me the slightest knowing the manipulative & abusive nature of these 2 individuals.


    There group of internet bullies also employ shadow techniques in more subtle ways to manipulate the victim to fear & feel the friction coming from the top thus less interested to stay on, for example unbanning your valid bans and talking down to you about being “abusive”. He also made fake account with 1 foreign letter to impersonate as NoLimits, then EU Senior Admin, and gave it the same global rank. He logged in from that account and removed several old staff from AGL and managed to divert the hatred coming from those to the real NoLimits.


    The latest scheme of conspiracy is to remove me. Knowing he will never catch me off-guard on Ryu account, Hakka utilised his exclusive access to stalk all accounts ever logged in from my pc  and found some IN-GAME chat history of account RobbClarke RGID #242797070 used by my mate. Every user knows IN-GAME trash talk is part of dota and always muted not banned. However on this desperate occasion he couldn’t have let go of such a golden opportunity to back stab me reporting promptly to his slavemaster Charbel and not only computer ban RobbClarke but also remove Ryu from RGC & forum. It’s a far stretch to computer ban IN-GAME trash talk let alone to extend a barely legitimate allegation to another global staff. But the rules are bent again to suit his needs as always. If this were to be enforced rigorously on RGC, how many would have been banned ? Sure words are meant to be offensive but they do no real damage. The real damage is done when RGC Admin drives out capable working staff with his dirty politics and replenishes the ranks with his own gang of bullies.


    I have always known this is how I will end up knowing the twisted monster brewing inside him, a strong contrast to the nice public image perceived by the RGC players, to whom he tries so hard to convey. Nevertheless the fact that all was done in a blink of an eye still disturbed me, clear and convincing evidence of his prior planning and calculating nature. After all he is known to use HDiD ban on people who reported him such as [inf]garry RGID #240268292 & GreySkillZ RGID #240874095. Obviously there are more but we won’t know without the access to check.


    • 2. Mismanagement & biased decisions


    Aside from personal attacks & politics, his management decisions has always been very poor. Evident from here,

    there are over 30,000 RGD’s poured into 1 gaming channel from April 2017 to January 2018 for tours. And if you count the global ranks given + RGD’s given to staff it could be well over 50,000. Anyone with an economic mind will understand dumping large quantities of free RGD isn’t good for the RGD scheme especially when RGC sells them at a price. The result is people stopped buying and ranks are perceived as cheap and inferior.


    And the saga continues...


    For 2 years, PH.Tours has been the weekly 5v5 tour managed by myself, in which 15-20 Filipino teams have been quite happily participating on a weekly basis for some Patron ranks but NO RGD. This all changed when Hakka supported to run an identical tour in AGL

    This time around with 150 x 4 + 400 = 1000 RGD thrown in every 5 weeks and it goes without saying the users have been drawn to RGD’s and the interest for PH.Tours rapidly declines.


    10 months ago Room India went from semi active to dormant for the same reason, tens of thousands of RGD’s dumped in AGL which was another complaint NoLimits & I often discussed about. Hakka’s practice of dumping hundreds of thousands of RGD’s poisons RGC for years to come, much the same way as the economic phenomenon inflation. Eventually NoLimits lost interest in an endeavour which would never come to fruition and departed RGC for good.


    In my personal opinion the management of schemes of paramount importance like RGD’s should be more transparent and spread amongst a board of governing administrators rather than centralised in one dictator-like figure with a horrendously twisted and calculating personality.


    RGC is descending into oblivion under his poor management (or lack of). From profile number games bugged, mismatched sign system, unexpected drop-outs and errors like “RGC has left the game” to ladder stats bugs (game won/lost recorded as draw), desyncronisation from server, innocent players kicked for using maphack, general delay/lag now to even the forum log in error, not-able-to edit reply error, submission loading takes forever error, EVERYTHING on RGC has a problem. But RGC Admin is neither skilled nor interested to attend to those, his only Interest is to eliminate rivals and dominate with his gang. I fought and I fell now I rest. But you guys will be fighting his war forever.


    Finally a thank-you for taking the time to read this piece of informative literature and parting farewell from a fellow user. Good luck and long live RGC.

    - Ryu