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  1. granted

    [00:09] # SirQ: !clientunban TaADoL chance TaADoL has been unbanned by SirQ. [00:09] # SirQ: !compunban TaADoL chance TaADoL's computer has been unbanned by SirQ.
  2. solved

    Your ban is non-sense + you got 0 info about the user im talking with " that's why i asked 3 or 4 times before i do any action and your answer on the 4 times was only question mark " Anyway i will remove your ban , And put that in mind mentioning this client is ban-able no matter what you are saying about it so that will make the things clear for you and you will not cause problems in the future claiming that you're not advertising for another client. [20:36] # SirQ: !compunban Œ‰ chance Œ‰'s computer has been unbanned by SirQ. [20:36] # SirQ: !clientunban Œ‰ chance Œ‰ has been unbanned by SirQ.
  3. solved

    Hi , Im the great SirQ Yet my ban didn't come out of nowhere but you're so blind to see the point of it. First i came and asked you nicely before i take any action while i can instant ban you without even talking to you but since we are from same country i tried to respect you , so basically i came to you and asked you what you were talking about and what did you say go to atinad etc.. i asked you more than 4 times while you were answering me only with question mark " ? " and after all i kept asking you and told you it's banable and suddenly you told me ban me i don't care and you went offline , so i did ban you You didn't show any respect to me as a global while i was respecting you before i ban you if you only gave me one reason i would not ban you but you did choose not to answer me and go offline. second it doesn't matter since when you are RGC player , The rules are above everything and let's be clear about that , Being player since 2000 will not change the fact that you were telling someone Go Atinad. third you claim that you were talking with X in PM " Private MSG " so far so good but it still an advertise since your words were " GO ATINAD " in this case no chance to change the fact again it still advertise no matter where you did say it unless our work is all for no reason if we don't ban users who do that even in private message . About this SS Alice told someone that thror plays in iccup ingame means that thror is ingame in some client called iccup and it's not any kind of advertise it's just normal words she/ he wasn't like let's go and play in " X " , and let me give you one more information that our client have nothing against iccup no matter what is it , we have problem against the client you did mention and whoever talk about it will get ban depend on the reason. Note : We respect RGC users no matter since when they play , Since 2009 or since 1 day ago or since 1 hour ago.
  4. solved

    [15:27] # SirQ: !clientunban Sheiby chance Sheiby has been unbanned by SirQ. [15:27] # SirQ: !compunban Sheiby chance Sheiby's computer has been unbanned by SirQ.
  5. denied

    Please follow this format
  6. solved

    Mohamad was warned by Sanin and he was told that when he do abuse his rank will be removed from all channels on RGC and he will not be allowed to have ranks in any channel. Thanks for your report.
  7. solved

    This user is already banned , thanks for your report.
  8. deined

    Please follow this format to report bypasser.
  9. solved

    We are working on removing your ban on forum , be patient will remove it asap.
  10. solved

    Will be warned to edit his profile and his description , If he don't do that after the warn he will be banned. @Rubick will take care of warning him .
  11. granted

    [23:16] # SirQ: !compban settlor_!n bypasser settlor_!n's computer has been banned by SirQ. [23:16] # SirQ: !clientban settlor_!n bypasser settlor_!n has been banned by SirQ.
  12. denied

    I actually don't call it scam , Since they didn't ff the game and you didn't get the 25 kills , Your report is all about that you were doing good in game and they were hiding in the fountain to not let you get the kills , this isn't something to ban someone for it sir. Next time make sure you get the kills no matter what happen and then ask for the prize sir.
  13. denied

    Please follow this format
  14. Gun has been banned by SirQ. Gun's computer has been banned by SirQ.
  15. denied