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  1. denied

    !Denied He do have two Pc's and only one pc got banned. No bypasser apps/ insufficient proofs! !Closed
  2. closed

    !Denied Its a lan network/cafe !Closed
  3. denied

    You had left too many games in the past. And your ban is valid too! !Closed
  4. banned

    Yeah. You bypass computer bans and post threads as if you dont know anything. No one is stupid here! Kaibigang-UOD's computer has been banned by Mount&Blade.
  5. denied

    It was a permanent account ban. You wont be given any chance! !Denied
  6. multipost

    Answered here
  7. granted

    !Checked His account will be banned permanently godlike# has been banned by Mount&Blade.
  8. granted

    !Checked Giving you one chance qazxcvfrewsd has been unbanned by Mount&Blade.
  9. granted

    !Checked Giving you one chance
  10. denied

    !Denied Refer previous thread
  11. denied

    !Checked Your gamelogs shows that you had left your previous/past games too. !Denied
  12. closed

    !Checked There is no active bans !Closed

  13. Your Display Name:ᴸᴼᴿᴰᶻ
    Reported Display Name:-Rizpol-
    Room: Asia public

  14. Rgds had been transferred and ranks had been set! !Closed
  15. solved

    !Granted ball*up#22 is now timebanned from this channel until 20:19 on 01/04/2021