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  1. Follow proper format.And this is unban section.Check where to post threads properly! !Denied
  2. There is no active bans in the username zEnO1234
  3. @ʜαρργ Thanks for your idea. But , we are not going with the sponsor's plan. You can PM me when i am online regarding this.
  4. I think you are in need of ban again. As you wish comebackeasy has been banned by Dracula. comebackeasy's computer has been banned by Dracula.
  5. !Checked Giving you one chance.Don't repeat it! FORZEN_STRONG has been unbanned by Dracula.
  6. Already answered your previous thread! !Closed
  7. !Denied The banned player has to request for unban. !Closed
  8. !Checked Both of you stop fighting here. I had been there when you were doing this useless conversation in the channel. C4...CX.... has been given one forum warning, for abusing the reporter here. If found repeating again, strict actions will be taken. !Closed
  9. !Checked Already unbanned. There is no active bans as of now!
  10. !Checked Your account is your responsibility. Wait for the ban time to get expire! !Denied
  11. !Checked Viking.Pr_yu is now timebanned from this channel until 05:39 on 25/04/2019
  12. !Checked Your account name : NowUSeeMeRun I had computer banned you already.I am sure you know the reason for it. Now you got back with some other computer with the account name : comebackeasy You pm me and blah blah blah.. Proof : https://prnt.sc/nejkki Now you are stating that some one else abused you? Well,add such users to your ignore list. !Denied and !Closed