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  1. !Checked Its not your first time ban for spoiling games. You are having a very big ban history! You have to wait until the ban time gets auto-expire !Denied
  2. !Checked Re-post again and provide a detailed information. We are not able to understand your issue.
  3. Refer above!
  4. !Checked First, the reported user $ib Had never purchased rgds and never transferred rgds (Checked his transactions) Second, He doesn't know to communicate in english because he is from iran. Account was kind of new.And he is just a rank hunter. Proofs are not valid enough to ban permanently! !Denied
  5. Refer here
  6. Refer here
  7. !Checked Since this is your first time ban, i am giving you a chance.Avoid repeating it! standin.X3f0rm3 has been unbanned by Amen.
  8. @JedTiotioen
  9. amen pls respons, am i wrong or not? iam so confused. i get banned IP by things that i dont understand, i just win ph tour, doing nothing wrong, and 1 day latter i get banned, pls give me explanation zzz

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Amen


      please talk to Hakka

    3. IG.BurNIng`


      i send him 2 massage, HL him on forum 3x times, chat facebook 3 days ago, no respon zzz

    4. IG.BurNIng`


      @Amen , can you chat hakka or zoezoe on RGC?


      my comp still cant online to rgc, Hakka alerdy unban my IP, but still cant online bro, i think the ban from Qu1cky ID (that i shared) still affected my comp. Can you talk to hakka/zoezoe on rgc if they online?




      tell them to unban no.3


      ID: ihcoroy-


      ^ this is my id that i shared, it banned by zoezoe and it affected my comp.

      pls bro ..

      hakka not respon to my facebook chat.. and zoe never online on forum..


      Last 2 day i online on net cafe, it totally fine, but i need to play on my own laptop bro.. and its still banned


      pls help me to unban.. chat hakka/zoezoe to unban no.3 men, i need your help

  10. If I got compban forever. What I about my 2 rooms and I donate a Emoji and Skin of jugger? And I will buy more skin cause I like it. But now I failed to success my dreams, I got compban. that I pay last night... it is loss? Im think I'm wasting money. And I do not sell rank. Look his proof. That man he always Pm me everyday to do that to me. I did receive his 5rgd cause I did not want... I have many rgd. Buy why I'm interesting a cheap 5rgd? No! I can't do that. Cause I ban already for selling ranks. 1month ago,. I learn more lesson about the rules. If I accept the 5rgd I loss my pririoty of my room and only my rgc... I'm not a stupid person to do that cause I know what is right... I hope you will understand me. I need to comp unban my account. And I hope come true. And thanks. For who whose admin and rgc stop. Seeing my message. And work hard for rank gaming client. Thanks all. God blessed!

  11. PLEASE. Comp unban me.😭😭😭 I did not sell rank. They have a mistake for ban me.

  12. Please sir. To comp unban me. I did not sell rank... he set up me, for that. He always Pm and HL.

  13. Refer here
  14. !Denied Ban is a permanent one . !Closed
  15. Fri can yyou check ID : Qu1ckY [a.k.a ihcoroy- ] again?

    it get banned twice now, my IP and ihcoroy IP


    Can you unban it bro?

    i dont do wrong, you can ban Ihcoroy IP but not mine,

    pls help admin @Amen


    need your help