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    There is no active bans. Try joining the channel again! !Closed
  2. granted

    !Checked Godz_Apollo亗 has been unbanned by Aladdin.
  3. granted

    !Granted Godz_Gwapo is now timebanned from this channel until 08:37 on 11/07/2020
  4. granted

    !Checked [gamerz]|^poi. has been unbanned by Aladdin.
  5. denied

    !Checked Novachrono- has been unbanned by Aladdin.
  6. denied

    !Checked If someone is abusing you inside a game, then you can avoid it by using !mute command. You are not supposed to spoil a game in whatever means. Posting a decent apology for your mistake would have got an easy unban. !Denied
  7. denied

    Thread has been re-checked by one of the other channel staff too. Ban is valid! !Denied
  8. denied

    Already answered your previous thread. Post your unban request on 11/7/2020 !Closed
  9. aizen

    Learn how to make a thread with proper requesting format! !Closed
  10. granted

    Giving you one chance Chezrich has been unbanned by Aladdin.
  11. !denied

    Post your unban request on 11/7/2020 !Closed
  12. closed

    Don't spam threads everywhere.Already you had posted one in unban section.Like i mentioned, it will be re-checked !closed
  13. denied

    Thread will be re-checked!
  14. Answered here
  15. Answered here