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  1. solved

    First of all, your account is your responsibility. Follow this steps:
  2. denied

    !Denied Checked the re-play personally.There is no pause abuse in the mentioned time stamp 16:17. If you had posted the wrong time stamp, you can re-post the thread again with the correct time stamp !Closed
  3. granted

    !Checked quezo1429 is now timebanned from this channel until 15:26 on 26/02/2020
  4. denied

    !Denied No proper format
  5. !Closed
  6. !Denied While checking with your gamelog, i could see that you had left too many games in the past! Refer here You can not leave online games as you wish!! !Closed
  7. !Checked Post your thread with proper details. There is no active bans in the account named SisLoVeMeEeEe
  8. !Checked Unbanned already. Refer previous thread!
  9. !Checked Giving you a chance.Dont repeat it myth.t10105 has been unbanned by Aladdin.
  10. !Denied Your ban is a permanent one. Stop posting threads here!
  11. !Checked Giving you one last chance Mid_Two has been unbanned by Aladdin. Dont repeat it!!
  12. !Checked Your ban is valid. You didnt help your team mates to defend and instead of defending when needed, you kept on farming. Refer here !Denied !
  13. @TaTa
  14. !Checked Already unbanned