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  1. I need help !! When I logged in the game RGC appears to me for some time this announcement "You were banned [reazon :: selling rgds is not allowed] You can appeal you ban on the forums". What can I do about it


  2. 88X4 Changelog General: Heroes: Items:
  3. thanks for reporting serious actions will be taken.
  4. danilo is not playing from a lan, the other will be unbanned as a last chance.
  5. he will be warned not to repeat
  6. will be taken care of
  7. Please unban my computer ip adress.My rgc wont work being client band by Froz..please help me and unban me

  8. Unban me now, you had bad day and that was not mine fault, i brought a win to our team :)


    nicname: 9410stku


    Greetings from Sweden :)

  9. Username :  램지
    Ban Reason : start feed
    Ban request link :
    Reason of Appeal : 

    i let my friend play with  my account and he start feed its was my fault i know but pleasse give me anthor chance pleasse

                            and thanks

    Proofs : i dont have ^proofs but its will be last time give my acc to anyone pleasse help

  10. afk

    chance has been given, avoid repeating such [21:42] InfidelCedric: !timeunban ChammmpioN chance given ChammmpioN has been unbanned by Cedric.
  11. Nick from RGC: M.j.G.l.B.t.A.
    Reason: I did not do anything and my IP PC Machine is banned. It is my only own machine. I can not log RGC with this or any other account.
    (I attach these two tests so they can solve my problem <<<<< Photo 1: https://prnt.sc/lgrsgh, Photo 2: http: //prntscr.com/lgs44n)
    Unban order: (I do not have a current sanction, which I am accused of). I await your help.
  12. http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1540916585 here is the replay where you fucked my game, which includes : gameruin afk ragequit you got 15 days ban as i told you ingame, why do you act surprised now?
  13. Hello ,everyone know that I was a global admin on RGC and I have contributed in many ways to help and make this client a better place, I admit that I have committed a abuses which I believe I didn't have to do, on the other hand I feel that I need to make it up for RGC and its community by returning back and help as much users as possible and make sure this client is a good environment for everybody. I hope everyone is fine with my return because I realized that abusing isn't the best thing to do as a global admin, and now I know that I must be more responsible when it comes to this, thanks to everyone for accepting my return.
  14. All these problems came from personal problems between me & doto, we both acted retarded. Now we should move on. Considering that he is a good player, even if he has shitty carracter, better let him in this client instead of all these toxic lowskilled persons.
  15. 88X3 Changelog