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  1. This is Suggestion forum. I doubt your thread fits in here. You can repost at SA forum pls. !Closed
  2. I can not detect the ban if i dont have the displayname, which the ban was made on.
  3. Imo BlackCowMowMow is using Bypass, need to check by @Hakka
  4. solved

    Add a proper Format to get an answer. You have 2days.
  5. Hi i can tell you from my side, everyone can have a bad day, raging on some players. We r All humans, so one or two sentences of raging arent really banable. But thats my opinion and how we solve it in europe. You should calm aswell, wait till Staffs checked it and shouldnt ask every few hours for an Update.
  6. solved

    Gameruinbans will not be lifted before one week expired. Please repost after some days. !Denied for now !Closed
  7. Read what spy said. !Closed
  8. solved

    2 days passed. !Denied !Closed
  9. Roger and me discussed the "Matchmaking System" in many threads here. I suggest you go and search for it, it will take some time yes to find all, but there you get the answeres, we r not up to repeat ourselfs again and again for some haters like you.
  10. Our current punishment is exactable and hard enough. We ban 2-10 days, depening in how many leaves this guy has. The - 10p is ok aswell. It got discussed at rgc Team some time ago. I mean everyone can have a bad day and leave once, or someone can have Bad connection and got dc. You really want him to Lose 100p? No sorry, this wont help to get less leavers.
  11. solved

    We do not lift bans if you used a Bypasser link. !Denied !Closed
  12. solved

    Add a full and proper report otherwise it will be denied. You have 2days.
  13. solved

    Add a full and proper report otherwise it will be denied. You have 2days.
  14. solved

    Everyone can rage once or twice. If thats all he said, then its not banable. Repost with more proofs if there Was something more. !Denied !Closed
  15. solved

    Solved !Granted !Closed