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  1. I suggest you to email charbel and roger directly at: [email protected] [email protected] Or you try to email hakka [email protected] Rebel i will close this, I can not help you and roger or charbel rarely checking forum cause of coding all day. I please you not to remake a thread cause its very senseless, its spamming and people giving sensless replies. We all know now about your feelings but as i said we can not help you. But you can repost if all those 3 admins, i mentioned, are not replying to your emails 2 weeks after you sent. Then i may try to talk directly to them (in case they confirm you did truely email them)
  2. Repost here: https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/48-spoilerafkgameruin/ !Closed
  3. I dont see any clientbans. I cant help it. I dont even know the issue.
  4. Chance given. You are unbanned. !Closed
  5. Hakka will check and solve asap. He is leading serbia.
  6. Let's be seriously. You apologized. You didnt ask for an unban, as you say and as i can see. Thank you to give us an apology. Have fun and good luck at real life. !Closed, no need to discuss if he doesnt want unban.
  7. You guys are very crazy XDDDD OK lemme tell you: from 26.08. 2015 to 11.07.2018 He got compbanned 13 times. Means, first of all his last ban is 3 month ago and not years, secondly he had 12 chances alrdy. The fact is, we have to be equal to everyone and to have 12 chances in 3years is absulutely unnormal. There is nothing to discuss. He got banned by 6 different global staffs between those 3 years. So if you may not trust one admin, you may trust 6 admins? +Me, im not one of the admins banned him and thats why i can tell you from a neutral point of view thats the worst to get him back. I remember many useless discussions and many headaches. Guys to be honest, are you such braindead by his 'love'? The only one accepting and seeing to have no more chances is Doto himself ^^
  8. Wait @Hakka !Closed for now.
  9. Ying thats imposible, cause you can not Check history of an acc, which never joined the Client. I guess you must send a Screenshot of the banreason, which appears when you try to login to hakka. He may find out by knowing the reason. Im not sure but only hakka may know a solution.
  10. Swaping ranks to another acc of same person is allowed. Global staffs can help doing this. But ofc, the user should firstly trying to contact the room owner. There is no abuse, i checked vouchhistory. You as commander should check the users, who are vouched to your room in some period of time. Its not rly the Best to open some drama when you could know who was unvouched before, also try to talk to the vouched person first or ask the global why he vouch some acc. At least you are always allowed to unvouch any user from your private room, without any discussion. !Closed
  11. pedido de Unban por favor 
    levei ban sem ter necessidade por favor tira o ban 
    eu nao zuei o game, so porque todos ja tinha saido do game eu sai porque todos ja tinha saido.


  12. Its good when you had funny and good moments with him. We had only problems, which ruined our fun for years. Whatever...... Excuse me when i close this aswell. And Doto thx for understanding.
  13. PS: sorry i was wrong. I meant, i couldnt care less if you changed or not. I hope you forgive me that mistake.
  14. Thx for your words but your love is one-sided, we do not feel the same. You brought us only pain, headaches, complications, frustrations, sensless discussions (with you and between all staffs), etc. You did waste so much of our time to give you like 100 chances, which you fucked up over and over again. And we wasted time to answer all your useless threads and pms just to unban you while you never learned anything. Even now you waste my time again.... Idk if you were ever banned for MH, i also dont remember and not in mood to check what was the matter of your last ban, but i can say for sure when you look at our rgc rules, you got banned for ignoring and disregarding each rule once or more. + the non stop hate towards our staffs. I really hope you changed but you can test it else where. BB
  15. No unban. You even flame users, take some rest to think about your behavior. !Closed