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  1. @Admin
  2. If its possible then yes it would be helpful. It would cause less spam in lobby.
  3. can u take care of my case please . 

    1. KoolSaVaS


      you must talk to hakka or cedric.

  4. you want a reason? here: http://prntscr.com/m8pz2e BYE !Closed
  5. HI LOW RENSO TO BE HONEST leaving is banable at serbia, in my opinion the ban is legit.......... but i wont deny yet maybe @Cedriccan help ya. hfgl bro, hope u r doing fine in general.
  6. @Hakka
  7. @syducki have to add, if you think someone got Mh, you can report him on forum, admin or normal Player, but to spread it nonsens just u think, will cause problems for you. You are here for such a long time, i thought u know how rgc works.... Sad to see this. Next time behave in a professionell way like you play dota, to avoid misunderstandings and fails. Ty, and as hakka said, to make hate wont be hear another time aswell.
  8. You are unbanned, use this Chance wisely. !Granted !Closed
  9. Repost in english pls, if you want to introduce yourself. !Closed
  10. Appeal for unban at Sa section Please. https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/884-unban-requests/ !Closed
  11. Yo as dracolich said, you will be able to play him soon. If you cant wait you can contact dracolich and pay to play Mk. I think its 5$. But its soon for free for All. !Closed
  12. Make sure: when you play a rpg game then joining a dota game, you must restart wc3 before joining the dota game. And if you play dota then restart wc3 aswell if you plan to play rpg after. If you get this permanent, follow jackpro's answer. !Closed, you can pm jackpro or me if your issue continues.
  13. Hm.... Try to delete rgc and reinstall from www.rankedgaming.com Then you should have the New Patch installed.
  14. @Admin @MaY{-}DaYdoes your Problem still exists? PS. Roger sorry für double poking. Ich kann das einfach nicht löschen wenn ich mit Smartphone nochmal eine Antwort schreiben will (dieses @admin) fix dat mal^^ ty
  15. Do you mean you cant enter any GAME? Maybe that help you: Also check this and dl the map here: Hope it helps. But if you can not joined any ROOM then pls just reinstall rgc. If you still have problems contact me via pm here. Ty. !Closed