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  1. Hi and welcome. I wish you much fun on rgc and your studying.
  2. !Closed Show a proper report on your section forum next time pls.
  3. Timebans work on rgc time. You can check on any rgc Chat by typing: /time Then you see your local time and the rmt(rgc Server time) Next time use asia unban forum Please. !Closed
  4. If its an official regional rgc room, you should talk directly to asia globals.
  5. Please use south America unban forum part for that issue. !Closed
  6. Hf with ur Clan
  7. Its solved. !Closed
  8. Email to charbel or hakka pls. !Closed
  9. GjGj
  10. !Closed, if you wanted to make a Suggestion for rgc, pls repost in english.
  11. If this huge Update of autobansystem comes and when we have the Email confirming for New accs, then prolly leave bans on Pub rooms will just affect the account. For now, yes its ezy just to make new acc and keep on ruining games, so timeban goes thro PC and Account. (IP is never affected.)
  12. I dont See any problems with it. Dont understand your Problem. We are our own Client and are happy and proud not depending on Blizzard or anything else. PS : donations can be done to our partners like dracolich for map/hero models or creative for rgc skins. Stats reset is payable at our Shop aswell. Hm... As i said i dont get your point, so if my answer didnt help you, pls explain your issue more detailed, thx.
  13. Exactly. And we wish that your huge Update comes asap.
  14. This matter got discussed alot, i Please u to search at Suggestion forum for it. !Closed
  15. On that Suggestion i just want to tell my own opinion. If i add someone on ignorelist, idc in future why he got added^^