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  1. solved

    Bypasser are not welcome here. Stop trying it, we will not lift your ban. !Denied !Closed
  2. Could be done easily i guess. To keep !vk and !votekick is helpful. @Admin
  3. Yep we dont play old maps in Pub rooms. You contact me if you want to buy your own gaming room to play older maps.
  4. Show us the report, we may recheck it.
  5. solved

    Then wait the to reply who banned u.
  6. solved

    I rechecked you. You are a Bypasser and u are still playing on our Client. Ban wont be lifted. @MoON check pls kourades and make stronger ban pls. Thx. !Denied !Closed
  7. Its kind of some bug, we hopeful solve it asap. Sp Mode doesnt work as it should. You posted the replay, thx. I would like to get the game ID aswell pls, thx.
  8. solved

    Possible to talk in english?! So far you went here to flame, i want to know what u said.
  9. !Closed
  10. About the matchmaking system i guess its hard to create but i know Roger is aware of it and will add some matchmaking system as soon as possible. (in case it is possible) The ingame command !votekick or !votedrop or how ever the command should be named, could be helpful, but could be abused aswell. Imagine many players play with friends and lets say there are 3 friends and 1 random guy more who vote to kick the 5th teammate just cause he said once "noob"(for example). Ofc this kicked player could report, but then we ban 4 players for abuse some kick command? I doubt this will be added. Even if there is a gameruiner, it doesnt mean all 4 players of a team will vote to kick him, so they would have to make a report on forum anyway.
  11. "If you accept the challenge Repost it with team names and user rgids." ->Hakka's words. So please provide the UserID's + displayname of each player of each country Team asap. And dont forget we r only searching for europe country teams, as it was mentioned aswell in last thread.
  12. Rebel you r completly fucking the thread of givemehugbaby up. Thats how you respect others. I will close to avoid further Spam from you. @GiveMeHugBaby make new thread in case you are still searching for an answer, but i also suggest you Email charbel or hakka. !Closed
  13. solved

    Can you make a valid unban request pls?
  14. Actually in a short form: countries with more than one team will make an own Tour and winner gets into the big Tour. Countries with only one team, that team will be directly into Tour. Countries without a Team wont play.
  15. Guys the main issue i have is: Who will decide who plays? Even u cant get different users into one Team and tell them u will play for x-country now. Maybe there are ppl in a team who dont like eachother. And if a country Manager decides, then he could Pick his friends or a Team of his country, which he likes. I did think alot now about it. And i think i found a solution. We make up a thread where country Managers can add their country for the Tour in case: The country Manager, who thinks their country has enough good players/teams, which like to play that tour will make a tour only for their country. Without prizes. Only members of that country can play on that tour. The winner Team is getting into the big global Tour. If there are countries with only one Team, so they cant make an own Tour to check which team is best, that one Team gets into the global tour. If there are countries listed by Managers but wont make up even one Team, then that country wont play. Hmmmm idk if thats the best solution but it could solve all the problems i mentioned, couldnt it? 😅