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  1. Pls explain your situation/issue more detailed.
  2. Nahh i got ur thoughts, but u didnt understand me^^. This was just an example with "english at europe Pub". Im trying to explain, rgc changed over years, its impossible to make users speaking only one language in each Pub room or forum. Like only tagalog or Chinese in ph/asia Pub. English in EU Pub, spanisch or portigese in Sa Pubs, etc. Only exeption are little regional rooms, which do not have many games, for example "germany", where some users annoy to get vouched and ranks. Official Pub rooms and in their games its impossible to punish users when they type in their mother language, im sorry.
  3. Tbh, if you want him beeing banned, why dont you want everyone next to him beeing banned? Its a flame war, just a really little flame war of many players. This shouldnt be banable for anyone, cause those flames are just little flames which are NOT going out of some not accepting Limit.
  4. Im sorry, we do not clear unvouches. Idk how it would work, but it could bring users back to the rooms, they were unvouched. To unvouch a User is not an abuse for 95%. And to have only one unvouch on history and thats an abuse, this chance is <1%. Cause the users who care about vouches got more than one unvouch, and if only one unvouch would be valid, then we wouldnt give such a clearing of entire history. This is kinda useless, im sorry to say so. And yep to have a vouch/unvouch history of docent pages is nothing to cry about, its just normal for users who care about vouches. We appreciate ur thoughts of such an idea but we will not invite such a cleaning. !Closed
  5. We wanted to add many things on our Shop, like buying increase points by winning, etc. to improve the gaming. About Chat color, no1 mentioned yet, it could be done, but idk if many people would care about that, cause many Players dont even use pm, they care about games and Pub chat. Your pin Option i want u to explain more detailed cause i dont really understand what u mean.
  6. In that forum section we can NOT help you to ban players or to get your account unbanned. We want you to talk about anything beside RGC.
  7. It could prolly work on RGC webpages, on other webpages it could be a problem. Users could open unaccepted links. We inform users, if they are sure to open a link, when they click on it. We can not guarantee other links, next to official RGC links, are safe. By seeing the full linktext, users have to decide, if they are sure or not, to open that link. If they dont see the full linktext, they cant be sure. And yep users are used to click on links not on underlined words, it could confuse users^^ The color of links is blue, so its good visible for users, and i guess to copy paste a link is much esier than to type a code. Your idea could just bring a much better view to headers, which could make rooms more attractive and less spam of long links, thats truely right. One idea could be, on that warning msg http://prntscr.com/o0c4ep the entire linktext (not only "mediafire") could be shown, thats a possibility. Thx so far. Need @Admin to recheck if its possible.
  8. What about people who can not understand english but want to play at (EU) Public? Should we not allow them to play there, or should we tell them not to chat in game with some mates from same country? No. You are right, a team who speaks the same language increases the game level. We have many children on the client, who probably do not have good English language skills. We allow people using their mother language, unless they are flaming, which will be punished. And therefor we have many Staffs to detect those flames. If you get annoyed in game by players using another language, you can use !mute . We also take care, that reports on forum are typed in english (europe and asia, but south america and middle east got many users, who dont speak english). We are aware of it and reports might be denied by not understanding their language. I really hope you understand. This rule still exists, but is nowadays more a suggestion/hint to users to use english.
  9. I got you, but sorry, we allow it, cause we have many staffs.
  10. denied

    Bypass bans wont be lifted. !Denied
  11. solved

    Make sure you login with your account name and care about capslock when u type your password. Note: your account name can be different to your displayname. You need the account name when you log into rgc.
  12. Hello and welcome to rgc. Rgc is a gaming client, where you can meet friends and have much fun. But do never forget that reallife, your family and real friends, are important aswell
  13. To stack and balance a game is impossible and kinda sensless. ^^
  14. Could work at Start for most games. But what if there are 6players got themselfs on fl? Players would put more friends on their lists, i mean when they see this Option, many would put themselfs on fl and you would have more and more games with 6 or more friends in time. Mostly there are like 3friends playing signed games, and its not hard to get into same team with 3 friends. There are also many hosts and you or one of your friends could buy DM to get tc and host ur own games. Also some Pubs like ph have many tc players and host games. Players leave lobbies when they see high points against them, i guess you know. I also guess u know some leave when they see many friends in one Team. Sometimes ppl dont know the enemy Team are friends, but with ur sign option "sign with friend" they see it for sure. Ofc and i guess thats why u are suggesting that, many friends leaving also lobby, if they dont get into same Team. I play always with friends and in signed games. I play most times with 2 friends, so we r 3. Most games its really not that hard to get in same team(without using any swap command ofc) I will also give you tip, which i use many times: if we See a opened signed game which is like 6/10 (this means for 95% sentinel or scourge is full, the other Team has the 6th player) and so we go there instead of signing a new game^^ This works very Well. I dunno if ur idea could work, i understand the Intention behind ur idea, but i doubt it could work fine. But what i like more to see is, when a friend of mine is joining a game somewhere, i would like to get informed in which room he is playing. So i can fast join the room and play with him, instead of wasting time to hl him and hope he sees it and answer me before his game starts.