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  1. solved

    @Spy did you check the lobby chat? I doubt so. Kicked for trashtalking me.
  2. solved

    Then i suggest u play somewhere else Hfgl
  3. solved

    Your added Screenshots make no sense, they dont show any racism. To push up other threads this sad and uncreative way wont make u solve the issues in a faster, no, it could just cause to get a decision much later. You should just wait and calm ur titis meanwhile.
  4. Its not kind of an abuse thread. But its hard to catch up hakka nowadays But ofc saas u never gonna stop that hate, do u? Thug life to u.
  5. solved

    I have to add more than 3 players tried to !votermk - means they wanted to rmk but couldnt cause 3 kills done so far i did rmk on players will and not on mine only.
  6. RGC is online now.
  7. solved

    RGC is online now. !Closed
  8. pray if u want but ur lagg in game is just caused by ur ISP or by urself, RGC gaming bots are working fine always, so unless u see everyone having a problem it is just ur problem.
  9. nothing was announced. I guess we are under some retarded atack, arent we?
  10. solved

    + it doesnt tell me maintenance, it just tells me protocol error/server overloead. i doubt we r under maintenance, since we get informed before maintenance.
  11. solved

    for me rgc shop is working fine. https://shop.rankedgaming.com/
  12. @Hakka hey bro u removed too much access from beautiful.life or made some mistake by removing lobby access. Ofc he shouldnt be allowed to use commands in signed games and i told him that he shouldnt use. That access must be removed and it is. But now he cant use any commands in his own hosted games. Please fix this, thx
  13. solved

    Why wasnt anything named via globalannounce? or didnt i just see it?