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  1. solved

    Please provide the replay of the game you mentioned.
  2. solved

    No way, you are a Bypasser. As i told u so many times, your ban will never be lifted.
  3. solved

    You will be unbanned tomorrow. You couldnt handle your Emotion by winning your first games ever probably. And you went out of a Level which we dont tollerate, by starting to flame without any reason after a game you won. Are you a little kid bullying and flaming other Kids in reallife after you won monopoly? Its a game, you win and lose sometimes. Kind of bad reactions after game, win or lose, are nonsens. As you see u can just get a ban and nothing else for it. And in reallife, with that attetude you just can lose relationships to friends and other people. Those tips are for free, i hope you understand it and you will be able to grow up faster now.
  4. solved

    [22:48] OwnPubWith-XaVaS: !timeunban Ri[G]hTer__ chance Ri[G]hTer__ has been unbanned by XaVaS. !Closed
  5. granted

    Just a hint: Do not type "ready" before u are not 100%rdy to play the game. If you get visit, leave the lobby asap.
  6. Refer here: !Closed
  7. At first... We are All humans and we do mistakes. But i think all Pub Staffs, we have, are mannered, have skill and expiriences on judging and solving reports, otherwise they wouldnt be our helpers/Staffs. I doubt u have to worry, and if u think some report is unfair handled go directly to the section global Staff. But thx for your comment. !Closed
  8. solved

    I alrdy gave u an answer more than once. !Closed
  9. You may get your justice by email charbel at [email protected] We do not tollerate flamers here. !Closed
  10. solved

    You were permanently flaming. RGC staff kicked you from game, cause of that, after serial warnings. You better stop flaming in games.
  11. hi sir, i think you must see this , man who make me ban =5 days for nothing , he is some like hacker ,and he is many times bypassing and multiple accounts using , he work vs rgc and all of head admins , staffs and admins ... and all of us . he is little smarter then all of us,  on rgc,  or maybe he just think that , I deserve think i deserve a thanks of all of you admins for this ,



    1. U_Talking_To_Me



      @KKS  if have a little time explain me what is this , and how we can solve that , thanks for understanding, i have if need +20 proove more , but i think no need ,. its enough..

    2. U_Talking_To_Me
  12. I will test this asap. This issue must be solved.
  13. In case there isnt ur nickname named on the pic i might be interested ^^
  14. solved

    He means, when he starts rgc, he gets stucked in the leadscreen to connect to the patchserver. Then he can use a button "unstuck", which is possible aslong as he has downloaded the currently used rgc version, because he does not need to patch another version. This happens when your inet connection is low or your ISP does not allow you to contact to the patchserver (same as iranians cant play on .fr , cause they cant connect to this host bot server)
  15. Its really nice to see that you guys make alot of ideas, we appreciate it! I can say that many players do not care that much at lobby, and lobby gets spammed alot. So far that idea is ok but not really helpful. I can tell you, that we (in europe) make bans with a duration, which is counted by how often someone gots banned before, and the banned user is still available to make an unban request. That means, we ban someone 5d for leave (example) and he could be unbanned after the half period. We as Staffs think thats fair enough, there is no need to invite an Option which can kick "banned" users from lobby. And tbh every leave, every afk, every gameruin is ruining the game for 9users and one User gets punished. If only that one is playing else where, while he is banned, thats much better, than the 9 users playing sonehwere else.