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  2. For now only dota games are counted, thats true. It would be welcome to count rpg games aswell, you are right.
  3. Hm.... i like this idea. It could also cause us less leavers and less rmks, because sometimes players leave game at start to play with their friends, who didnt see them signing. And its quite welcome for any friends. I dont know if its possible, lets ask Roger. @Admin
  4. solved

    The issue is alrdy handled. Your request got denied, i rechecked it, its correct. You are really wrong dude. !Denied !Closed
  5. unban me pls

  6. solved

    He is lvl500, he is not allowed to use such ocmmands in games. halfuder is now timebanned from this channel until 22:00 on 17/07/2019 Thx for reporting. !Granted !Closed
  7. To close rooms will lose the interest of staffs of the closed rooms, which could lose us users. I better suggest to close some useless private rooms, nowadays there are too many, which are just used by rankhunters.^^
  8. solved

    You are unbanned, use your chance wisely. !Granted !Closed
  9. solved

    They were full team and host did -sp mode and then instant start. This ban is invalid. https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=62721037 02:23 By.Back !mode sdsp 02:25 By.Back !start You are unbanned. Due its invalid ban and only ban in history, i will clear the BH in few days. !Granted !Closed
  10. solved

    You are unbanned. You have 2 days to remove this shit from your profile otherwise i will reban. !Granted !Closed
  11. solved

    No unban. There are currently 3 active bans on the banned PC. But you are alrdy using another PC. !Denied !Closed
  12. solved

    Hello, im sorry that i kicked you, but i am xavas = rgc staff, i am allowed to use such commands in lobbies. !Denied !Closed
  13. solved

    You flame again and again. This is closed aswell. I informed you so many times that you went out of a tollerated level. You had many chances and you are stil flaming and not respecting rgc staffs. You wont ever stop. We wont tollerate it. I explained you how to solve your issue so many times and you still refuse to listen to me. Its ending now here, so you can go the ways i told you alrdy. Tbh your apology was sarcasm, you kinda flamed me with a tryhard level, when some people wouldnt see the flame in between, but i saw it. And afterwards you flamed me and lebanese admins again on europe public room, so your apology towards me is not counted and not tollerated/respected, cause you didnt learn and wont ever learn how to behave on this client. You can never show respect, so see now how it is not getting any respect. We do not need users like you on our client, who trolling and flaming always, getting banned and getting chances, and think thats the way to bring up some fun in their life. I bet you have a poor and thug reallife and try now to bring up here some fun for yourself in costs of other people. Sorry dude, i'll stop you from doing this and bring you back to resolve your reallife. !Denied !Closed
  14. Its a 2 sentence gamerelated sentence. Its like a little trashtalk, which we all see everyday, you shouldnt be such mad and stay over it.
  15. solved

    I alrdy told you to contact charbel or hakka directly. Sanin (who is higher than me) also alrdy gave you an answer. Its nonsens to Spam the forum. You wont be unbanned until the 3month passed and you make a better apology. You wont ever stop flaming and non respecting aby admins. Why should you be unbanned? We dont tollerate such behavior. !Denied !Closed