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  1. Please unlock my account. I cant join in any room

    I am new.PNG

  2. granted

    I guess he left when game was 100% over in last mins. He is not a leaver, he is an active player with alot of games/points and very low leave/dc ratio.
  3. closed

    Pls how the hell you come here and involve me into your issue??? I did nothing towards you, your posts and ying's posts. If you named me just by trying to give an generally example, you could say instead "is any EU Staff allowed to......." Do not name me for ur little examples, people could misunderstand your wise english sentences.
  4. solved

    Somebody just wants my 20rgds
  5. solved

    Mr. Doto why are you still playing on different accounts on rgc? Why cant you let it go? Surprise us with a noncomingback pls. You play on M1dOrFeed acc now cause you had to bypass again cause you got banned on TeKillaSunshine acc. I Please you to stop playing on rgc, otherwise i hope finally your hdid get banned. Its stupid that you are still able to play here. @[email protected]
  6. solved

    You guys do not realize when to report and when not. You must jump over your own shadow before making complains about someone else.
  7. solved

    I suggest a warning to that guy who got droped in the game. Everyone can be mad in one of 100 games without beeing banned. This guy doesnt seem to be a leaver on purpose, nor a generally leaver or gameruiner. The game got rmked. We can not ban everyone for every little fault. In case it were you, EU Staffs wouldnt consider a ban aswell cause he got droped, werent afk more than 5min and has a rare leave/dc%. I hope you may understand that but ofc the Player should be warned. And banned on next stupid Action.
  8. solved

    I give 20rgds for the one who will ban grommm next
  9. Ok its a great idea. I guess its possible to do and as dracol1ch said they are planing to realize some kind of these. To add new ideas to give rgc money and to make players happy to get some nice stuff, at same time, is the only way we can keep rgc alive. I just dislike we are copying dota2 alot. I more appreciate completly new ideas, but better any idea than no idea. In that way thx for that suggestion and hopefully we see it coming soon.
  10. If im not wrong you guys are talking archivments? Those are added to some rooms like serbia. If im wrong, cause i never heard about battle pass, i Please you to explain me detailed what it is and give me some pages where i can see it. This way i can give some Feedback. Thx
  11. solved

    Hi Doto why you keep blaming and fighting staffs for your own fails? 😅 I can just repeat myself again and again: you are just a never ending drama. You should try to wake up and go on somewhere else.
  12. In case the game started and someone has left the game instantly, you can report him and he will be punished.
  13. Check this pls , i dont wanna repeat myself.
  14. To add a matchmaking system is very hard to add to our public rooms. One reason is we must create a completly new Pub room for each section this way and all players would lose all their collected points. So far only a few would play in that room and they would be missing in the normal room, where players want to play same Team with friends. 8 years ago i was playing at dota licious gaming, which had both options, one to play with friends and one for matchmaking. But there were So many players playing D1. The time changed and we have like 10k players playing D1 in different sections which is too less to improve a real matchmaking system to all sections. I really understand the problem and it got discussed alot here. There will be a made a kind of matchmaking as soon as possible, Roger told me. But it will be just for friends, i guess if you have friends in your friendlist and you sign together, then you will be in same Team to avoid resigning ever and ever again. Secondly there will be always newbies. We can not hinder it. And for example each team plays with one noob but one team loses cause of the worst Player. Not even matchmaking system can solve this. Another Thing is: matchmaking system would balance the points. But points are kinda not showing the skills and expiriences of players. You can have 4k points but a winrate of 45% and some other players got 4k points with 85% winratio. And i know a few players playing with low points accounts but they are better than 80% of all players. And you can make new accounts which would fuck the matchmaking system aswell. At dota licious gaming you could not make new accounts. So far to create a matchmaking system we have to renew RGC at all, which will not happen. Thats just my feelings and my own Personal feedback how i interpretate this issue. For a real professionell feedback i please you all to try to contact Roger at [email protected]
  15. For what reason? Spammer gets kicked so they stop. If they continue they get banned. Thats just one way to get along with spammer. You just Show another way. OK but why should it be more useful and important to mute a spammer than banning them and mark them on banhistory? You should give some reasons and explain them detailed, otherwise it would be useless to have a mute command on Chat.