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  1. Channel Rules & Regulations DISRESPECTFUL ACTS against Admins are strictly prohibited. If you want to be a game observer, ask it from the channel and not inside the lobby. CD, CDCP, or CM are the modes allowed in this channel (then no need to draft). You are only allowed to kick players at CW and CM modes. Kicking players at CD and CDCP modes is not allowed. Channel Penalization LEAVING or AFK is strictly prohibited! → Penalty [1 Day to 4 Days Ban] TRASH-TALKING/BLAMING A PLAYER is strictly prohibited. → Penalty [1 Hour to 24 Hours Ban] GAME RUINING is strictly prohibited. It will result to 3d - 15d ban. → Penalty [3 Days to 15 Days Ban] RAGE QUIT, PLUG and FREQUENTLY DISCONNECTING, or HARD CORE FLAME is strictly prohibited. → Penalty [3 Days to 15 Days Ban]
  2. denied

    display name : godlike^wnl reason : cio this user request a chance after 2 years , he wanna play dota 1 with his friends , can you guys fix his ban if am not wrong he is hdd banned or has an ip ban , since he cant login on any account @Hakka @Dr.Spy @Casper
  3. granted

    username : dragon leaver : big_head=uglY! replay : https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=69458818 reason : leaving the game
  4. granted

    username : dragon feeder : MINDHAZE replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1613893477 reason : feeding since min 1
  5. # Game Modes: AP / SD / AR / RD / CM # To Claim ladder reward you need to have at least 40 games win/lose score. # To Claim the Ladder Reward,Your account must have at least 200 Games. # New/fake Account-s are NOT acceptable. # Skins Link : http://d1stats.ru/extras/ # Organizers: zozozoe & Beta Tests Team
  6. granted

    !Granted -1996 is now timebanned from this channel until 21:15 on 24/01/2021 -1996 has been kicked by Dragon.
  7. denied

    !denied yesterday you kept flaming for no reasons after i warned to calm down and you kept flaming , today same thing , a 1 day ban will remind you sometimes to calm down when you speak with staffs , specially after you got warned
  8. solved

    !Granted zeus has been unbanned by Dragon.
  9. Beta Tests New Event Beta Tests presents you The Rebirth Event: 1. Each player will be gifted by 5 RGDs per game in the time mentioned below : 12:00 to 2:00 SA BOT 09:00 to 11:00 SG BOT 19:00 to 21:00 Eu BOT Event Rules: 1# Event starts at 22th January and lasts until 24th January. 2# Only 5v5 games will be counted. 3# Bug abuses will directly cancel the event 4# Games that end with the !FF command will not count. 5# Obvious gameruin / feeding will directly cancel the event. 6# If game got 3 or more leavers, event will be directly canceled. For more information, contact any Beta tests staff. This Event is brought to you by : RANKED GAMING CLIENT Special thanks: zozozoe Banner Creator / Editor: iCloudly Organizers: zozozoe , Beta Tests Team
  10. solved

    the user : IceOnFire. when he got lvl 3 with sf couldnt see anymore the raze or soul requiem spell animation , and when akasha used her poision he couldnt see it as well replay : http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1600675124
  11. solved

    username : THE*(JOKER)*!! reason : banned for leaving the user THE*(JOKER)*!! asking for an unabn since its the first time he leaves a game this year
  12. granted

    Etihad- is now timebanned from this channel until 08:23 on 05/09/2020
  13. solved

    username : charrrbel23 first time he leaves this year and had to leave for family issue i guess he deserve a chance
  14. Europe RPG Mix ~Presents~ 2 vs 2 LTD Tournament ▲Date & Time: Saturday July 18 at 16:00 rmt ▲Map Mode: -hpgmcb. ▲Map Rules: -Free income all waves -Red must pick prophet only. -No remakes after wave 2 if a player was dc ▲Map ID: [995] http://www.epicwar.com/maps/247890 ▲Prize Pool: (200 RGDs Total) ▼1ST Winner: 50 RGDs Each + Custom Local Rank RPG Champion. ▼2ND Winner: 30 RGDs Each + Room Champion. ▼3RD Winner: 20 RGDs Each + Room Champion. ▲Entry Form: ▼Team Name: ▼Participants: Example: Team Name: RPG Staff Participants: YanG, Slayer .
  15. Europe RPG Mix 2020 presents: Staff it, to Win it! ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ An event which will give a huge opportunity to (EU) RPG Staffs, simply be providing them the appropriate reward based on their efforts of running games and inviting players for (EU) RPG Mix. Event Objectives ● The channel will recruit maximum of 20 channel staffs. ● Chosen staffs will compete simply by garnering the highest number of games by the end of the month. ● By the month-end, senior staffs will select top 5 players who has the highest number of games. ● The scores will be reset every month-end to restart the event to the following month. ● Top 10 staffs who has the less games by the end of the month will be unvouched to give other players the opportunity to play for the event. ● Applicants must register via forum (first 20 applicants will be hired). For registration, CLICK HERE! Event Info ● Platform: Ranked Gaming Client ● Room: (EU) RPG Mix ● Bot: .fr (European bot) ● Event Start: July 1, 2020 Event Rules ● In order to gain a point, staff must play with an ordinary player (non-staff). ● If a staff played with his/her co-staff/s, then that particular game will be considered default (0 point). ● Staffs must start making lots of invites and games to gain the validity of his/her position and a higher chance to win. ● 3-day inactivity will lead to an immediate unvouch without prior notice. This is to give other players the opportunity to be one of the 20 staffs who are competing in the event. ● Asking for ranks, promotions, RGDs, and etc. which has nothing to do with the event will lead to an immediate disqualification/unvouch. ● Usage of dummy accounts for the event is strictly prohibited. Once caught, it will lead to an immediate disqualification/unvouch. Event Prizes Champion: 100 RGDs + 1 month RPG Champion rank at (EU) RPG Tours channel. Runner Up: 80 RGDs + 1 month RPG Champion rank at (EU) RPG Tours channel. Top 3: 60 RGDs + 1 month Room Champion rank at (EU) RPG Tours channel. Top 4: 40 RGDs + 1 month Room Champion rank at (EU) RPG Tours channel. Top 5: 20 RGDs + 1 month Room Champion rank at (EU) RPG Tours channel. ──_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_───_────_── Event brought you by Ranked Gaming Client Special thanks to: Captain Event held by: Ace , ArchAngḗl , xStranac. Best regards to: (EU) RPG Staff , RPG.Team