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  1. denied

    Insufficient proof. Please provide full PS and repost your request Close!
  2. solved

    The bug is confirmed and will forward to the respective section admin to take the action against the user. @DracoL1ch
  3. I did not kicked I used the open command and I can use the command in signed games for more info read here_ Close!
  4. denied

    It's a clear case of leaving the game and you calling this is an abuse ban? Ban won't be lifted. Close!
  5. pending

  6. denied

    Here is the reason why you got banned_ And recently you have given one chance already so this time you have to wait until your time-ban expires. Close!
  7. denied

    Post unban request after five days. You might a chance but for now, your request is denied. Close!
  8. granted

    First of all, you also need to follow the channel rules but the staff has been too much harsh to you staff will be warned for his actions if found repeated will be removed without any further warning. ~ainsleyhale has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Enjoy your time in the RGC. Close!
  9. closed

  10. granted

    Granted! CholO.pEpIto~ is now timebanned from this channel until 09:34 on 04/04/2021 Close!
  11. closed

    Refer here_ Close!
  12. denied

    The one who abused in the game got banned already for his actions_ and about your language, it sounds racist to me so next time when you post a thread post with proper title else you will lose your forum account permanently now let's come to the next point, you reported users are low but in the reality, they are not low users cause they are vouched in Asia higher channel and do you know what does it take to get vouch there? The third point in the game, somebody has to lose and somebody has to win so in your team one user, is a spoiler and he is the same nation of your opposite team that doesn't mean he is a friend of them, etc. The last point sh** happens in the pub games so to avoid such things play with knowns instead of getting your mind freak I hope you get point and about your second reply to the thread as they are friends of admin... user and admin can't be friends? it doesn't mean he is a friend of admin so he can do offense and get out of the situation like he did nothing let me tell you one thing in the RGC we all go through rules and 2nd thing if the player is new to the RGC we use the soft corner to the user cause they are new and don't know the RGC rules etc I hope you got my point. Enjoy your time in the RGC. Have a good day. Close!
  13. solved

    Users will be warned and if repeat will be banned with higher duration and don't give attention to users like this try to put them on the ignoring list. Close!
  14. denied

    Pic is not loading please next time use light shot and reposts your request. Close!
  15. granted

    Chance is given and next time do not listen to others cause if you leave or spoil it will come to you, not to the tellers. hooman123 has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Close!