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  1. Mention timestamps and repost. Close!
  2. @Dr.Spy
  3. Hi Jackpro555


    there is a guy called FatDwarfHAKKA putting lots of abused stuff about hakka and RGC under my unban request.


    unban request


    I did some wrong thing  in one game and plz give me a chance to allow me correcting fault. I've already learned to respect other player in later game.

    plz unban me

    1. Jackpro555
    2. Dracula


      I already answered you.Post your request on 31/3/19

  4. still looking like this https://imgur.com/a/f1u4uF6 I'm using kaby lake in windows 7 64bit, but when I'm in windows 10 64bit the rgc skin working properly, I do what you said but even if I fresh install my os windows 7, the problem still there, I like windows 7 because it is not a spying os unlike windows 10

    1. rave_master_09


      update even in the windows 10, the rgc still no skin

    2. Jackpro555


      Contact me here https://www.facebook.com/pg/Jackpro555


      Have good day.

  5. You will face only client ban problem at start nothing else. if you keep doing same thing then you will get compban. Good luck. Enjoy your time in RGC.
  6. solved

    Just link your email with google or yahoo and login on your email account then you will be able you login on RGC account. Good luck. if you are still facing same issue please let me know. Have good day.
  7. After you link your email you have to login on your email id also,then you will be able you login on RGC. Good luck. if still facing same issue please let me know, Have good day.
  8. @Hakka
  9. Solved!
  10. Solved!
  11. Disable your anti-virus during update RGC. If you are not using any A-V then add RGC in windows firewall. Good luck. If still facing same issue contact on RGC /w Jackpro555 Have good day.
  12. Solved! Close!
  13. solved

    If you are still facing same issue let me know. Have good day.
  14. Forwarded to global admin. Thank you.