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  1. denied

  2. denied

  3. pending

    This is your 3rd ban for same offense and you are still giving us reason? Well,since you did not get any chance before i will unban you after 2 days till then enjoy gaming other channel. Close!
  4. granted

    According of the channel rules your ban is valid. Well,i'm giving you one chance so don't repeat any offense in the future. ~negatibo~ has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Close!
  5. maphacker

  6. maphacker

  7. Dear Admin,

      I am an Asian player from India but when i join games my ip address shows as "US". There is no problem in joining or playing games .I am just worried that may cause problem from getting permanent banned in Asia Public if I get lagged out sometimes or otherwise.  

       I use a telecom network called "Jio" and dont know to correct the ip address. Please help. Thank you.

  8. granted

    Granted! If you disrespect/abuse any staff in the future you will be banned for higher duration. strong_joseph08 has been unbanned by Jackpro555.
  9. granted

    Chance is given. Don't repeat it. VICTOR_LORD80 has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Close!
  10. granted

    If you having serious conversation you can use PM instead of main lobby. Well since you agreed your mistake you will be unbanned tomorrow. Close!
  11. denied

    Post unban request after 3 days. Close!
  12. granted

    Granted! xCerberus. is now timebanned from this channel until 07:27 on 18/07/2020
  13. denied

    If you use false words against any staff in the future you will get other type of ban. Close!
  14. closed!

    Refer here_ Close!
  15. granted

    For others tell them to post here request else they wait for the timeban expire. ymy_yaphets. has been unbanned by Jackpro555. If you repeat such mistake in the future you will get other type of ban. Close!