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  1. denied

    You were mocking him by saying kid etc and that was his feedback and not enough to ban the user. User will been warned if he repeat same offense in the future will be get banned without any warning. Close!
  2. solved

    You are not chatting with anyone you were just copy pasted of those players name in chat lobby so i suggest you if you want them to get ready please PM them. Kick is not an abuse it's just a warning. Close!
  3. closed!

    Duplicate post. Close!
  4. granted

    Moved to the right section!
  5. granted

  6. granted

    Your reason is not acceptable, but I'm still giving you one chance, so please do not repeat any kind of offense in the future. zznevermorell has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Close!
  7. solved

    In such cases we don't ban players like this but my staff banned him via game log which is not tottally wrong but he must ask you for the replay before banning him and you are nobody to ask me what is the reason behind his unban so be in your limits and not going to tell you again. Close!
  8. granted

    There is no ones fault in this topic. Anyways i'm giving you once chance. dead_poet has been unbanned by Jackpro555. Close!
  9. denied

    First of all you watch language and you provided replay is not valid you can check your self. If you use inappropriate language one more time you are going get banned on forum as well. And if you think you deserve unban please repost your request in decent way. Close!
  10. denied

    The ban is valid if do you replay please provide else wait until time ban expire. You have 24 hours to update thread. PENDING!
  11. solved

    Boliviandogs has been unbanned.
  12. Moved to the right section!
  13. Im respect your decision sir.

    *sigh* what a bored weekend...

    1. Jackpro555


      You can repost unban request with apologize.

  14. denied

    Whatever is it you are not allowed to spoil the game and ban is valid it stays cause you did not agree that whatever you have done wrong and you saying about my staff action is wrong? If someone is afk or spoil the game you can also report them on forum. Ban stays until expires. Close!