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  1. solved

    I would recommend the vietnamese people to try 6.89 version which has no talent tree yet. I know it is very difficult for you guys to switch from 6.83 to 6.90, so for now, hopefully you try 6.89 version of dota in able to adapt further more to the current Meta. I know RGC appreciates you for choosing this platform to be your new home for DotA, but the map is significantly being improved & balanced by dracolich, PLEASE try 6.89 version for now , it has camera feature which you are asking for and you will be able to adapt to 6.90 faster. We cannot stay forever on an outdated map, RGC presents tournaments using its newest maps and not the old ones. You can show the RGC community the strenght of the new vietnamese players. I hope you will do it. I have big respect for you vietnamese people in DotA.
  2. Team Name: HeX Gaming Team Captain: Hakka Team Members: ๖Myut Lucy?? Mharzrowan. Kebyenn Illmatic^
  3. Nickname : ๖Myut Country : Philippines Hero : Pudge Description : Advance hooked tiny at top lane, predicted dagger Time of replay : Probably min 16-18 W3 version : 1.26 http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1578994061