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  1. !Granted MIGSSS. is now timebanned from this channel until 05:05 on 25/10/2018 Thanks for reporting!
  2. @Admin It's a different anti-virus sir, its called Kaspersky. it's much more stronger. Thats why I can relate with his problem.
  3. how to join tournament


    1. JedTiotioen


      Find the tournament thread in the forum and register your mates.

    2. spider|.zaza


      where i can see tournament thread


    3. JedTiotioen


      explore in this forum, check the announcements.

  4. You supposed to say No. if he keeps messaging you everyday put him in your ignorelist that's all. Just because he is bothering you does not mean you will accept his offer (if you are telling the truth) anyway, ask for unban req after a month and please do not do it again.
  5. I do understand the language, receiving PM's everyday is not acceptable reason to ask for RGD's. Either you ignore it or put it in your ignore list. I will keep your ban for a month. Ask for Unban Request after.
  6. Proper section For Bolivia Channel : Proper link to upload your replay : make sure you post it in proper format so they won't deny it.
  7. Proper section for Bolivia Channel :
  8. Proper section for Bolivia Channel : Proper link to upload replay : make sure u have the right format so they won't deny your report.
  9. you are able to get the GAME ID as well by selecting the game running like this : especially when the player you want to report is in your game. much easier for you. if it's not you have to find it. instruction has been given above!
  10. just do not click anything that is suggesting in your hero.
  11. I have strong anti-virus as well that some of my files are deleting by the anti-virus or system. yes add the file in the exclusion first before restoring it.
  12. Map bugs proper section : Upload your replay here : get a proper replay link so they won't deny it.
  13. Introduction Founded in 2016 as a symbol of alliance between Philippines, the largest regional channel in Ranked Gaming Asia, and Pacific league, each season of PH.Tours comprises four weekly tournaments and one grand final tournament in which the RGC PH Champion team battles with the four weekly champion teams to defend its title. History : Current Title Holder : Current Schedule : Season 22 Week 1 (Oct 27th, 2018) Prizes : Weekly Winner: Patron ranks in Philippines or Pacific (their choice) + Room Champion ranks in PH.Tours Runner-up: Patron ranks in the other channel (no choice) Grand Final Winner: Global ranks RGC PH Champion + 100 RGD's Runner-up: 100 RGD's RULES & REGULATIONS Time: Every SATURDAY 12:00 RMT (6:00pm PH Time) Mode: -CMZM (-cm 2) Format: (Weekly) Single Elimination Final Best-Of-1 (Grand) Double Elimination Final Twice-To-Beat DQ: [Round 1] 30 min, [Thereafter] 15 min Swap Players: NOT allowed after Round 1 (reserve players can play at any time) Latency: NOT allowed UNLESS your opponents agree RMK: NOT allowed after 1ST BLOOD Pause: NOT allowed except for emergency. (Mention 3..2..1.. before pausing or resuming) ITEM RESTRICTIONS : NONE ENTRY CRITERIA : Teams from all regions / countries are welcome Must have a minimum of 5 members & maximum of 7 (2 reserves max) Participants must have 100+ games to join tour. New accounts & dummies are not allowed Participants can only play for 1 team. RGC PH Champions & PH.Tours Room Champions cannot play weekly tours of the same season Attempting to use multi-accounts / scam tour will result in permanent bans from PH.Tours Register using the below format. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION : Team who get caught cheating won't be able to get a prize. For more questions just whisper deelps, ๖myut , reccacollins and xMighty Best Regards: RGC.TEAM
  14. Winner : Gambit Qu1cky MIGSSS. IG.BurNIng` ๖Myut ₲ɆⱠØ Tournament Bracket : Congrats and good luck in the grand final.