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  1. That's reassuring, thanks for the response!
  2. So, I am just curious when the RGC parser will be updated. It has been some time some items still cannot be parsed (Silver Edge, and maybe other new items like Infused Raindrop, Hurricane Pike, and hybrid Observer/Sentry wards). Don't you just add the new item information from the parsed replay to a database or something? Or am I oblivious to other difficult technical stuff that renders the parser update late?
  3. Some small suggestions: 1. "Notification popup when a lobby is created (or 'a game is hosted')" toggle in Settings. When a lobby is created, you get notified in the lower right side of the screen ("A game has just been hosted.") with a button that redirects you the running FrozenThrone.exe process (if it is open). 2. Allow whisper to an offline friend. 3. "Notification popup when you get `!votekick` 3 times" toggle in Settings. Just in case for those who mistype `!ready` or just forget to do so. 4. RGC bot (11th player / observer) to relay whispers to in-game player. Of course, RGC bot chats to a player in private (single player chat) instead of `All`. 5. Show packet loss percentage in `!ping` command. Dota 2 does this, maybe you can find a way to compute from all the `Request Timed Out` returns. I hope the above are within the capabilities of the development team of RGC. I think I forgot some more suggestions but it will do for now. Thanks for developing RGC up to this point!