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  1. closed!

    dont forget take lvl20 right tallent for cast cata.
  2. its fake 10sec, bkb stil work 5 sec.
  3. solved

    Make sure you have lvlup points for take tallent.
  4. solved

    who told you that ulty should not be interrupted? all good with pugna ulty and time walk. /close
  5. solved

    roots no longer interrupt channeling spells or the current action read changelog before start topic.
  6. solved

    https://imgur.com/DineC4l /close
  7. solved

    ~Fient and #archy this is 1 person His ID RGID #239642828 RGID #243840390 PROOFS https://imgur.com/8MSOcOE https://imgur.com/a/N4NYJzA https://imgur.com/rkz2i4Q https://admin.rankedgaming.com/accounts/room-ban-history.php?m=1&var=%23archy