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  1. granted

    Name: cqae... Gameid: Reason: Leaver
  2. denied

    Name: Srry.Im.Noob Gameid: Reason: Leaver
  3. granted

    Name: Lifeafter Gameid: Reason: Leaver
  4. granted

    Name: ilidanpro9 Gameid: Reason: Leaver
  5. denied

    Name: amelia-alex Gameid: Reason: All The Game stay at wood 30mins and he dont help anyone and dont fight with us and dont do anything just wood and last game he stay afk sometimes RePlay:
  6. denied

    Name: Predator_Tiger Gameid: Screen About Flame: Reason: Flame and abuse to my mom because i dont kill lina and he make fail mid and abuse to all and before end game 3mins ago he leave the game RePlay: i Hope to ban him because he abuse me and i dont like that thanks for help i
  7. granted

    Name: Trunkozrut1 Gameid: Reason: Stay Afk a Long Time RePlay:
  8. denied

    Name: Enigmatica Reason: Leave the game mins 18:28Sec Gamied:
  9. leaver

    Name: BogdanKilleru Reason: Leave the game mins 23:16Sec Gamied:
  10. granted

    Name: See.Mee.Yee Reason: Leave the game mins 22:03Sec Gamied:
  11. leaver

    Name: elitejunio Reason: Leave the game mins 00:35Sec Gamied:
  12. closed

    Hello Guys..... I Get Ban invalid and i want clear it please <3 Banhistory : And This Acc Too please BanHistory :***[bot]*** Thanks for help <3
  13. solved

    @Hananchez i Dont want Just Clear my History i want check this problem about me why he ban me and i dont make any spam or any mistake @Sanin Can you Check it my brother <3
  14. solved

    My Name : Alex Today at Morning i wake up and Enter RGC and i Want join to Room /j Lod Usa i get This Message [ERROR] [LoD USA] You are timebanned from this channel until 19:43 on 11/04/2021. Reason: spam for/jrussia Link : Please Clear It at my History and warning them xdd @Dr.Spy @Casper
  15. sign up

    Please When You Be Online Call Me............. !Pending................ Beta Tests Team....................