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  1. agh lich and spell immune neutrals? not a bug
  2. can you explain more what exactly "3rd" states for?
  3. taken, will solve
  4. Now try to describe it with any proper setup, your message doesnt make much sense right now. What does it mean "cannot heaL"?
  5. desync bug, doesnt happen often, but nobody knows where it comes from in the first place
  6. lod bugs are reported there http://legendsofdota.com/index.php?/index
  7. classic desync
  8. skills changes are matter of patch, trees tho.. im not sure if intended or not
  9. solved

    Choose another DX render (whenever you run WC3 via RGC you have to chose), pick DX8/9/OpenGL, whichever fits you better
  10. desync?
  11. thanks for report!
  12. Checked, probably fixed in non-released version
  13. yeah, known inconsistance, no idea when I'll have time to fix it
  14. issue taken
  15. Only happens when item being combined? Guess internal issues with timings on these items being created