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  1. Thank you, will fix
  2. Fixed in x3
  3. You didn't donwload x3 map, only x2
  4. System detected you wasn't receiving experience for a long time, its very similar to typical AFK players, so it suggested other players to kick you. Sadly you've got some morons who did kick you despite your plays, but don't think there are much to talk about.
  5. In case if you suddenly unable to see various game effects (Shrapnel, Chaos Meteor, Torrent, Breath Fire, etc), you've got issue with your DirectX. There are couple ways to solve that after the match: 1. Reboot your PC. Sometimes DirectX get crashed and it leads to missing visual effects. 2. If reboot didn't help, reinstall DirectX completely. If you're using Windows XP, use this link. Windows 7, 8 and 10 - that link. 3. Alternatively to DirectX reinstall, you can try to reinstall videocard driver instead. Do whiever you like more. Remember that installing Direct may lead to undesired side effects if done incorrectly. Don't try it yourself if you aren't good with software updating/installing.