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  1. solved

    Hello Dota config hotkeys can randomly become disabled, we're aware of this issue but sadly have no solution for it. You can use any other key binder if you like them
  2. @Thror can you move it where it belongs?
  3. your direct x is the problem, change the selected renderer inside RGC settings or reinstall DX8-9 yourself
  4. not yet
  5. try to launch with another DirectX option selected inside RGC settings (DX9/opengl) if it doesnt help, try to reinstall directX 8 or 9 on your system it has something to do with your OS and drivers, not the map
  6. lod at http://legendsofdota.com/
  7. replay taken, will be fixed. Doubt he intentionally bugged it, not worth banning
  8. already fixed in the newest map
  9. read medusa's ulty description and effects
  10. not even remotely a bug, rather smart usage of abilities
  11. lod -> http://legendsofdota.com/index.php?/index thats not a bug but skill change
  12. wild guess you weren't receiving EXP for 5+ mins?
  13. yeah typical meepo
  14. known bug
  15. granted

    yeah looks just like desync