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  1. Fixed in x4
  2. option to disable will be added next patch rly soon
  3. dota and lod maps do not support different OS but only Windows, so unless you want to play some different maps, it won't change anything
  4. they promise to keep old custom game working, means you can play old maps. It's just about official battlenet now and official maps (aka not-a-new-dota).
  5. done
  6. If that was a fatal error, you better share crashlog instead of simply telling about it. Can't fix what ain't broken. Thousands of games are being played each day and your evidence is a couple of cases, which means the map is stable.
  7. So you can name more bugs? Or you are simple crybaby with no proofs for your words? This one isnt even a bug but an issue with reconnection system
  8. thanks, fixed
  9. bug

    outdated map, make sure to use the most recent map, like in EU (public)
  10. Nope, its not a language barrier. If your allies believe they'd better off without you, it's their call to make, It's not auto-kick but conditional one. Same rules are set within dota2 and nobody cares, because it's really unusual if a person stays w/o experience for 5+ minutes. Also there are nothing like "complaints" about such cases, you just accept this rule, period. Meanwhile here you can open a thread so moderator will decide if teammates abused this possibility while you actually had impact on the game even thought system believed you're feeding enemies.
  11. Reforged will not support any 3rd-parties, there would be no platforms beside oficial battle.net
  12. Red numbers are not being shown, but all criticals on all ranged units works well. Will be fixed
  13. Sounds like you have plenty examples of kickafk being wrong, so attach them here? And then you're asking for votekick, while crying about kickafk being abusive. Are you insane or what? I bet votekick 10000x times better fits for any kind of abuse.
  14. Where are you from and what server do you play normally (just name the room you are playing at)? The fact lags only appears in real games could mean you have spikes in connection, else it would be constant between single and LAN.
  15. System detected you wasn't receiving experience for a long time, its very similar to typical AFK players, so it suggested other players to kick you. Sadly you've got some morons who did kick you despite your plays, but don't think there are much to talk about.