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  1. lod at http://legendsofdota.com/
  2. replay taken, will be fixed. Doubt he intentionally bugged it, not worth banning
  3. already fixed in the newest map
  4. read medusa's ulty description and effects
  5. not even remotely a bug, rather smart usage of abilities
  6. lod -> http://legendsofdota.com/index.php?/index thats not a bug but skill change
  7. wild guess you weren't receiving EXP for 5+ mins?
  8. yeah typical meepo
  9. known bug
  10. granted

    yeah looks just like desync
  11. will be changed next version obviously thanks
  12. tooltip error, learning tooltip must be right
  13. bug

    lol will check out
  14. agh lich and spell immune neutrals? not a bug
  15. can you explain more what exactly "3rd" states for?