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  1. solved

    enfeeble is undispellable
  2. solved

    weird bug, wont happen next patch
  3. solved

    the number doesnt affect the real duration and only used for visual purposes
  4. granted

    fixed next patch
  5. well I can't quite copy dota2's bug just because it has it ;D it's quite simple for PT but not for the talent
  6. granted

    fixed next patch
  7. https://prnt.sc/wz9lx7
  8. guide - use your hero to farm forest at least while playing the bear or find better allies
  9. doesnt look that way on my tests, how did you break it?
  10. denied

    yeah kickafk command shouldnt be used that way
  11. fixed, thanks! next patch
  12. fixed next patch
  13. fixed next patch
  14. set up the link to the replay
  15. solved

    rapier can be dropped freely anytime the only issue here is a lack of game message about building it up