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  1. easy enough to answer, just keep reading dota2 logs http://dota2.gamepedia.com/7.00 onwards to see and also learn to adjust to new rules, thats what patches are for
  2. should be fixed in a3
  3. yeah, you shouldn't click phase + move right after landing on a tree, thats how you would avoid this bug
  4. 1 bug == full of bugs, ok whatever
  5. latest cm hp @ 25:28, treshold is 172,2 which is far enough from dying I believe you have incorrect eye value of treshold, because kill event proc'd just fine multiple times when it was needed, but all moments related were off the mark at terms of target's HP %%
  6. where timestamps? add timestamps and make you actually hit the target with it
  7. Was removed lately somewhat like a year ago, no longer exists
  8. Yep, known, fix soon
  9. Lol it gives AS isntead, thanks for report, will be fixed next patch
  10. thanks, bug fixed
  11. Heal only provided by secondary waves when they hit a hero Waves start in the direction where SF was by the time they've reached their max distance, they aren't supposed to finish at SF unless he stands still Overall, no bugs here
  12. do SelectionHelperEnabled = true in config file by default selection disabled http://d1stats.ru/configdota/
  13. @InXavierWeTrust can you please help with timestamp?
  14. timing?