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  1. Why is it 88x4 map is outdated, not sure if thats the reason, but can be
  2. There were no updates last night..
  3. He will be released soon, just wait
  4. You had sold leaver's stuff using your hero and dies afterwards, thats why system thought you was feeding to the enemies. Not intended, but thats how it used to work. Will fix it.. probably
  5. this screen barely proofs anything
  6. Ursa's ulty - yeah, inteneded
  7. thats not the place for replays, reports are in another subforum
  8. bara - need replay rest 2 are fixed in x5-6
  9. BUG

  10. Restart your Warcraft 3 and check if the problem is gone using single player. If it is still there, use Configuration file: using text editor, change "ClassicIngameTime" to "false", save the changes, join a game. If you were confused about the previous steps please watch the video and follow step by step https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyKQG2LDl_s
  11. bug

    Try to use config, set ClassicIngameTime to false and see what happen
  12. bug

    restart wc3 before starting new map, thats unspoken rule
  13. .. just turn wc3 off and on again before playing new map
  14. BUG

    restarrting wc3 should fix the issue with timer
  15. Try to chose some different option when RGC asks about Direct X: 8, 9 or openGL. It must be an issue with your video