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  1. pending

    @techisconsys Descarga el RGC desde aqui 1. Extraes la carpeta del archivo winrar 2. Luego entras/Abres la carpeta Ranked Gaming Client y busca un archivo llamado vcredist_x86 y lo instalas 3. Despues de haber termina la instalacion, procedes a intentar abrir el RGC. Si el problema Persiste Informenos Aqui
  2. Wrong Section Place your request Unban in the following link
  3. @KinGJT Hello, Here I leave you the most recent version of the RGC v6.7.3 1. Download the file 2. unzip the file 3. Launch ur rgc, And Login 4. Link your Warcraft If you have any problems, inform us /j Support Regards: Support.Team
  4. solved

    @TATANA Sección Incorrecta. Debe Hacer la Denuncia Siguiendo el formato correcto En el Siguiente Link
  5. @MakeMeStrong Hi, apparently you have too many logs, I recommend you download the RGC again and delete that old folder, then do the process of linking your rgc with the warcraft. If you need anything else, write us in the support channel /j Support
  6. Sección Incorrecta Haga su Apelación y siga el formato correcto en el siguiente Link
  7. solved

    @zeratul_alb Intenta lo Siguiente Elimina tu Antiguo RGC y Descarga el Ultimo Parche del RGC Y lo debes vincular con tu WarcraftIII otra vez. Cualquier Duda /j Support
  8. solved

    @zeratul_alb Se sale de las partidas oseas (Lobby) o Abandonas el Juego o Te tira Fatal error ? Puede Responder aqui o entre al canal de Apoyo /j Support
  9. solved

    @kaemey You can provide more information and details about the problem you have
  10. @AkoCmarU Where are you from ? You maybe using some type of vpn
  11. Translation from Spanish to English Previous Nick: ~TwD|FG| New Nick: °ZaThar~| I have a bug, can't join rgc but but on the shop yes, when i try join rgc I get an error. But when i join to shop Normal i can join, Please i ask for a solution Thanks @Dr.Spy @Admin
  12. solved

    @DarkDemon73 What game are you trying to join Dota/Lod rpg etc. If dota DOWNLOAD LATEST MAP Version 6.89a7.w3x from here Then put it in war3/maps/download And try again
  13. Wrong Section Make your report by following the required format, here
  14. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : WoH_TosKO|(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting : ¹.HO² Tarek77779(3).The link to the replay : in a thorough manner exactly what happened (what he did that can be accounted punishable): Both players go to the same line, during the game they lose line, and feed the enemies, When they realize they have no items, they leave the game, Leaving us with 3 players only.(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: Minute 10:56 - ¹.HO² leave the game, after a few seconds, Minute 11:41 - Tarek77779 leave too.
  15. denied

    Wrong Section Make your report, and follow the correct format here