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  1. First of all this is for DOTA HQ Mod for War3 which I posted before and This is not my work I just spread the good works of spell packs made by modder. Special thanks to : Sir IceWolf055 Kunkka spellpack : Darkseer spellpack : Alchemist spellpack : Barathrum spellpack : Bounty Hunter spellpack: Invoker spellpack : Huskar spellpack : Bristle Back spellpack : Jakiro spellpack : Ancient Apparition spellpack : Antimage spellpack : Troll spellpack : Enigma spellpack : Puck spellpack : Filipino : Kung may kulang po kayo/ayaw gumana na hero model request lng po kayo tapos mag send po ako links... English : If there's problem about hero models/the model still DOTA 1 request the hero name and I'll send you links...