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  1. denied

    Typing ff is not a reason to ban....Feeding on purpose would be a reason but I haven't done it Not helping mates and farmin woods while team defs is the right way to play? Cause that's what you did....Ofc you didn't die much since you refused to participate in def or fight....First Invoker Is aw that used like 3 spells in 25 minutes of game....for me this is game ruin
  2. denied

    Absolutely not true....I hope the admins check the replay carefully....I didn't die on purpose a single time....I got focused and ganked all game while mid Invoker refused to def and farmed in woods....He didnt even use spells until ,like minute 25 Always easy to blame teammates for a lose when enemy team gank one player constantly while mid cant call ss or help in any way...I didn't suicide at all and I tried to def the base until the game was finished
  3. granted

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Players: 我不好惹哇 + Hisdeardaddy 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1592609065 4.Reason: 我不好惹哇(Kunkka ingame) and Hisdeardaddy (Axe ingame) left the game on purpose to make team lose. Kind regards
  4. granted

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Player: Yllinjo 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1592592677 4.Reason: Yllinjo (Rylai ingame) left the game without any reason. Kind regards
  5. granted

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Player: 三火鸡三 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1592503337 4.Reason: 三火鸡三 (Spectre ingame) left the game right after heroes have beed picked. Kind regards
  6. granted

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Player: Vc{R}_DeaTh_iCH 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1592497447 4.Reason: Vc{R}_DeaTh_iCH (Invoker ingame) left the game around minute 15. Since he was our mid player the game was lost. Kind regards
  7. granted

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Player: Jizzzle 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1591830803 4.Reason: Jizzzle (Slark ingame) went fountain afk (like 7 minutes before the game ended) and refused to def any lane when enemies pushed. He didn't def mid lane and also not top and bot lane. Instead he was afk at fountain for more than 5 minutes until the game was lost. This clearly is game ruin on purpose. Kind regards
  8. solved

    Is there a reason why all the other unban requests in the last 3 days have been dealt with but not mine?
  9. denied

  10. solved

    RGC NAME: 4ng3lz. Replay of game when i ruin the game: I'm really sorry that I didn't def the top lane. I was mad since my teammates fed the whole game. In my opinion the game was clearly over. But this isn't a reason not to def the base. I hope I get the chance for an unban since I'm really sorry. Kind regards
  11. denied

    1. My Username: 4ng3lz. 2. Reported Players: RELOPEZ1993 + PFB 3. Link: http://parser.rankedgaming.com/replay.php?replay=1591140913 4.Reason: RELOPEZ1993 (Gondar ingame) did nothing else than running solo in enemy team for the whole game (Stats: 1/15 and 0 assits). This clearly ruined the game. PFB (Pudge ingame) refused to def later in game. Instead he daggered in the woods near our fountain and hooked teammembers in the forest so taht they couldn't def either (he started doing it around minute 15...He hooked Spec and me and Gondar into the woods) Kind regards
  12. solved

    RGC Username : 4ng3lz. Ban Reason + LINK : "spoiled game intentionally" Reason of Appeal : I clearly didn'truin the game more than others did. I got banned without one proof where I "spoiled the game intentionally"... I didn't feed on purpose (I never ran into enemies or in enemy towers). I also didn't refuse to def the base. Our team stats were 13 kills to 46 deaths. If you check the stats you'll see that I didn't die more than my team did and I never died on purpose. So I want to know in what way I ruined the game more than my teammates did? Proof: https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=66601545 Kind regards
  13. granted

    I request the admins to check the replay carefully...I never ever fed on purpose and I tried to def the base...Making Poor Mans Shields is not a reason to ban
  14. solved

    Ah just banned on german channel so I don't care lol
  15. solved

    Hello, My Username: 4ng3lz. Reason: I logged in on RGC today and saw that I got banned (see attachment). The only reason there was "dummer Mensch" (=dumb person). I didn't feed on purpose or refuse to def or ruin in any other way. I want to have a reason for the ban? Accepting a 20 days (!!) ban and not even knowing why is not acceptable. It's strange that admins can ban people for no reason I have to say. Hope you unban me... Kind regards, 4ng3lz.