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  1. @DrugLord.
  2. Elapsed time: 26:10 Elapsed time: 29:25 Elapsed time: 32:00 I'm not sure if it's a bug , but there's something unusual in that ultimate, it seems that it does not cure the life of the nevermore, and besides this when the souls come back they do not get to the center of the hero, as it usually does. @DracoL1ch
  3. No hay nada extraño en esta repetición, si quieres puedes observar a continuación la descripción del 3er skill del monkey king (Jingu Mastery) , ahí te darás cuenta el por qué su daño se incrementa de manera drástica, ese skill combinado con su 1er skill (Boundless Strike) hacen que haga un daño totalmente devastador. No hay ningún uso de hack´s , el juego es en su totalidad correcto. Denied and closed.
  4. Wrong format. Be sure to attach the replay of the game (Upload the replay here ---> Be sure to add 3 timestamps for your suspicious movements. Here is the correct format to follow to correctly formalize your mh report: Close!
  5. Elapsed time: 17:10 He gets a rune from the hurry and goes to control the enemy forest, then sees dead neutrals (indicating the presence of a nearby hero) continues walking and encounters the morphing and tiny. (Nothing suspicious) Elapsded time: 21:25 He walks in several directions, trying to find weaver, until weaver is visible to him and kills him. If he uses map hack he will use the blink directly towards your position in the fog. He moved in many directions very intelligently, (Nothing suspicious) Elapsed time: 27: (Nothing suspicious). This user kept his warded forest buying wards and sentrys, in addition to that he placed sentrys in places that did not even have enemy wards, no maphacker does that kind of thing. Reviewed complete game. Suspicious movements found: 0 Normal gameplay. Smart player. Thanks you for reporting.
  6. @DracoL1ch
  7. Double thread. referrer here: Close!
  8. Your ban history has valid bans so it can't be cleared. Anyway @(MOI) check this. Close!
  9. @Froz @Dr.Spy The request is valid. Please cleared!
  10. !Support. @Dr.Spy Elapsed time: 4:38 At first it seems normal, due to the absence of the enemy hero in the middle line, then, when Xin approaches him, he decides to stop killing the neutrals, approaches him a little and quickly retreats. Then, when Xin moves away, he immediately decides to return to continue killing the neutrals. Elapsed time: 21:05 He used lotard just before he could see Xin on the map, when Xin was about to arrive where the legion was, he used lotard, And it went directly to him and he used duel Elapsed time: 28:17 Movement highly suspicious, Xin goes to bot line, when it is approaching, the commander uses lotard suddenly and goes directly towards Xin. Elapsed time: 31:14 Lotard and directly to the forest where lanaya was. Elapsed time: 34:39 Use tp bot, and then lotard, and go directly to the forest following the direction of lanaya, it is as if you know where you are moving with precision. -In the course of the game this player makes really strange and suspicious movements, the truth seems to me a bit difficult the decision, but vote !Support. Anyway, I want to know what my superior thinks. Game: Thanks you for reporting.
  11. mh

    !Support. @Dr.Spy Elapsed time: 9:00 Knows the position of the weaver in fog and goes directly to it. Elapsed time: 18:39 Point out the position of the Crixalis. Elapsed time: 33:00 He knows the position and exact movements of Crixalis, as well as the path that the crixalis travels, while the crixalis is in fog. Elapsed time: 40:45 Dagger directly towards the Crixalis in fog. Elapsed time: 44:30 Dagger directly towards the Crixalis in fog. Elapsed time: 45:20 He knows the position of the lion and goes directly to him. Elpased time: 47:30 Dagger directly towards the lion in the fog, without vision or wards. Elapsed time: 49:58 Dagger straight to the Cenaturo in the fog. !-no[one]-! is using maphack. 100% !-no[one]-! RGID #243587949 Game: Thanks you for reporting.
  12. Double thread. referrer here: Close!
  13. Elapsed time; 44:00 warded. Reviewed complete game. Suspicious movements found: 0 Normal gameplay. Thanks you for reporting.
  14. RGC Display Name: Abusa^M^adres Country: Venezuela Games played: 2124 Hostbot reference: .sa (SA) Minitours