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  1. pending

    What account is this? What is your RGID?
  2. There was a bug that would remove the rename token. That bug has been fixed so now a rename token is not used up when it fails due to an IPB forum error.
  3. pending

    And also let us know here when your problem has been fixed.
  4. solved

    RGC doesn't run in a VM environment, as stated in the error. You need to run it in a normal operation system.
  5. pending

    Was your internet on? Are you behind a firewall. You can try a ping/traceroute to the URL.
  6. You can always change the launch options in the settings, like adding -window
  7. We have 2 systems, that is the old static point system. The new dynamic point system does not penalize for leaving but does impact your reliability % ( your disconnects )
  8. solved

    This is by design, for high frequency rooms the usernames are temporarily buffered on the client side, so they will disappear eventually when the user is inactive ( no longer in the room counts towards that )
  9. That chat page is from a game from 2018, those logs are no longer available.
  10. Please follow the previously stated steps and let us know when that is done, plus provide an RGID for the account please.
  11. Potentially was the word used, it turned out not to be an easy fix due to some complexity involved, it's still on the potential list, which is why this topic is pinned, but it's not high priority.
  12. Allowing people to transfer and withdraw funds to their bank account would make us a financial instituation ( like a bank ). Which are heavily regulated and simply no. This is never happening.
  13. solved

    Please contact your ISP, I see you are from Iran and there is a history of ISP and government blocking RGC. You might be able to login with the use of a VPN.
  14. Well if you install 1.30 can you play on RGC normally?