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  1. I have removed your GM - you may now get yourself DM. Regards, Roger
  2. This will go away after a Windows restart, sometimes it takes longer. This is a known Windows problem and will go away once we patch the new RGC version.
  3. Was this resolved, yes or no? @IG.BurNIng`
  4. Yes MapDownloader will be fixed with the next Patch.
  5. This problem will go away after you restart your computer. It is random and rare it is a Windows issue that is fixed with the RGC Update that we are working on.
  6. The issue has been reported to Avira so that they can remove RGC from the detection list. @JedTiotioen are you using Avira as well or a different anti-virus that also has this?
  7. If you can remember who fixed this and more details that would be very helpful for other people who have the same problem
  8. Has a history of your games, just select the one with the person you want to report.
  9. Which map does this happen on?
  10. Also I would advise against using WinRAR as its handling of .zip files is not always compatible with standard zipped files from Windows. 7z is more flexible
  11. Do you play from home or do you play from somewhere else like university accomodation? As those can have firewall rules that are out of your control.
  12. That was a bad ban, it has been removed
  13. Do you know how to ping an IP? Try to ping or iptrace it and see where the problem is. Basically this means your internet provider canont connect you to our server
  14. Friendlier language please. And yes the suggestion seems way out of scope.
  15. I actually think this is a very nice suggestion. Overwatch has such a feature, where you can blacklist players from being on your team for a temporary amount of time. This requires several severe technical changes, because the client cannot really detect who joins the game with you, but it's definitely possible in the future. I have put this on our todo list. Thank you for your suggestion and if you ever have others or other feedback do not hesitate to let us know. Yes I know the forums are a little messy it also has to do with people posting in the wrong places, we should get that cleaned up.