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  1. Potentially was the word used, it turned out not to be an easy fix due to some complexity involved, it's still on the potential list, which is why this topic is pinned, but it's not high priority.
  2. Allowing people to transfer and withdraw funds to their bank account would make us a financial instituation ( like a bank ). Which are heavily regulated and simply no. This is never happening.
  3. solved

    Please contact your ISP, I see you are from Iran and there is a history of ISP and government blocking RGC. You might be able to login with the use of a VPN.
  4. Well if you install 1.30 can you play on RGC normally?
  5. I understand the suggestion, might be helpful for things like tournaments. But we're looking at a different option for tournaments, it's on our roadmap to have something more automated, potentially. There are bigger issues that need to be tackled first.
  6. Our different channels technically supports different WC3 versions, but we only ship with only WC3 version to replace your original war3 with, which is 1.26. Do any of you have 1.30 installed and does "Launch Game" from RGC with 1.26 let you play LoD/DotA or RPG maps properly without any problems?
  7. Can your ISP elaborate on this? We do nothing that would cause something like this. Does your CPU usage go to 100%, or very high?
  8. So you are suggesting we should charge people to access RGC? Brilliant idea. Let's start with Iranian users to test this. 2$ a month?
  9. If we were to add offline messages it would only be possible between mutual friends.
  10. Also you are from Poland, there is an EU rpg mix, why do you want to play in the SA room?
  11. pending

    There have been technical issues with completing it, but once we are done we may look at potentially restoring posts if possible .. do not change your name most importantly, but we also cannot guarantee this will happen.
  12. The account has a yahoo id linked to it. If you go to logout with your current account then login with Yahoo to gain access to your account and change the password!
  13. Awesome, would be interested to hear more about this! How are you reading the game results? from the admin gamelog?
  14. pending

    How often does the 100% cpu usage happen when you launch WC3? Also I found this online: Any chance that you can confirm if this fixes it? Because changing registry keys is something RGC can do.
  15. pending

    What's the fix? We can patch RGC with it