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  1. You gave your password to someone? No it's not removable. If you freely shared your password with someone, then that person having linked their gmail just means they have equal access to the account like before.
  2. How does it show them wrong?
  3. What do you mean? You cannot replace emails
  4. This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next release: Version 6.7.3
  5. Yahoo will not be enough to login to the forum one we are done. The forum software requires an email, and yahoo does not share your email with us. While linking your Yahoo account or your Windows Live account ( which both do not have emails ) is good for recovering your password, but is not enough to use the forum. So you'll need an email account ( like gmail ) to login to the forum in the near future.
  6. It has been, and it's under strong consideration for the next major feature after our current tech cleanup is done
  7. Denied! Definitely not happening due to security concerns and misleading links
  8. What do you mean by this: " All I do is reconfirm my Email. My email was already confirmed " ? Did the forum ask you to confirm your email?
  9. pending

    I'm sorry but some accounts got reset because we are purging the forums to be united with the website email system to fix otherwise unpreventable bugs. It was not supposed to reset accounts that had posts or messages but that code somehow wasn't working right.
  10. Some accounts were caught in a cross-fire when they shouldn't have been automatically reset. We are purging the forums slowly over the coming week of accounts to mirror the email linking system from our website. It's to prevent bugs people are experiencing.
  11. pending

    We are currently purging the forums. I'm sorry your old account got deleted - that shouldn't have happened. At the end of this you will have an account with your correct email. But it will take some days for us to purge everything and have your forum email be the one that you linked or your account.
  12. solved

    Has this been resolved?
  13. solved has a download link with the latest patched version
  14. solved

    Sent you an email to the email linked to your account with your account information