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  1. It's not possible for technical reasons. Our reconnect system works with a dedicated map observer slot for the bot. Most maps dont have that.
  2. solved

    Does this consistently happen for you? I cannot reproduce this issue locally.
  3. we have a VM of windows XP where we can test and things work there. Please be aware that we might in the reasonably foreseeable future drop support for Windows XP. As we are switching compilters from MingW over to MSVC, and the MSVC toolset has limited support for Windows XP. And we actually cannot take full advantage of Windows features due to keeping backwards compatibility with Windows XP.
  4. We had no tools in place to deal with this before, and building up the technology took a little time. We will soon push the changes online that will help us determine what is causing the crash.
  5. I accidently deleted a bug report topic. If your download gets "stuck" and does not progress ... all you have to do is restart it. This happens when we patch while you are trying to download the old patch and you get "stuck" because the files are no longer the same. There is no visual notification for this yet, because it's more complicated to "fix" this automatically as the patch files will be different.
  6. This was resolved on Tuesday!
  7. granted

    Unbanned Zealoot due to having 2 leavers on his team, I don't think the punishment there was fair. He was banned for a day that was enough. He made an appeal.
  8. That is very strange ... can you reproduce this by downloading RGC from the website again and patching it? Because the patch to the latest version from the one on the site make no changes to the skin.
  9. I have removed your GM - you may now get yourself DM. Regards, Roger
  10. This will go away after a Windows restart, sometimes it takes longer. This is a known Windows problem and will go away once we patch the new RGC version.
  11. Was this resolved, yes or no? @IG.BurNIng`
  12. Yes MapDownloader will be fixed with the next Patch.
  13. This problem will go away after you restart your computer. It is random and rare it is a Windows issue that is fixed with the RGC Update that we are working on.
  14. The issue has been reported to Avira so that they can remove RGC from the detection list. @JedTiotioen are you using Avira as well or a different anti-virus that also has this?
  15. If you can remember who fixed this and more details that would be very helpful for other people who have the same problem