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  1. my name - Khylan reporting - CAHBAAPTAH85 reason - tc abuse he was host of game and instant typed rmk also he rage at people i dindt pick spells all random wanted to lose Replay_2021_05_04_1722_Faceless Void.w3g
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    my rgc name : KhyLan topic: unban request reason : I deeply apologize in public to left the game we play 5vs4 and one man left to type !ff and they are hitting throne while i left the game i wont leave game again and taking my first chance of rgc to unban request admins KHyLan is now timebanned from this channel until 16:28 on 16/04/2021
  3. rgc name : Khylan lod public room khylan lod mongolia room khylan khylan