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  1. deduk2 storm clearly refuse to def base with the team min 42ingame time during enemy team raxed our base , he just kept pushing top lane for no reason .. he had teleport and didnt use it , not to mention this guy was bad the whole game , his stats say it all RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  2. kenjièbaa - ogre just left after death RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  3. Team name - FAV LordMiles killmemorepls
  4. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com) otgonbold123456 fake afk after we didnt swap with him , so he didnt pick any build , then just plugged. please long ban
  5. RAMPAGE(OO) kick player in my host without any permission. RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com) 03:32 Ladywolf JOINED LOBBY 03:36 RAMPAGE(OO) !kick 10 03:36 Ladywolf LEFT LOBBY 03:41 LordMiles ?? 03:45 RAMPAGE(OO) ik him
  6. the guy had 1 game and it was lose so he had 149x points not 1400 , why are you trying to lie , first of all you are not allowed to control in foreign hosts just your own , only incase host allows you which i didnt.
  7. Team name: Forget About Victory aka FAV Participantes: - LordMiles - KillMeMorePls
  8. my name - lordmiles violator - Ogre magi - intentionally game ruin , dive into towers/enemy heros whole game RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  9. Dragon Knight - rage quit leaver Ogre Magi - intentionally game ruin , dive into towers/enemy heros whole game 0/20/1 what a great stats please give ogre long ban with no chance for unban RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  10. Tkt.quay_no1 yellow - soul keeper refused to defend our base during enemy team raxed bot and mid lane , he just farming neutrals muted our team and dont give a shit min 28-34 ingame. time. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  11. furion failed mid so hard , then decide to game ruin for all of us he started to fallow me from min 17ingame timer use sprout on me so i cant move , fallow me when i farm neutrals use his ultimate mystic flare and finger to steal farm , then keep fallow me and use sprout on me untill the game end totally game ruiner. he used his skills + force staff on me intentionally. he said that he want to lose too and he never play support just carry.... please give him a long ban with no chance of unban RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  12. QweIsMhine14 drow refused to play/def with team the last 5-7minutes of the game. he just farm woods and top lane RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  13. tsengee joined my game and kicked 2players then left the lobby RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  14. what do you mean upload ss of when i hosted , is it hard to see that i am host lol ? [09:22] FAVLordMilesFAV: !host ru1 [09:22] [7974266] ru1 has been hosted. [09:22] jusT4funmusT: !bb. [09:22] [7974237] ru1 [26:58] has ended. [09:22] AnanT0$Hka!: lol [09:22] Gelow1: !host ggg [09:22] [7974267] ggg has been hosted. [09:22] AnanT0$Hka!: LIFE˜ [09:22] AnanT0$Hka!: ? [09:22] AnanT0$Hka!: problem ? [09:23] lavriinnawch: anon [09:23] lavriinnawch: ? [09:24] lavriinnawch: chii yaaatisnnbe [09:24] KartRiderRider: !host KART [09:24] [7974269] KART has been hosted. [09:24] [7974266] ru1 has started. [09:24] [7974219] prv [43:03] has ended. >>>>>>[09:24] ReD~GoD: LordMiles [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: not me [09:25] ReD~GoD: why me kick [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: someone kicked you [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: from my host [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: and left [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: i will report him [09:25] [7974264] LOD PRV [0/12] has ended. [GID 7974269] 10 Players are inside KART (Lobby) tsengee, ReD~GoD, hidenleft123, Ext!rpator, MGL_GEN, KartRiderRider, DOICOI, HieuKanto, Odko.kobe, TedMosby245 [09:25] [7974269] KART has started. [09:25] ReD~GoD: ok [09:25] FAVLordMilesFAV: tsengee enjoy report >>>>>>[09:26] tsengee: FAVLordMilesFAV Fuck [09:26] tsengee: ,,!..
  15. UCHlHA|MADARA he just left cause i didnt swapped lanes , pinged on map and left. RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  16. MGL_mongolian 100% sure this guy plugged , he were complaining about no stuns/slows, then used !FF during pick and left at the end RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  17. AFK

    enemy team had already 1 player disconnected , then tinker decide to went afk after feed. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  18. nerub feeded top then left top lane , ruin mid and then left RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  19. naix left RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  20. you can use !MUTE there is no ban for harras ingame. Useless axe. By the way , you came mid and ruined my lane but still i were doing fine , untill you start feeding useless hero. stealing your farm ? you stole my exp in mid and farm wtf you talking about bro ? during the draft our whole team asked you to pick berserker call , either ur build is useless - your answer was i want fun , so you didnt listen to your team at all , then you came mid and said i need level 2 please fast , lol so you steal my farm/exp and enemy mid had advantage , you build were useless... you wanted fun and had it ? so we does too. You want wards? go buy and place them i am not here to play for you since you refused to listen to your team and play with team at all I had my wards on mid so its fine for me.
  21. Lol you really gonna say that ? A guy who ruined the game and never jointed team and any fights , just dive into enemy tower/baser/heros cant be banned because of that ? ha ha So game ruin is not a thing in this platform as i see
  22. Earth spirit was disconnected early stage of the game , so we had to play 4vs5 , but actually the game was 3vs5. Magnus farming whole game jungle or go dive into enemy base/tower 1vs5 and die on purpose , he never group with us and helped us. Game was 65 minutes and he start to play with our team like 7-10minutes before game was over , so for 55 minutes he were just farming / diving enemy towers/base / dying on purpose 1vs5 etc.... you can see that by his score too he got 5 assists for 65 minutes game , even the guy were disconnected had 3 assists.. Magnus just refused to play in this game with his team , farming / diving. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  23. So you just believed what he have said ? he intentionally game ruin because he were mad we got no support , you can easy go and check that by watching the replay or chat ? Why you have unbanned him and not reduced the ban ? This behave should not be accepted here , one person decide to ruin game , got banned and then unban ???
  24. I can add that he just left my host because he didn't like his team and then created game with name - [23:03] Arkadizues: !host fck miles