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  1. Hello there , i have left game yesterday. The guy who have reported me decide to ruin my game/lane because he asked me for swap 5 times and i did refuse. We were 3 friends in this game , we had a farming woods player so i had called solo lane , this guy who have reported me didnt respect any calls just because he were mad i didnt swap with him , so i asked him to move he refused , so i just left in the beginning of the game.... What i have heard is that guy were food/feeder in this game on solo lane. I was banned for 3 days , already 1 day is gone so i would like to ask for unban and keep playing.
  2. tiny give up due to big feed RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  3. KartRiderRider just rmked without any reason - RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  4. You obviously refused to play/def with your teammates lol and always complain that you support alone and buy wards...
  5. Khiarin. refused to def with team few times , but most important timer was at 41-43min ingame time , he stay fountain and use all his spells there , he complain that he were supporting alone and buy wards whole game. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  6. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com) lion_start left with his friend camcara23 because they werent in the same team.
  7. yes i saw that , it was mistake will try to find the correct replay looks like i cant find the right replay
  8. RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  9. RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com) this is the game with afker - phoenix
  10. Rhasta quit after being killed RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)
  11. It is already uploaded up there , when i try to paste the link here it shows that RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com) , but actually when you click it shows the game. its the same when i try to paste the link from admin panel RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com)
  12. trying to post again link to the game and it shows this - RGC | Admin Panel (rankedgaming.com) how do i fix that ? phoenix afk player Game id - #7910113 Game #7910113 Game #7910113
  13. I got mixed it with poison , sorry my fault.
  14. The link i posted doesnt work i uploaded the replay into RGC parser , once i paste the link it shows different not the link to the game/replay
  15. Dazzle used banned skill - Demonic Purge - shadow demon ultimate RGC Parser (rankedgaming.com)