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  1. Sad to hear it is hard to do. Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge to help on it and it was just a suggestion, as the chat is displayed at Parser page. Anyway, I hope RGC staff find better way to reduce bad users.
  2. I recently reported some bad users at LoD SA section and only some of these reports are being watched. Actually, the oldest report was posted 02/jan and still no answer. In the past I had the same problem and there were reports with almost 2 weeks without answers. The problem around delayed punishments is that these bad users keep entering game and causing more trouble. Once the punishment does not stacks with each other, it becomes really bad to see someone leaving game 5-10 times for no reason and being punished after weeks for few days. Based on the problem described, I suggest making a algorithm that reads the replay chat, identify people leaving game voluntarily before the game end and automaticaly ban from the room.
  3. I think it could be easily solved by making one option to disable map downloader pop up. New players would have map downloader pop up setted on by default. I know it has to do with programming, so it may not be the easiest way. About your solution, I think it's nice and better than what I said, but I would add that if someone tries to enter a game without having the map, should appear, only to this person, the text "-> You do not have the map required to play this game. Download it by clicking <here>", so people will find the download link at bottom chat faster.
  4. Sometimes I'm running other programs and suddenly they are minimized and Map Downloader keep poping up. We need more options to disable Map Downloader from popping up everytime a new map is created.
  5. Name: Custom Hero Arena Defense V.1.07f Type: Hero Defense Link: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/284723/