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  1. Hi, please explain when that crash happened?
  2. closed

    hi, yes, some tunnel server of pingzapper are banned, try to use other servers, or use proton vpn instead. refer there:
  3. hello, each ph player says that, the problem is surely from internet service provider. did you try to use proton vpn? what about the topic below:
  4. hello there, kindly please upload game replay for us and mention the time stamps you were frozen in. once you are frozen in game just type in chat -unstuck and wait a bit to see if it will be solved or not.
  5. solved

    refer: Closed.
  6. use was replied in client, as first solution to reinstall the game and not to install it in desktop / C:\ Drive. [19:24] Spy: [ Warcraft III Setup ] https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/885462-war3 [Español]
  7. Hello there, Kindly please follow up the steps below: 1- redownload RGC from this link: --► https://www.mediafire.com/file/fuc5pfcr0jq0xj4 2- extract (unpack the zip file) into a free folder and right click on rgc.exe > properties > compatibility mode > windows xp service pack 3 as shown below: 3- turn firewall / antivirus OFF and then try again connect and check it out if the problem persists or not. if it was possible for you, try with a vpn as well and inform me about the result. # Support.Team
  8. yes, clan admins with green color are able to invite / edit clan description, the main point is clan owner has red color, who is able to purchase clan items of shop and granting admin access etc, I guess you have granted yourself admin and ownership is gone, so all you can do is, kicking all the members and re-create the clan with the same details!
  9. closed

    topic is idle for a while, it will be closed, please start new topic in case problem persisted. Closed.
  10. solved

    KchanX is in (Asia) Public #26 -ap [18:28] Solved.
  11. closed

    topic is idle for a while, kindly if the problem persisted and the answer wasn't helpful, start a new topic. !Closed
  12. hello there, kindly try these steps to fix this issue. 1- open warcraft folder normally in windows explorer as shown below, then right click on address bar and hit copy: 2- go to RGC Menu > Setting > Dota and right click in Warcraft III path field and then hit paste, after that type \war3.exe at the end and make sure launch option is blank and hit save. 3- at the end, hit save and try to start the game. you should no longer face path error.
  13. closed

    no reply was given. start a new topic for further help and tracking.
  14. closed

    hi, try to talk with local admins. also you can talk to eu global admins Thror & Casper.
  15. ● [-War3-] Possible fixes of FATAL ERROR: https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1289260-war3-information-about-fatal-error/ Hello there, kindly please read the mentioned topic and try to check all the points carefully, and while you are playing disable firewall and antivirus