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  1. closed

    Topic was idle for a while, therefore it will be closed and moved into solved section, please if the bug / problem persists start a new topic with enough details. the bug which the support agent replied before too is already known and reported to dev.team too. thank u for reporting and hope to see u again !Closed.
  2. solved

    refer here:
  3. solved

    The Problem is fixed now, due to having too much user in friend list this was happening, after cleaning the friend list up, the user is able to auto join 40 rooms right now.
  4. Hello there, please explain more, do you get any error message or once you hit start button in rgc nothing happens ? please try to run war3.exe from warcraft folder and tell me how is it going in this case. for first assistance follow up the steps below then try again and don't forget to inform us about the result and the details i asked you. 1- download the patch from the link below then extract its files into your warcraft folder ( you should've win-rar / likely applications to unpack zip files ) * if u got any error during the extracting such as the files already exist, click in yes to all / copy & repalce 2- open rgc go to menu > setting > dota click in find and go into warcraft folder and give the war3.exe's path 3- click in save and once again try to start warcraft from rgc.
  5. closed

    Hello there, to contact Hakka mail him via email in [email protected] !Closed.
  6. pending

    @insanityJ.PH Please inform me about the result, else the topic will be closed due to being idle. !pending.
  7. solved

    You are welcome chief. Thank you for contacting our support.team today. If you had any further problem, feel free to start new topic or type in client chat /join support and ask about assistance there. !Solved & !Closed !Topic title modified into "Unable to join the specific game" for future user's serach(S)
  8. solved

    TFT 1.26a patch: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ar34y4r937tkj74/TFT_Version_1.26a.zip/file download this zip file, then extract it into your warcraft folder, restart warcraft and try again, this problem can be occurred due to ip config bug, if it persisted turn your firewall / anti virus off, restart your modem router then try again.
  9. solved

    hello there, explain more pls. you mean you cannot enter any lobby ?
  10. pending

    oh, that's fatal error I pls u to delete all of your current war folders then install from the link below : U should install 2 setup and 1 patch (1.27). Notes: 1- the files are zip, first unpack them 2- install war in a drive path which has enough free space and in a direct path like C:/Warcraft III ( better to install in the Previous path of warcraft if that included the condition i said ) 3- don't forget to apply the changes into rgc setting like war3.exe new address 4- after installation finished, set your warcraft video regedit setting according to your windows display setting this is the same I asked u before to do ( in the 1st reply ) 5- open rgc and give the war3.exe addres to rgc from menu > setting > dota then relog into rgc again and use rgc map downloader to download the maps for u If u needed anything mention it here. the topic mode will be set into !pending till u inform us about the result Much regards.
  11. solved

    according to the speech I had with respected user "09DotA". he didn't get fatal error anymore. user has to feel free to start new topic if the problem happened again or for any further problems. !Solved & Closed
  12. pending

    TFT 1.26a patch: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ar34y4r937tkj74/TFT_Version_1.26a.zip/file extract this zip into your warcraft folder. 1.26 & 1.27 patch both works in rgc
  13. pending

    hello there, follow up these steps pls 1- right click in your desktop then click on display setting ( for win 10 ) resolution ( for win 7 ) 2- then note your display resolution number. for instance mine is 1280 x 1024 3- then click in advance display setting ( next display adapter in windows 10 ) 4- go into monitor tag and note your refreshrate too. like mine is 60 hz 5- press win key + r ( or serach run in start menu ) then type regedit and hit enter / ok 6- follow up this path " Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III\Video" 7- modify the items according to your windows display setting ( watch the screen below that is my own ) screen : http://prntscr.com/rsuvsr
  14. # Rest in Peace Brother | Condolences | <3 ~hexOr ♥

    hexOr will live in our hearts forever

  15. I still can't believe that we will no longer be able to see his kind words & laughing again . we've lost a perfect & great man. no one can describe our hexor perfectly. we will all pass away one day, but it was a great shock to hear this about hexor in this time. his memory will never be forgotten. he was live in our hearts forever. rest in peace brother.