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  1. @Dr.Spy
  2. @OLAKASE2029 was it resolved ? [OLAKASE2029 was last seen on 10:01 - 06/07/2020] OLAKASE2029 is offline.
  3. Higher Admins will be asked to check your case
  4. solved

    im_unreal is in (EU) Public #37 -ar [19:56] !Solved & Closed.
  5. solved

    Hello there, there is a file in your RGC folder named vcredist_x86.exe , try to run it and hit install / repair. then try again to launch rgc.exe
  6. Hello there, I don't see any active ban in your account which you posted with, please try to restart your modem router and in case you have used vpn, turn it on and off again, then try to login and tell us with which account you cannot login and get ban with bypasser reason. ( provide display name )
  7. Hello there, I don't see any active ban in your account AzureKing- , therefore it might be a IP bug, restart your modem router and in case you have used vpn or such a applications, turn them on an off then try again to login and if you got the error again, tell us with which account you are trying to log-in.
  8. maybe your ISP is not servicing RGC servers well, by the way i'll ask my superior Admin Dr.Spy and In case he granted me the permission, I'll provide you .sg hostbot IP & Port in RGC pm as soon as possible. then you can contact your Internet Service Provider to check it out
  9. closed

    Hello there, Kindly please inform map developer about this case at [email protected]
  10. closed

    please if there is a map bug, report it on the link below, this section is for rgc bugs, do not forget to provide game replay / proper information and map developer will check it out. ● Maps Bugs ► https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/792-map-bugs/
  11. Hello there, actually I couldn't load the screen links you sent, I don't know where is the problem with this case, but about ping issue: I don't think so there might be a bug on RGC Servers, so kindly please try to use pingzapper tunnel servers ( in your area ), also try the possible fixes in the topic below: P.S: as it's mentioned in the topic " improve ping " as well, make sure windows update is not running during the playing, and there is no further application that might surf your internet connection to higher your ping.
  12. closed

    try to turn off firewall / antivirus and open rgc folder right click on :rgc rgc.exe > properties > compatibility tab > compatibility mode > windows xp service pack 3 then hit ok to save then try again and see rooms are not loaded for you or not.
  13. closed

    topic has been idle for a while, please start a new topic if the problem persisted. !Closed.
  14. solved

    [ERROR] [Chat-Monitor] You are not allowed to use this character fixed by dev.team, we thank you for reporting. # Support.Team !Solved.