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  1. Spy

    My Display name: Spy Time to leave RGC: ok guys indeed it's the time to leave rgc for me i don't wanna explain a lot and send a trash topic that was my dream to join rgc.team and i was close to it but i don't have enough time to stay in rgc and i will be busy on studying then i can help people in a better way in real life it's my pleasure to help people , whatever in rgc in position of a support staff or a simple user or in real life i will try my best to do it... anyway after thinking a lot and regarding any thing i can't stay in rgc anymore in all the years i have been in rgc i saw bad & good persons and i made many nice friends from my own country or everywhere bad ppl exist everywhere but i was trying my best to be a good , i'm trying and i will try the only thing that will stay for me from rgc is friendship special thanks to seniors : Dr.Spy & Cedric & hexOr & Hakka & Froz & BaronQ Hakka is the best and till while he is on the top in rgc , d1 will long live i thank them all to trust me and give me the opportunities to proof my self and the best friends : 1- Alone , 2- MIG...mig 3- lovesboost 4-Sina (gaspary) 5- ,amin and every1 who would regard me as a friend ♥ i had nice time in rgc , thx to mentioned people again
  2. Forwarded to Map Bugs from Member service center
  3. solved

    Hello, If you forgot your username there is no way till you send an email to [email protected] / [email protected] with the email which you linked on related account and ask them to provide u the user name we thank you for contacting our support team.
  4. MIG...mig ♥ The one and only on top in iran clanwar and iran.team his efforts for rgc iran.team deserves the best
  5. solved

    You're Welcome buddy, feel free to send your further problems in new topic or in our support channel by typing /join support in client chat... !Solved !Closed
  6. solved

    Hello I pls you to check this post out and read it carefully, specially the third mode :
  7. solved

    [.::Reck:Ful::. was last seen on 00:39 - 09/08/2019] .::Reck:Ful::. is offline. it seems your problem has been resolved, for further problems and get help open a new topic or type in client chat /join support. !Closed
  8. solved

    long time no reply. !closed
  9. refer here:
  10. The ban is valid ! This is the game that reporter mentioned it's ID : https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=lod&id=6450002 Don't Forget these points for next time : 1- Don't judge when you are not perfect ! 2- the one who has to show respect is u not any1 else ! next time if you try to insult / flame admins here you will be banned from forum too, admins are volunteer to make rgc a better place ! we will apologize you if there were any mistake from local admins ! 3- this is Suggestion section of forum and next time send your request in the link below, next time your ban won't be followed up by support.team ● Unban Request Iran LoD ► https://board.rankedgaming.com/forum/700-unban-request/ with regards, RGC Support.Team
  11. solved

    tanha rah ine ke ticket ersal konid ya zang bezanid operator ta peygir beshan ...
  12. solved

    @Wrong , @~Wisky
  13. solved

    long time no reply.... as i see you had played today and your problem seems to be fixed, for further problems start a new topic or type in client chat /join support. !Solved !Closed
  14. solved

    سلام . مشکل از سمت همراه اول هست
  15. Hello there, currently there is no active ban on your account, this section is not for sending unban request, as you see it's for requesting to clean ban-history only if it's invalid! keep this in mind and to deal and handle your fatal error i pls you to start a new topic in technical support section if you got fatal error again!