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  1. Salam hich bane faali roye accounte shoma moshahede nashode. agar hanooz ban hastid az error ban screen befrestid...
  2. salam az inja dl konid: ● Latest patched RGC https://www.mediafire.com/file/f7zb61j492bg6vv/RGC.rar/file
  3. That's fixed in new patch 6.7.3!!!
  4. I'm totally aware, I just see it happens for some users, especially for iranian, this issue has been forwarded to development team. that will annoying users that there is only one solution and it's redownloading an updated patch. We will soon try our best to find out a solution... THX FOR YOUR FEEDBACK. The second link ( medi fire ) is up to date here: Latest RGC Patched: !Closed
  5. https://rankedgaming.com Hello, download from there pls or try with a vpn
  6. umm, already forwarded to development thx for your feedback and am glad, it's cuz of microsoft doesn's support them maybe... !Closed
  7. try to clean up the files in error and logs of warcraft folder and the first and second are the path not version dear, i mean where are they located in ? for example D:\Warcraft III and D:\Ranked Gaming Client
  8. Hello, tell me these details pls: 1- the address of warcraft 2- the address of RGC 3- warcraft folder size 4- rgc folder size 5- your launcher ( dx 8 / 9 / open gl ) which one ?
  9. https://www.anydesk.com download anydesk then run it as admin and send me your code here.
  10. you can search on google, only i want to get sure there is no problem in your ip routing of your isp ( internet service provider ) , have u contacted your internet provider about this ?
  11. once try with vpn and inform me...
  12. Hello, search "Internet Option" in start menu then set it like this and try again : https://prnt.sc/nzvqs2
  13. wlc, perhaps you will have delay ingame, so keep restarting modem till your flag is on ph and ph channel opens for u automatically, don't forget to contact your provider if you had delay and high ping ingame... !Closed
  14. you can type in chat /j Philippines it won't be opened till your ip is in usa, as i said u can cotntact your provider to fix it for you...
  15. pending

    Hello, I'll ask development team to explain a little...