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  1. Hello there, 1- Kindly search Internet option in start menu and open it. ( you can run it from control panel as well ) 2- go to connection tab > Lan Setting and ensure only automatically detect setting option is ticked. as shown in the screen below: 3- Re-Download the RGC From this link: 4- Extract (Unpack) the zip file in a free folder. 5- Right click on RGC.exe, Click Properties... 6- Go to Compatibility tab and check Run This program in compatibility mode for: and choose Windows XP ( Service Pack 3) 7- Then Click on OK and try to run rgc.exe normally! waiting for your feedback. # Support.Team
  2. دوستان گرامی تصمیمی در مورد ریست شدن لدر گرفته نشده نگران نباشید، این نظر سنجی صرفا و صرفا جهت آگاهی از نظرات ممبر هاست. اکانت هارو چک میکنیم ببینم فعالیت کسی که رای داده چطوری هستش. اکانت فیک نباشه .... جایگاه شخص رای دهنده توی لدر کجاست و مطمئنا کسایی که با منطق حرف میزنن نظراتشون دقیق تر منتقل میشه. برای خود تیم مدیریتی ایران هم سخته ریست شدن لدر و کم خرج نداره چه ایران تیم و چه آر.جی.سی تیم سخت راضی میشیم که لدر رو ریست کنیم. تا دلیل خیلی خوبه نباشه لدر به هیچ عنوان ریست نخواهد شد!
  3. Granted SuCK-YOuR-MuM is now timebanned from this channel until 04:33 on 03/12/2020 !Pending 08:46 #KaaKeeRoo !swap 6 2 @Astrophel
  4. refer:
  5. Granted AHMAD_(SOLO) is now timebanned from this channel until 10:30 on 02/12/2020 AHMAD_(SOLO) has been kicked by Adrian.
  6. Granted 13_4l4L is now timebanned from this channel until 10:29 on 02/12/2020
  7. Granted O.n.e. is now timebanned from this channel until 10:24 on 02/12/2020
  8. hello there, server had went offline and it's online now. it should be fine now. sorry for the recent fault
  9. try to use fully patched version :
  10. hello there, that's not a bug, to leave the clan which you are its owner, hit show icon : then hit leave my clan.
  11. closed

    Hello there, I'm sorry but there is no such a feature / access for us to do this for you. send an email to development team at [email protected]
  12. denied

  13. Granted ~s.dT_Styx is now vouched in this channel.
  14. Kindly follow this format In order to request team captain for Iran Channel لطفا طبق فرم زیر جهت ارسال درخواست تیم کاپیتان اقدام بفرمایید Format : Your RGC Display Name: -------- Point(Score): ---- %WR (Win-Rate): %-- Sample: Your RGC Display Name: Bambule Point(Score): 13491 %WR (Win-Rate): %54 ✰ New Team Captain Rules: Score(Point) +3500 & Win-Rate: +%55 ☛ for scores +4500 %WR limit is not regarded / برای پوینت های +4500 حداقل درصد برد در نظر گرفته نمی شود ✰ Unconditional TC: ►Being a Global Membership VIP ►Being a part of Iran.Team's Moderators/Vouchers/Admins/Head Admins/Managers ►Being a game net's owner or running games in channel (Head Admin verification only) ►Purchasing Patron Rank from Shop ► Send Team Captian Request ◄ Iran RGC Telegram Channel: @RankedGaming2020 ███████████ █████☫████▌ ███████████ © Iran Management 2020 ☀ All right reserved.
  15. mudzvhayne update the topic please.