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  1. granted

    Granted [13:06] Adrian: !timeunban b.t.maker b.t.maker has been unbanned by Adrian. the time ban was close to be expired (less than one hour), don't count it as a chance, thank you! !Closed.
  2. staff1-2

    UNSUPPORT 3:50 to 4:20 Winter goes to Lone Druid directly in fog but this is normal action and almost everybody knows lone druid is a farmer hero (Normal) 10:28 Winter users scan and he is keep looking for lone druid in farm areas in the whole beginning of the game (Normal) 10:33 Winter signaled on lone druid in farm area exactly but since he used scan in other farm area and he wasn't there, so that signal can be regarded as suspicious (suspicious) 31:44 Winter Wyvern goes to roshan directly but normally he used scan which is normal and it's common once Ursa isn't available at map to scan roshan (Normal) --[Note]--: Winter has sentry / obs ward almost in whole enemy farm areas to have keeping an eye in lone druid and disturb him to farm. thus insufficient to ban for map hacker. Game Replay: Game Log:
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    double thread, refer there and wait for global admins to reply.
  4. solved

    @Dr.Spy @Froz
  5. staff1-2-3

    UNSUPPORT 7:09 Jakiro went to bottom power which was in fog but jakiro is sure there is something since up power was empty by true sight provided by observer ward (normal) 25:09 Jakiro used his ice wall skill (2nd) to hunt Gondar in wind walk but in proper vision provided by sentry ward (normal) 25:53 Jakiro Killed Gondar normally without any suspicious movement (normal) 26:21 Jakiro killed wisp by true sight provided by observer ward planted in 26:13 game log: game replay:
  6. solved

    refer: !Closed.
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    refer: !Closed.
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    refer: !Closed.
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  10. staff1-2

    UNSUPPORT 9:19 Storm wasn't able to see Medusa so he had a searching in enemy team farm area (normal) 26:08 Storm went to sniper by his 4rd skill under observer ward area & true sight (normal) cannot find any suspicous movement / action. Gamelog:
  11. staff1-2-3

    UNSUPPORT 10:16 QoP saw Sven so became aware of sven's location and killed Sven in farm. 15:35 QoP killed sven again with having proper vision & true sight. 26:05 Trax was killed by QoP normally without any suspicious movement / action. Gamelog: Replay:
  12. denied

    UNSUPPORT 22:46 Pudge hooked sniper normally with having previous & current vision. 26:51 Pudge hooked sniper normally under observer ward sight. 28:38 Pudge hooked sniper normally under observer ward sight. Gamelog: Replay:
  13. Hello there, As I used translator the error is saying connection with network wasn't established, try following possible fixes and inform me about the result: 1- Go to Ranked Gaming Client/gs/wc3tft/rgc which must include these files [Frozen Throne.exe + game.dll + Storm.dll + d3d8.dll + war3.exe] - Copy all files that are inside this folder and paste them into your main Warcraft 3 folder ( if it asked for replacing click Replace All). 2- Go to RGC Menu > Settings > Dota and hit find and browse to your Warcraft III folder and open war3.exe from there and set remember DirectX Choice OFF and after all click on SAVE. 3- Start the game via DirectX 8 again in RGC and give it another try to go to Local Area Network ( in Spanish > Red de Area Local ) 4- If still the same is happening even in running the game normally just like offline mode, you should reinstall the game : ● [ Warcraft III Setup ] ► [Español] -before you try to proceed, remove the whole Warcraft folder & files from your system and then go for installing it from the link that was mentioned. !Pending (waiting for your feedback)... # Support.Team
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    no reply was given, topic will be closed, kindly start a new topic for any further help. # Support.Team !CloseD.
  15. solved

    @.Sparrow~ , @Cosde