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  1. granted

    Everyone from our team knows that he wanted to ruin our game later if i wanted to tell him something, he did mute all teammate then i did say that i go leave for reamake because noone of us wanted a lose game from this guy. even he said that he will lose our game. YOU CAN CHECK IT IN GAME CHAT. The one who rly should get ban is this boy
  2. @Chr1s Very nice designs! KEEP it UP my friend! i wish u the best in RGC Good LUCK @Hakka @dr.spy pls support this guy
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  4. pending

    Thank you! Checking soon.
  5. pending

    @ZeroTow please Upload your replay game in ranked gaming client parser. Upload your replay here >> http://parser.rankedgaming.com/ After uploading replay, your can copy the link and send it in the topic.
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  7. denied

    @#By_.GaRRosh Wrong infromation, there is not any alcehmist or tuskar. Check it again ty. Denied!
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  11. granted

  12. granted

  13. granted

  14. denied

    DENIED !
  15. denied

    avale game shakhse 2vom moghe rmk shamele ban nemishavad rad shod CLOSED!