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  1. Username: LIFEOFTP Reason= +100, unvouch me no reason (some admin!!)
  2. Ban request REPORTER: sv_bot GAME ID: 7851144 antigamer afk feed LEGION COMMANDER LEGION AFK GAME RUINER.w3g
  3. LIFEOFTP +100
  4. LIFEOFTP +100
  6. Ban request REPORTER: GaMeR-D* GAME ID: 7824704 antigamer afk feed pandaren LastReplay.w3g
  7. LIFEOFTP +100Game with 78 winrate
  8. Ban request and remove his tc tag REPORTER: LIFEOFTP NAME: Vik.EEEEEEEEE GAME ID: 7735093 and he said he is king nobody cant ban him. If he got banned he will remove this shit....
  9. Ban request DK RIKI BLINK NO CD BAN.w3g