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  1. solved

    Your Display Name: HisokaReported Display Name: Alpha_CamusReason: I was playing in tour in iran td then this Alpha_Camus Start insult me and HL me Massive then this higher staff Rio· ignor Alpha_Camus to insult me and hl me massive and abuse words againds me dont warn hes staff to stop abuse and hl me you can see in this ps I hope you help me to remove this kind of abuser staff and his bad behaviors thanksRoom: (Asia) RPG Mix
  2. denied

    Your Display Name: Hisoka Reported Display Name: RiczelPPC Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: 40:00 Reason: RiczelPPC bara AFK aroung 40:00 dont deff just afk and talking hope u ban this kind of idiot
  3. granted

    Your Display Name: Hisoka Reported Display Name: OG.LeoooO & ekstenk Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: 14:05 & 19:30 Reason: OG.LeoooO Left the game aroung 14:05 then Tiny ekstenk toss me to the enemy around 19:30 please ban this two player thanks
  4. denied

    Timestamps 1:40 8:43 10:19 12:00 17:23
  5. denied

    Your Display Name: Hisoka Reported Display Name: Sitan Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: 17:23 Reason: Arc Warden Using MH he knows all wards planted then Arc destroyed all wards you can see in replay then Arc kill me even no wards he know the exact position where me blink aroung 17:23 then u also saw in replay he buy in secret shop item using hes bird no wards nothing but he know we are waiting for his bird I hope you ban this Sitan for using MH in the game Thanks
  6. solved

    Your Display Name: Hisoka Reported Display Name: wagakomayiba & OG.forever Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: 42;00 to 43:00 & 51:00 Reason: Pause Abuse Magina 42;00 to 43:00 Void 51:00