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  1. Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: hazeiez99 Room: PhilippinesReplay: around 30:00 / 33:00 and before the game ends Reason: he consistently pausing and pausing the game when we are dying
  2. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: drogo2.0 and asesine4 Room: Asia(Public)Replay: around 7:00 and 10:00+ Reason: leavers
  3. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: Jordysoft Room: Asia(Public)Replay: picking phase (around 2:00) Reason: i think he didn't get his hero (huskar), huskar is being picked by my teammate, that's why he left the game.
  4. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: Ságotohoy Room: --keishalyn--Replay: around 3:00 mins and so on Reason: when tiny didnt get the last hit from drow ranger, he constantly feeding and feeding their team.
  5. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: Ságotohoy Room: PhilippinesReplay: around 8:00, 11:00 and 13:00 Reason: mirana always follow morphling to steal the creeps even the stacked camps he's contesting to last hit it.
  6. i think there's no such "newbie" area here. you just have to endure all the flames coming to you, and try to reach your teammates advise what skill will you pick, what item builds etc. if you are really a newbie when it comes to the game, try to google and download some dota AI maps which will help you understand the game better. try to explore. and watch some old dota vids so it will help you on your journey.
  7. hahahahaha magaling magaling
  8. closed!

    Display name: Icedsoul Room: Beta Tests Reason: leaver / quit Reason of Appeal: sorry for leaving the game because we were having a celebration (emergency) and i really need to turn off my computer.
  9. thank you very much! my client got a bit lively now. thanks to you sir @iCloudly
  10. Hello everyone, probably everyone was interested to know where the heroes and names in DOTA came from. Aegis of the Immortal - In modern British language, Aegis means "shield". In Greek mythology - the shield of Zeus - the head of the Greek pantheon of gods. The word Aegis is also found in Egyptian and Scandinavian mythology. Aghanim's Scepter - Aghanim is the name of the extreme chief from the old console game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Burize-Do Kyanon - Item from Diablo 2. Eaglehorn - Item from Diablo 2. Cranium Basher - Item from Diablo 2 Maelstrom - In Scandinavian language means powerful whirlpool, also item from Diablo 2. Messershmidt reaver - Item from Diablo II. Eul's Scepter of Divinity - Tribute to one of the early creators of DotA. Eye of Skadi - Skadi is one of the minor goddesses of the Scandinavian pantheon, personifying ice and winter. Apart from this Skadi is the title of the moon of Saturn, also a character in a couple of short stories. Lothar's Edge - Tribute to Ser Andium Lothar, champion of Azeroth in the first and second installments of Warcraft. Necronomicon - A non-existent book, described in the stories of the famous writer Howard Lovecraft, first mentioned in the short story "The Hound". Lovecraft claimed that the title "Necronomicon" came to him in a dream. Nethrezim Buckler - Nathrezim is one of the races in the Warcraft universe, most popularly known as the Dreadlords. Stygian Desolator - A weapon from Anarchy Online. Hand of Midas - Lord Midas - a character from Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold. Heart of Tarrasque - The heart of a mythical creature made up of dragon, scorpion and lion parts. Also the chef from Star Craft and a character from the D&D universe. Yasha - In Eastern culture (India, China, Japan) means "demon". Also a blade from the Phantasy Star Online game. Sange - Blade from Phantasy Star Online. Sange and Yasha - Twin Blade from Phantasy Star Online. Monkey King Bar - The weapon of the monkey hero from Chinese folklore. Also a weapon from the Phantasy Star Online game. Black King Bar - A weapon from Phantasy Star Online, obtained there by upgrading the Monkey King Bar. Perseverance - a term meaning human endurance and autonomy Ring of Basilius - Basil is a Greek name meaning “Royal.” Diffusal Blade - Diffusion is a physical effect, or rather, the penetration of molecules of one substance into another. How does this relate to the ability of a thing to burn manu - not clear. Dagon is the title of a short story, written by Howard Lovecraft, in which Dagon is some terrible deity. Linken Sphere - in one of the languages (I don't know exactly which one) the word Linken means “to deceive.” Guinsoo Scythe of Vyse - after the second Dota developer - Guinsoo Vanguard - most likely means “avant-garde.” Mjollnir - hammer of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning of Scandinavian mythology. Vladmir's Offering is more possibly an allusion to Count Vlad Dracula. Armlet of Mordiggian is another reference to the works of Howard Lovecraft. Shiva's Guard - Shiva is one of the main gods of Hinduism. It really has nothing to do with the cold, so the title was most likely taken from the Final Fantasy series of games in which Shiva was an ice summon. Heroes: Abaddon (Lord of Avernus) - A character in the game Warhammer 40,000, the favorite of the 4 legions of chaos. Made the bloody 6th Crusade. Akasha (Queen of pain) - One of the 5 parts in Hinduism. The name of the Queen of the Damned in the novel by the writer Anne Rice. Atropos (Bane Elemental) - One of the 3 goddesses of fate in Greek mythology. Azwraith (Phantom Lancer) - Uptr **** This is the icon of the character from Final Fantasy game - Kimhari. Furion (Prophet) - Favorite of the night elves in the game WarCraft III Bradwarden (Centaur Warchief) - A character from Robert Salvatore's book "Awakening Demons". Lina Inverse (Slayer) - Heroine of the anime series Slayers Kel'Thuzad (Lich) - Character in WarCraft III. King Leoric (Skeleton King) - A Diablo character whose offspring was captured by an imp. Krobelus (Death Prophet) - A character from the game Summoner 2 Leviathan (Tidehunter) - Sea giant. Also a biblical sea creature. Lucifer (Doom Bringer) - In Christianity, a fallen angel (demon). Leshrac (Malicious) - A character from the Magic card game: The Gathering. Magnus (Magnataur) - German physicist Heinrich Magnus, who named after himself the effect of reverse polarity, similar in action to Magnus's final spell - Reverse Polarity. Medusa (Gorgon) - A monster in Greek mythology that turns people to stone with his gaze. Morphling - Character from the card game Magic: The Gathering Naga Siren (Slithice) - A character from Greek mythology, half lady, half sea creature. Riki Maru (Stealth Assasin) - Silent ninja from Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins. Squee and Spleen (Goblin Techies) - A character from the Magic card game: The Gathering. Syllabear (Lone Druid) - Nickname of the 1st TDA player who developed the Guinsoo artifact. Zeus (Lord of Olympia) - Favorite of the gods in the ancient Greek pantheon. Sven (The Rogueknight) - Named for the 1st Swedish bodybuilder, world famous for his words "I want to pump you up!" Pudge (Butcher) - A hefty Chef from the first diablo who loves to shout "OOOOO-FRESH MEAT !!!" Rhasta (Shadow Shaman) - Because Rasta speaks with a Jamaican emphasis, in the Jamaican peninsula, some people practice the Rastafari religion. Rexxar (Beastmaster) is a Warcraft 3 hero of the Horde, half-ogre, half-orc who defended Durotar after the fall of the Burning Legion! Nortrom (Silencer) - Maybe because he is an anti-magician his name is the changed title of the Norton campaign, known for its antivirus software. Barathrum (Spirit Breaker) - in Latin barathrum is another world. Everyone knows his ability to run the longest distances in a couple of seconds. Gondar (Bounty Hunter) - apparently, his name is taken from Tolkien's world-Middle-earth. There Gondor-city-the last support of people before the forces of evil! The similarity between him and the draenei lies in the fact that the draenei were also the extreme shield between the burning legion and the world of Azeroth. Black Arachnia (Broodmother) is a heroine from the foreign television series Beast Wars where she stands for the Predacons. Nevermore (Shadow Fiend) - A demon inhabiting the Tower of England, a character from Edgar Poe's story "The Raven". Mortred (Phantom Assasin) - Mordred, according to legend, is a traitor who inflicted a mortal wound on King Arthur (well, the one who pulled Excalibur from the stone). It is written in the tavern that the mortred is also a traitor to the Sentinels. Mogul Kahn (Axe) - the first part of the name is the name of one Tatar-Mongol dynasty, the second is an alteration of the word Khan, which means "leader" of Shendelzare Silkwood (Vengerful Spirit) - the first word is incomprehensible, the second is the name of an old South American the film in which the heroine Karen Silkwood died under mysterious circumstances. Rylai Crestfall (Crystal Maiden) - Crestfall is, according to warcraft history, a small peninsula near Kul Tiras. Darchrow (Enigma) - Enigma means "enigma", the origin of the name corresponds to the class of the hero - really a mystery. Darchrow is extremely close in sound and spelling to DarkCrow - black crow. Maybe there is a connection, maybe not. Also in Magic: The Gathering there is a shout of Enigma's Eidolon, well, the enigma itself is there as well. Ursa Warrior - Has 2 names - common and comic. Fuzzy Wuzzy. Boush (Tinker) - Popular brand of refrigerators. Tiny (Stone Giant) - His name means "small". Chen (Holy Knight) - Generally, Chen is a Chinese name. Could be taken from the Touhou Project game. Puck (Faerie Dragon) - I'm afraid there are a lot of options. The general meaning is the spirit of nature, something like the Wisps. From the likely - the anime character Berserker. Anub 'Arak (Nerubian Assasin) - A character in Warcraft 3. Bone Fletcher - has 2 names - Clinkz and Clinkz Eastwood. Visage (Necrolic) is the title of an old English pop group. Mercurial (Specter) - the nickname of the person who once drew the loadscreen for Dota. Meepo (Geomancer) is a character from the Dungeons and Dragons series. Dirge (Undying) is a character in the flash animated series Xombie. Kael (Invoker) - a character in the game Warcraft 3. Ymir (Tuskar) - Ymir, is one of the best warriors of the Tuskarr tribe Slark (Murloc) - Slark came from the Morlock tribe Phoenix - (Icarus) - Phoenix is a hot bird
  11. solved

    its been changed already. the mystic snake doesnt drain mana at all. but still medusa can get mana.
  12. RGID #228957660 RGC Display name: Icedsoul Country: Philippines Merry Xmas RGC Peeps
  13. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: DotaNorthGod Room: PhilippinesReplay: around 1:00 Reason: at the start of the game, he intentional feed at mid. and then after he respawn he feeds again and again, till the others wants to kick him at the game. he still insist to spoil the game so much.
  14. granted

    Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: gktidus Room: (Asia)PublicReplay: game-start Reason: leaver Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: Z^_^Die Room: (Asia)PublicReplay: game-start Reason: leaver
  15. Your Display Name: IcedsoulReported Display Name: Jt-11Room: (Asia)PublicReplay: around 18:40-18:50Reason: pausing the game and then flame while teamfight is happening