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  1. I just notice awhile ago that there's a TC/Rank Prize for the top 5 ladder, but i notice that those players in the ladder is impossible to reach their points. since old players gets 10points per win previously (i remember we also get 25points way back 2011-12??) while today we only got 5points so even those top players dont play for 2-3years still impossible to reach their ranks. So i just thinking if we have a seasonal ladder/ranks. This is what it should looks like, you can add another panel for overall/total points I think players will challenge to play for points, players now doesn't care with the points system anymore since its obviously its useless if we think of it. having these new features will give new/hardcore players to get in ladder.
  2. anyway, Thanks for the response Sir @DracoL1ch ! Keep it up!
  3. I also use this command but the problem is there are some scenario that i only need to controls summon units. eg. when the main hero is getting ruptured, stun, etc.
  4. Yes, the mention key commands here is using the config option. the problem here is that when clicking SelectAllUnits, the maximum controllable units is only 12 including the hero. same with the selectAllOtherUnits it only controls 12 summon units. my suggestion here is to increase the allowable controllable units. as shown in the image above when pressing the said keys it only controls 12 units. here is the example of config option used: ;Selection related hotkeys SelectAllUnits = 3 SelectAllOtherUnits = 2 @DracoL1ch
  5. Since there is a key commands for "Selecting All Other units" and "Selecting All Units" , there are some heroes that still difficult to use since the count of selecting other units is limited here is some example. [Using Broodmother] I think using "Select All Other Units/Select All Units" should control all units but since there is only 12 maximum controllable units there are some heroes cant utilize there maximum potential usage. i think removing the limits can maximize the potential of their usage. this can be also useful for techies, nature's prophet, etc. more hero using summon units. including using necronomicon book. @DracoL1ch
  6. I think you spend all the skill point in Q W E.
  7. 1.Your RGC Username: Neth- 2.The Link To The Replay: 3.Explain Exactly What Happened: 'During night Broodmother Spider Web is fading, I'm not really sure about this, but i tried older version of the map but the spider web is not fading during night. ' also when you gets fog the spider web is no longer noticeable, and during night the spider webs also fades in the mini map. sometimes the web also fade or gone in the minimap. im still exploring how the spider web fades. 4.Specify Precise Time-Stamps For Bug: You can try it when you play, and also check the game attached.
  8. solved

    Update: Some players also encountering draw game since 11/23/19.
  9. Ingame Name: Neth- Replay: Reason: according to admin panel, game is draw refer here: but if you check the replay attached its clearly that sentinel team win the game, and i surely that we destroy the frozen throne. but it appears that the game is draw. Kindly check it, Thanks!
  10. granted

    Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: kazkrishRoom: (Asia) PublicReplay: 07:47Reason: Leaver - afk kick
  11. granted

    Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: whitebunny22Room: (Asia) PublicReplay: 07:58Reason: Leaver
  12. denied

    Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: ddadddyRoom: (Asia) PublicReplay: 24:27Reason: AFK kicked
  13. Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: Coca-Cola|| , BombZquadRoom: PhilippinesReplay: Reason: Save and Pause Abuse for no reasonTimestamps: 1:31 Coca-Cola|| has paused the game. 1:31 Coca-Cola|| has resumed the game. 1:41 Coca-Cola|| has paused the game. 1:41 Coca-Cola|| has resumed the game. 1:52 Coca-Cola|| has paused the game. 1:52 Coca-Cola|| has resumed the game. 40:07 [All] |cFFFF0000RGC: BombZquad is saving the game 40:07 BombZquad has saved the game to s.w3z.
  14. granted

    Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: unncab88Room: (Asia) PublicReplay: 33:42Reason: Leaver