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  1. He asked for the client, not hosts, parser,site nor forum... client itself...????
  2. granted

    My IGN : MartyByrde Reporting: kentslimgri Reason: afk at the end, didn't want to play Timestamp: about last 5-10ish minutes, i was warding and tryharding to defend, so we get couple twrs with arc pushing but none of them wanted to play Replay:
  3. Stop talking nonsense, and stop spamming old threads its not nodeJS nor python, it's `Qt5`
  4. denied

    My IGN : MartyByrde Reporting: clock_where Reason: Feeding on purpose/gameruin from the beggining to the end... Timestamp: he died 17 times, just watch from the beggining he started dying from minute 2-3-4-5 dunno Replay: