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  1. I feel you. Shit like that happens a lot. But, what you did was wrong. Worst case scenario you are "allowed" to sit 2 (or 3) on mid. Trying to make him mad and better lasthit. However, it's 2020 and there are still no rules regarding mid-priority. Each pub game is a chaos waiting to happen.
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    Yes. You are partially true. The actual problem is (in this case) Windfucker- . But the simple fact that he vouched for him and ignored the direct allegations simply continues the chain of corruption. So at this point is no longer my problem to prove his "fairness". Watch recent events worldwide with cancel-culture, even the "good guys" fuck it up in the end. Also, I have some idea of what';s happening and why he acts so lightly and with a lack of interest. Mediating stuff your mods do is boring and you can't give your best for each case. At some times , it easier to swing 1 way, flip a coin and call it a day. But I repeat: this is really not my problem. Regardless of your job, you should give your best. 1) Windfucker- uses fake reason to not ban his friend (afk + leave) but mods ignore the issue of him brutally lying in the deny reason. And instead conveniently focus on other issues. I literally made an abuse report (about Windfucker-) and they talked everything else EXCEPT ABOUT WINDFUCKER. 2) Windfucker- then invents revenge-ban reason for "not defending" 3 minutes before game end. 22/8 the only one carrying the game on his back till min 60. NOW. Do you want to see some magic ? This guy, .. leaves 3 minutes before game end. The report is denied. 3/15/9 feeding lion, you can clearly see he dragged the game down and was probably the main reason they lost. https://admin.rankedgaming.com/rooms/game.php?game=dota&id=67034343 WITH FULL BAN HISTORY (mostly gameruin and leave) he gets "forgiven" for the leave. And this is the tip of the iceberg.. the stuff that anyone can collect from past week. Do we need to go deeper ? You maybe now understand only a glimpse of the bullshit is happening right now on forums. 3) You know what's the most insane part ? If I were to leave, instead of "not defending" i would have got only 3days ban (or less) as being a first offense. Or even better, following the guy above, not even being banned or warned. It's pathetic when you wanna explain me "rules" and "game behavior". This stuff it's so logic, you don;t even need to read the rules to understand what's wrong and what;'s right. Disgusting. Please go hide behind "these are the rules "
  3. solved

    @Hakka I would like your opinion on Ying's performance on this particular thread. My complaints: 1) He won't listen to what ppl have to say or hear their part of story. 2) He finalizes/closes threads w/o watching actual replays (how can you give your opinion w/o watching replay ?) 3) He forces users to apologize. (That part alone is sickening and disgusting) 4) He won;t even answer the simplest of straight direct questions Every unban/ban/report request with him it's a 1 way talk, never a dialog. 5) He admittedly stated he keeps unban posts unsolved for 2-3 days. That's my case as well, there were 4 requests posted AFTER mine, and got solved before mine. So even if an user is innocent his unban comes after 2-3 days because he thinks its cool. As far as I know, mods are not GODS, they are mediators. But clearly some people forgot their place and role in the client and don;t realize that their "superiority" it's what propagates hate and dismay in the community. The equation it's simple, when there's no where to find justice, you make your own justice: hence the high rate of bypasser and mh-attempts.
  4. closed

    Years later and you still delete "uncomfortable" posts and opinions in like crazy fast speed (less than 60min world record right there) While the forum gets bombarded with wrongfully shit-posted topics everywhere, which nobody ever bothers to clean not even weeks after. Are you insane ? What the actual fuck ! Only to point out on what is your focus actually concentrated on. Viva totalitarianism !
  5. closed

    1) So you reply after 2days of ban time , out a total of 5. Even though there were 4 more ban requests posted after mine, and solved before mine. 2) You're telling me the only thing missing from my "request" is ... "THE APOLOGY?". The only thing stopping you to analyze my request it's a "demanded" apology ? Is this how low the RGC has become ? Holly fuck dude. You don't even see the obvious issues with your "report template" (or whoever made it). So if someone was wrongly banned, he has TO APOLOGY ?! cause that's the template ? Apology for what ? Are you that hypocrite, boys ? This is some next level shit I heard since RGC ever existed. 3) To apologise means to admit I did something wrong. Which I didn't, based simply on my beliefs as a veteran on RGC and above-average skill as a player. Enforced as well by the feedback from different highskilled playesrs, whom personally came to whisper me about the shitty way the RGC administration handled my requests. 4) Asking for an apology is similar to asking for respect. It's the dumbest and most irrelevant thing ppl can ask for. The moment you ask for them, they lose ALL THEIR VALUE. 5) Again, you guys simply fail to reply to simple and direct questions (which is mindblowing in itself). How come a full ban-history red page guy that purposely AFK + leaves game gets "spared" by default by mods (USING OBVIOUS FAKE REASONS, LOL), even when reported. How come a clean ban-history 0 reports guy gets a shady ban longer than a leaver and has to "ask for forgiveness". Might fix your double standards. PS: BTW. I know you didn't even watch the replay. You know how I know ? Venomancer didn't get banned. So here's your apology:
  6. Since lots of moderators tend to abuse or miss-diagnose a report. There should be an option to remove a ban punctually .. So far the mod's excuse was "We cannot remove your ban, cause clear ban removes all bans". Well, why isn;t there a clear 1 ban specifically option in 2020 ? How are users supposed to live with their ban-history tainted by some incompetent mods ? How hard is it even to make a ban-remove for a specific ban ? Scenario: ---------------------------- Mod X bans player Y. Player Y already had some previous bans , so he can;t get history cleared. Player Y is proven innocent, gets unbanned, but his last ban remains. 2 weeks later he actually gets a correct ban, but since the previous ban was there.. the Mod Z will extra-ban him for having recurrent bans in history. If that ain't stupid, i don;t know what is.
  7. solved

    Your RGC UserName : picolo341 Abuser RGC Username : Windfucker- (who else ?) Room Name : Eu Public What Kind of Abuse : Wrong/Fake reason ban ( https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1279389-afk-not-defending/ ) Explain your situation: Banned me for "not defending base". 1) I did defend base, but it's hard for him to watch a replay till the end. I tped bottom to farm shiva as my last item. And then tped back and tried to do a last defend. 2) I was highest contribution hero in team, the only one able to keep the low magnus and venomancer in game. 3) Somehow , venomancer who never pushed with team (in the last 25min) and magnus (his friend) who was straight noob and didn;'t manage more than 2 good ults in 62min are ok. And not banned for antigame. Imagine that: After having to deal 62minutes with 2 noob players who won;t even listen to what to build or what talents to take. Who have less than minimum contribution in game. Who never bought 1 ward. And I'm supposed to act cool. When venomancer farming all game and not pushing in early .. starts "playing" and triharding min 60 when game is already lost. So I guess u are promoting mediocrity and lowskill dota. There's the only explanation how this ban is valid. REQUESTS _________________________________________________________________ 1) Unban 2) Clear ban history 3) Demote this mod who obviously can't be impartial and ethical (taking side for his friend, revenge banning users). PS: Ask yourselves, how many other players have been wronged by this mod, but had no time or knowledge to join forum and denounce him ? You know how they say: For every case in the light, there are another 9 sitting in the dark.
  8. closed

    RGC Username : picolo341 Ban Reason + LINK : Reason of Appeal : It's a joke right ? Proof: Go watch replay. I defended base. I needed shiva. I went it bot to farm it. I tped bottom and pulled weaver and rubik after me. Voker and sandking couldn't get mid. Then I tped again bottom to finish shiva. After that I tped top shop, finished shiva and tried 1 last defend. 1/7 venomancer with wrong items and talent and his Algerian friend Magnus. Ruining game. Yet I'm banned for what exactly ? CHECK REPLAY: VENOMANCER WAS RARELY PUSHING WITH TEAM He was farming offlane every push in the last 20min if not more. Imagine how low the RGC level has become, when you ban the 22/8 player who carried all the game on his back. Based on a 1/7 venomancer with wrong talents and items, 4 ulties in 62minutes , report. Where's your excuse @KKS ? The "he has a lot of games and no leaves or warning" excuse. Are you all that hypocrite ? Bending the rules in your favor all the time ? That guy I reported afked and plugged, and he gets a "warning" while his ban-history is all red. While I get banned for the dumbest reason on the list. Which even that is bended to extreme only to fit the necessity. PS: I bet if you were in my place you would accept this atrocity of moderation calmly and accept it. For the last time, STOP BEING HYPOCRITES ! It;'s outrageous! PPS: From past moderation behaviour and self-ego issues that prevent some of you to evaluate correctly and objectively an issue, I find myself in the obscure and redundant case of mentioning 2 things: 1) "hypocrite" is not a flame 2) If you consider otherwise, it just proves the malicious intent and lack of integrity
  9. solved

    That's nice. Though since it;s untested, it's debatable. However checking game logs, I'd say you have a serious winrate problem, even with pub-heroes. But I digress. Yet you keep being offtopic. This thread is not about me or sf player.
  10. solved

    @KKS Speaking of the devil. This guy, did THE EXACT SAME THING, with the minor difference he didn't waste aynone's time with afk + plugging. Yet he got banned, and barely unbanned after making a request. They have comparable "ban-history", none of them are "clean". Nice point you tried to state. Just got crushed by the mods.
  11. solved

    Who are you , and why are you replying off topic ? This is not the BAN / REPORT thread. Please be considerate what you type. Not gonna type 3 times. My issue is not with the solution Windfucker gave.. it;s with the FALSE REASONS he used to close the report. He could have typed ... "I don't care. Report rejected. I'm BATMAN!" and would have still been a better report solution than simply inventing reasons. The simple fact he used a false pretext to ignore the report simply raises the obvious idea: He knew the guy deserved to be banned. But he didn't.
  12. solved

    I don't understand how is this possible ? I make abuse-report for Windfuker- but you keep talking about me or SF. You replied 2 times and both of the replies bring no value or conclusion to the actual topic being discussed. Also, not to be inconsideret, but are you even mod? I don;t know what RGC CHIEF CONSULTANT means , but I Can't find you in the forum-staff list. @Hakka @YinG @Sanin @Thror can someone explain what's wrong with the moderation on this platform ?
  13. solved

    Also .. I don;t know wtf is wrong with the forum. IT keeps giving false errors when posting stuff. Saying reply failed but sending it. https://prnt.sc/t74ehz
  14. solved

    Do you even realize why we are here ? In the ~ABUSE SECTION~ ? We're obviously not for the SF. We are here to discuss Windfucker- 's attitude and performance on evaluating a report. Did he say what you said ? "He has low d/c." ? "Let's forgive him" ? NO. He invented stupid lies and called it a day. TWICE. --------------------------------- What you have to do is quite simple. You, as an embodiment of RGC rules and integrity have to A) Agree B) Disagree with his conclusion and performance
  15. solved

    Your RGC UserName : picolo341 Abuser RGC Username : Widnfucker- Room Name : on Forum What Kind of Abuse : Other / Not willing to ban his friend. Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) : Look below at this "report" thread. 1) He keeps lying to me, saying "BoB_EsFanGi was dropped due to votekick" even though in both gamelogs and replay he was kicked due to "disconnect timeout" which is obvious plug. 2) He was afk only 1 minute. Yes, cause he plugged. Isn't it obvious ? He even said in chat "I'm afk" after flaming me. 3) We all know that if the tables were turned and I was afk, and got reported by SF now I'd be banned probably w/o even a forum-report. So my questions are: A) Tell me, why bother reporting gameruiners ? B) How is this guy a report moderator ?